Written by Lu Luthra   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 00:00

A word of the Lord

On April 2nd 2011, in my time with the Lord, I was crying out before The Lord saying "Lord what is happening in the church and ministries" and I heard The Lord say “We are approaching a time  when  very serious  things are going to take place in the next few months - so prepare Spiritually and naturally", and The Lord said in His church and ministry "strife has increased amongst  the people before Me, because their purposes are a result of their own motives of self-exaltation - but  I have My remnant in this hour who I am saying to ” You must be prepared” You must set My instructions in place and move forth in Righteousness, as I lead you forth-there are those who refuse to hear and refuse to make necessary adjustments, for them it will be to late, don’t be overwhelmed by what is coming, but focus and move forth to establish My Kingdom through your life, by  praying, intercession, repentance, and as you obey My word you will be part of my strategy. As you obey, I will show you My plans, speak My Truth in Righteousness and lead others into my Presence. Pray against these; Greed and Arrogance in My Church Embittered Spirit Division among the people in the church that has darkened their hearts. There is a shakening, I am going to bring, even in areas my people least expected. Countries and nations, they thought are safe, will be shaken by earthquakes. Stay close to Me, and I will show you More."
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