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Monday, 24 October 2011 20:34

Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
Transcript of messages from Brothers Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj and Vincent Selvakumar
broadcast live via the internet on Angel TV on October 7-10, 2011

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
Session 1 – October 7, 2011

It's a wonderful joy to see all of you precious saints in this holy place. Before I proceed any
further, I'd like to read one scripture to you. You heard many wonderful testimonies and as we all
entered into this wonderful, God-ordained sanctuary, we telecast a very special documentary. I'm
humbly sorry that all our non-Indian friends could not understand what was going on. For your sake,
I'm going to re-telecast it one more time in English. But before I say any further, please turn with me to
the book of Psalms chapter 118. With all humility before the living God, my brother prophet Vincent
Selvakumar and I would like to say this scripture before the presence of the living God, and before all
you precious saints. Psalms chapter 118 and verse 23. This beautiful and wonderful sanctuary that you
see before your eyes is a fulfillment of this scripture. Verse 23 says: “This is the Lord's doing; it is
marvelous in our eyes.” Hallelujah? This scripture is very, very true as far as the building of this
sanctuary is. All you precious saints who are seated in this sanctuary, and all other precious saints who
are watching this program live from all over the world. There is only one thing that you are missing –
those of you who are watching this program live on TV – you could not personally be in this holy
sanctuary. This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous to our eyes. Or rather, it is so greatly wonderful
how it all came about.

The documentary that we telecast earlier relates the story (of) how this building came about.
How from a small, humble beginning of the ministry of the respected prophet Vincent Selvakumar, this
ministry has grown to this big. You know, this place is called Ramanathapuram. Non-Indian friends,
you need to perform gymnastics in your tongue to pronounce that. Say “Ramanathapuram.” Very
good; you all did very well. This place has another name: it's called God-forsaken desert. Waterless
desert. You know when Government officials do not perform their work properly, they will be
threatened: “Be careful, we will transfer you to Ramanathapuram.” So why would they say like that?
Because this is like (a) desert place; there's not much profitable benefits in this area. It's a water scarce
area. In the midst of that place, God raised up one man called Vincent Selvakumar.

(A) little more than 30 years ago, God raised up this wonderful, precious man of God in this
place. When he started his humble ministry in this region, there weren't many churches. There were
very few denominational churches, and there were hardly...not any evangelistic ministries. So, in the
midst of such even spiritual scarcity, he started his ministry in this region. In those days the Lord spoke
to him, before even we could imagine having a wonderful place like this, “That I will use you as a
mouthpiece to speak unto the whole world. I will use you as My prophet unto the nations.” You know,
the holy Bible says, “Do not despise the humble beginnings.” But the funny thing is this: we did not
despise it, but we didn't have any humble beginnings at all. There was nothing to begin with. If I were
to narrate all our beginnings, you may not find it easy to believe them. Such even poverty that we went

You may wonder, what kind of poverty when these guys are owning such a wonderful place?
You know, 30 years ago, a cup of tea cost us 25 paisa. And we did not even have the 25 paisa to buy
the cup of tea. We would search all the house. He would search his room, whether is there anywhere
these coins are hiding anywhere? We could not find anything, but the urge to drink tea would not go
away. So we kneeled down and prayed for one cup of tea for 25 paisa. We kneeled down and we
prayed. These were our beginnings.

Today you see so many high definition cameras that we are using in our ministry. During our
humble beginnings, we did not even have a still camera to take pictures of any remembrance of our
ministry. We could not even afford a small camera. So we have no records to show to anybody of all
the villages that we have walked by foot, and the mountains in Nepal and Tibet that we have walked by
foot to show to anybody that these were our humble beginnings. I remember when I first went to Tibet
in 1986, I went all the way from India to Tibet even without wearing any sandals on my feet. There
was only one thing in my heart and mind: to do the will of the Lord. So as I was walking on the streets
in Tibet, some foreigners who came to visit Tibet as a tourist were so...they thought it was funny to find
someone walking on the streets without sandals on their feet. Why they found it extra funny is because
I was walking barefoot on a winter climate. So they said let us take a picture of this funny man.
(laughs) And they took some pictures. And you know, I didn't have a camera. I begged them to send
me those pictures. Till now they have not sent. (laughs) These were our beginnings. Not humble
beginnings, but poverty beginnings. And Brother Vincent Selvakumar used to go to the villages around
this region, stand in the street corner, and just preach. These were our beginnings. Those early
beginnings 30 years ago.

