Written by Lu Luthra   
Friday, 15 April 2011 10:55


I had a dream about 2 weeks ago, that I was in a meeting and the minister who was ministering, whom I had  not seen in 20 years, said to me, as he was ministering, "Ps Lu you are being given the keys to the Kingdom." I did not understand, but on April 10th 2011 as I  was praying, I was reminded of my dream, about getting the keys – The Lord elaborated on those keys - He said I am releasing the Keys- theses keys will open the treasure chest which contain the mysteries of Heaven, and I am opening up the spirit of revelation. These Truths will help to remove the false prophecies with in My church, but the news insights will reveal new revelation which I will give. Then the Lord said, "it is time - I will place the spirit of Elijah on many who have set themselves apart", He asked me to read Hosea and said "you see the adulterous wife and a faithful husband (The Lord)? "That is the condition of My church and My Ministers, they worship idols, which are themselves and their gifts - they are more concerned about the reputation and ministry then they are about Me and My Kingdom, they were once called by Me for Establishing My kingdom and portraying My Heart to the lost world, but they have turned away from it, and they satisfying their flesh rather than doing what I say. They need to return to seeking My Kingdom or they will be in a whirlwind, reaping what they have sown," This key will only be used by the spirit of Righteousness. Guard your heart.
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