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Written by Lu   
Monday, 14 May 2012 22:46

Dear Friends.

Greetings, and the Lord’s Blessings upon you, Pray that our Lord is opening up to you the divine light of Christ. During the month of April we waited on the Lord in prayer and Fasting. The Lord has really put a new burden on our heart for the Bride. He spoke these words to me a few weeks ago "I am calling many to come deeper in Me, because I am the door, the way, the Truth and the life. When you will come deeper in Me, and eat from My hand, you will be purified, remember the path to Me is narrow, and very few continue on it, But if you will draw near to Me, and lay your hand upon the Ark and die to the fleshly use of your soul, you will live between the Cherubim and will bear much fruit for the Kingdom".

I want to share with you some of the things that the Lord has been sharing with us, I hope it blesses and encourages you.

Last week as I sat in my room waiting, on the Lord, I had a visitation from the Lord. I saw the Lord standing next to me, with His hand open. As I looked at His hand, there was a seed in His palm, and I asked , Lord what is this. He said "look closer" and I saw that the seed was chopped on all sides, and He spoke this to me. "My ministers when ministering are not ministering the full seed of My word, they are adding or diminishing My Truth, and since it is not the full seed, it is not producing My life in them, The Truth- is missing , so I am missing”

As I sat and pondered on that, I was thinking of how much He loves us, and I wept, because many have not understood, His love and His Kingdom.

The world is looking at us, His church, so separated from one another. Yet the Bible says “They will know Me by the love you have for one another”. The world is waiting to see us flamed with the love of His love. When you sit down to read the word it is so beautiful, because it is full of revelation of Him, it reveals Him and helps us to understand Him, and through that word it brings life to our soul, and He desires to impart His very self in us, so we can experience Him.

Many a times when I am reading His word - The Lord will open His word with a vision. Last month when I was in Jerusalem, I was reading His word, and all of a sudden I saw a very large fruit tree, and I heard the Lord say, "do you see that tree", and I said "Yes Lord". He said "that tree came from a very tiny seed, and look now what a strong fruitful tree it is" and He said "I am like that tiny seed in you, the decisions and choices you make, will provide that seed to grow and you will become fruitful to last for eternity.”

We have to allow the seed within us to grow, John the Baptist said, "He must increase and I must decrease" But we find that we are more interested in growing us and our call and ministries and He is left behind.

Let me say to you, your growth inwards depends on your growth out wards.

I am reminded of the story when Peter and John were at the gate and a man asked for them to heal him, and they said "Silver and Gold I have none, but what I have I give to you", what did he have,  HE HAD Christ, the “Seed” that seed that had grown in them. And here is this same Peter who had denied the Lord, but the Lord had restored him.

You may say "do I have to do this, deny the Lord to walk in the authority and power of Peter." No, just learn and know your brokenness, so that the Lord can pour His oil upon us, as a broken vessel out to the multitudes, that’s why Peter walked in an anointing that his shadow would cause people to be healed.

Let me tell you the only right you have when you walk with the Lord, is a right to brokenness. We read that Peter did many miracles and God used him, but before he could be used, he had to be broken. Brokenness is part of preparation, it like having to fail in order to win, same way we need to be broken to be used, and have to travel through death to know life. So pray” God break me”

Let’s Look at Matt: 6:9, 10
“After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”

Have you ever thought why the Lord, told them to pray that way? It was for the Millennial reign, the time when the Kingdom will be fully here and the will, will be truly done on earth as it is in HEAVEN

2000 years ago, His disciples were told to pray for what is coming upon us soon. Now Jesus asked the disciples to pray this 2000 years ago, what does that tell you about prayer? Sometimes prayer stretches beyond our life and is critical for the whole. In the times we are living, it requires more prayer and intersession. See before the Lord was Abraham was, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus said” the prophets saw it, they saw this day, desired it prayed for it.

Turn to John 8:56 “The Prophets saw My day, way back in the beginning even Abraham prayed for this day”

Isn't that amazing? Abraham prayed for this day, regarding the end times. Jacob prophesied to his son’s “In the last days, this will happen to you” He was prophesying and praying over the last days of human history, just in case we did not understand this through prayers of the prophets. The Lord Himself told us “His kingdom was coming, His will was being done on earth as it is in heaven as well."

That is true of today’s prayer as well. The world around us is shaking, earthquakes are happening all over. The world is shaking and trembling, they must. Wars are about to happen, it must be so; it is because this is the beginning of birthing the Kingdom. This tells us that just to pray is not enough; Things have to happen in the natural and spiritual realm. Events must happen, and they are painful and difficult events which you never want to happen and that you may think God should not allow them to happen. They must, because they are the birthing pangs, for that which man has been praying for thousands of years to bring forth the Kingdom.

Just as a mother travails, so should we travail to bring forth the beauty of the kingdom. So we must pray and raise up our prayers to the Father and pray according to His will. Always pray for God’s will to be done, just as Jesus prayed in the “Garden of Gethsemane”

Remember when you are in Heaven it does not matter where you are. He is there with you; His presence is so strong that it feels like He is standing next to you. And you can hear His every thought, where ever you are standing in Heaven, Lord is.

I want to encourage you to let the seed within you produce His fruit, and also live in the Light as He is light. Learn to live in Truth as He is the Truth. As you wait on the Lord, you will find more strength, the living water of life, the mercy of the lord, and the presence of the Lord as you are still. He will lead you up to Him, be still from your own thoughts. Imaginations, desires and counsels of your own hearts, motions and wills- when you stand in singleness, waiting on Him. You will feel yourself in unity with Him. And let the seed grow.

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Love and Blessings Lu & Cynthia

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