Today after 30 years, we are standing in this beautiful, world-class facility. With all fear and
trembling in my heart, I stand before God to say: this is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.
God is a witness to what I am saying. I am not exaggerating one single word. I am trembling within
me as I speak those words. I'm thinking in my heart, what worth do I have to say anything further
when the Lord has done all these wonderful things? In our ministry we cannot make any claims that
this is what I accomplished, because we know how feeble we are. We know how weak we are. We
know how untalented we are. Most importantly, we know how useless we are. But being such a case,
it is the unmerited favor and grace of God that He will use people like us.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, in the beginning when this ministry was started, we did
not even have any place to gather even to pray. We'll just meet in homes. We started in our own home.
Maybe if time permits, I will take you on a tour around Ramanathapuram. I will take you around
Ramanathapuram where our beginnings all started. Just two weeks ago, I took a walk around this
town. Those houses where we all started our ministry still exist. Now we have a camera to take a
picture of the house. Not only (a) camera, we even have an iPhone. From there, in our home, we
started this ministry. Those were the days when God poured out His Spirit of prophecy upon God's
servant, Brother Vincent Selvakumar, and his younger brother, Brother Vincent Mohankumar. And
they started doing prayer meetings in the house. People from the neighborhood used to come. It all
started in a small house. A very small place. That's how it all started. From that one small house we
went to another little bigger house. Big does not mean very big. From 100 square feet to 120 square
feet, in an upper room that was owned by a doctor along the main street of Ramanathapuram. So there
we had weekly prayer meetings, regular all night prayer meetings. People began to throng in large

From those early days till today, one of the extraordinary features in our ministry is this: people
of all denominations and religion come to the meeting, and they all get filled with the Holy Spirit.
Even the little children will get filled in the Holy Spirit. And as soon as they are filled in the Holy
Spirit – besides speaking in unknown tongues – their spiritual eyes are opened and they see the Lord
Jesus. They see the angels of God. This is a very extraordinary feature in the ministry of Brother
Vincent Selvakumar. From the day he was anointed by the Holy Spirit, his spiritual eyes were opened
and he began to see the Lord Jesus Christ face to face. And he used to be caught up to the heavens to
talk with God face to face. And when he's praying for people, he will be taken in the Spirit to intercede
for people. So whatever he sees in the Spirit, when he proclaims and prophesies that, the people
receive that same anointing and they too see visions. The ministry that God has permitted into our
hands today – what God has officially given to us today – had its early beginnings 30 years ago with
the same features that are taking place today. Today it is taking place on a greater mass scale, and even
through the medium of television and the internet, but in those days it started on a small scale.
So from that beginning we came to another little larger place. So when they decided to buy
plots of land...so on the very place where this building is now rested, we sought the will of God to buy
plots of land. Those were the days we didn't have any money in our hands. So yet we had this vision
to build a place. So a dear and precious brother, Pastor Roger Seager, went to buy and negotiate with
owners for the plots of land. So I'm going to invite him right now to share how the Lord helped him to
buy this land. Please give a hand to Pastor Roger Seager. He grew up under the ministry of our dear
Brother Vincent Selvakumar.

Pastor Roger:
The land that you are seeing right now – this is a murky place. It was a swampy land that was
up to the waist deep and it used to have many wild grasses and wild trees. In the year 1990, the Lord
first spoke to us to build a prophetic center. So it was in that year that the Lord first spoke to Brother
Vincent Selvakumar that a prophetic center should begin in this place. So we prayed for a long time
seeking the will of God to buy this land. There are six plots in this land according to Indian count.
Each plot is five cents – five cents doesn't mean five penny cents. So by the grace of God we bought
the first plot of land very close to where Brother Vincent Selvakumar's residence is. At that time we
didn't have any money. We took a loan from the bank and we bought that piece of land. And after that
3Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
we wanted to buy the other remaining five plots of land and began to seek God. And during this time,
the Lord enabled us to buy two plots of land. Now it remains three more plots of land. It belonged to a
Hindu fanatical man. He wanted to build a house and has already bought bricks and stones and put on
the land. And we began to pray that God will give us favor to buy that remaining three plots of land.
After much prayer, we went and spoke with the man, saying that we want to build a center here; please
sell this place to us. This is amazing because a Hindu fanatic man without saying any word of
resistance agreed to sell the land to us. This strengthened our faith. After that, we wanted to buy the
first plot of land that we were purposing to buy – that's where this stage is – we had some problems
with that. So the owner refused to sell this first plot of land, and we began to pray and seek God. Then
one day the owner himself came to see me and he said, “I agree to sell this land to you.” But it came
with a condition. He said, “OK, I will sell this land to you on condition you will help to buy the land
that is opposite to this place.” We were so happy that day. So we believed that God has opened this
door for us and we purchased that land. So every land where this center is, were bought with much

This is not something of our own doing. It is the Lord who enabled us to do all this thing. The
Lord listened to everything that we talked about. Even when we sat ordinarily and talked among us,
what we should make here, the manner the building should be made – God heard all that.

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
(Brother Sadhu asks Pastor Roger a question in Tamil) So I asked him a question, after God
enabled him to purchase this plot of land, what other miraculous thing that the Lord did for them to
acquire this place.

Pastor Roger:
So after we purchased this land we made a small building. So after we had constructed a
building, the Lord spoke to us many times. The Lord spoke to us saying, “This is not a church, but this
will be a center for My word to go out into every nook and corner.” The Lord very often spoke to us of
one thing. The Lord spoke this thing to us through Brother Sadhu and Brother Vincent Selvakumar
concerning this thing regularly. There are so many of you sitting here, but all those people who are
sitting here – referring to the church that they were running at that time – you will not be sitting in this

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
(Brother Sadhu asks Pastor Roger a question in Tamil) So I asked him a question, for the Lord
to speak often that this is not a church (but) a center, what were you all doing for God to speak often
like that? So he said, “Because instead of this being a prophetic center we were running a church in
this place.”

Pastor Roger:
So, after the Lord spoke these words continuously to the church members saying, “This place
must be a sanctuary for the Lord and not a church”, but they did not pay heed to the word of Lord but
they continued to run church services in this place. Then finally the Lord spoke through God's prophet
Vincent Selvakumar saying, “If you continue to run church services in this building, then God will cast
all of you out of this place and none of you will be able to come back into this place to even hear any
4Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
single word of God.” And just today, whatever God...three years ago was the last final warning the
Lord gave. And three years later, when this prophetic center has been built, that warning has come to
pass. So God's word which says it will not fall to the ground to waste has come to pass very accurately.
For whatever purpose God has given us this place, today He has fulfilled it.

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
Amen. Thank you, Pastor. Let's give a clap to our Pastor Roger Seager. My dear brothers and
sisters, you heard a testimony from one of the associates of Brother Vincent Selvakumar another
beginning of this place. You know, you will read in the Book of Acts one thing. In Acts chapter 1,
verse 8, the Lord Jesus said: “Tarry in Jerusalem and you shall be endued with power from on high.
When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall be filled with power. You shall be witnesses unto Me
in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the world.” This was the word that
the Lord said, and the promised Baptism of the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples in Acts chapter 2,
verse 1. And when the first baptism came, after being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Peter
preached one message. 3,000 people were saved just in one day. From 120 members, the church grew
to 3,120. They were so excited with the great success, so they focused on the promise of the Holy
Spirit and they began to run their church services. Then after some time, the church grew with another
additional 5,000 members. Within a short time, from 120 disciples the church grew more than 8,000

There are so many pastors here. Pastors, may I see your hands please. Please show me your
wonderful, beautiful hands. You all will agree with me, if after two years of starting your church, if
you have 8,000 members it's a fantastic success. Am I right? It's a great success. So the apostles were
so overwhelmed with that success they forgot the commandment of the Lord. What was the command
of the Lord? To go into all the world. They forgot that, and they began to focus only in Jerusalem.
Maybe they went a little bit to Judea, but not any further than that. So you read in Acts chapter 8, the
Lord allowed a persecution to come upon the church in Jerusalem. As a result of that persecution, the
Bible says, the believers were scattered into all the nook and corner of the world. Because of that
persecution, the apostle Thomas came to India. If not, they'll all be sitting put there. The Lord allowed
the persecution to push them out to fulfill His will.

In the same way, sometimes you know in the journey that we are walking with God,
unintentionally we replace God's will with our plans. The will is there, but we make a second building
or a second floor with our plans. So we add our own plans here and there. But the foundation of God's
will is still there. As a result, we deceive ourselves into thinking that we are still continuing in the will
of God. But from the eyes of God that He looks down from heaven, He doesn't see His will anymore.
What He sees now is our plans. Our plans have overlapped His will. That is what the testimony you
heard from Pastor Roger Seager concerning this building. So the Lord allowed a little persecution to
come. God's servant prophet Vincent Selvakumar belongs to the whole world. If you look at the holy
Bible, a prophet doesn't belong to one people group. A prophet does not belong to one church. He
belongs to God Almighty alone. Hallelujah. He belongs to God alone, and he must go wherever God
sends him to go. No people can claim ownership to a prophet. No family can claim ownership to a
prophet. No church can claim ownership to a prophet. So when this building was constructed, there
was a church established that was existing from a different location. So they came and approached our

dear brother. “You know, there we are paying rent. This is our own building. Can we use this place?”
If you look at Brother Vincent Selvakumar, he's so meekful like the prophet Moses. If you don't
believe me, look at him right now. Very meekful, very humble. Very difficult for him to say no. He'll
always agree. “OK...what...OK, please, OK”, he will say. That's his very kind nature. So he allowed
them to run this church, and it began to grow. From a small group, it began to grow into large numbers.
People from all denominations used to come to this place to taste the goodness of God. Once a month
they used to conduct a fasting prayer meeting here. More than 2,000 – 3,000 people jam-packed this
small auditorium. Signs and wonders will be evident. And this began to grow. So the church used to
demand from our brother, “Please teach us more of the word of God.” So that's what our brother
Pastor Roger Seager was sharing in his testimony. The purposes of God need to be fulfilled, and His
time is coming soon. So the Lord allowed a little persecution to come.

Two years ago, the Lord spoke to him. “I'm going to enlarge the boundaries of your ministry.
Don't be limited yourself in this place. I'm going to take you into all the world, and your word is going
to go on the airwaves. I will give wings to your books to go into all the world.” So he began to prepare
himself towards that. But the church people didn't want to let him go. They cried to him like how all
the people cried to Elijah. “Oh, you are our father. If you leave us we will be orphans.” All pastors
will be moved with words like that. Am I right, pastors? Our hearts will be moved with compassion
when we hear words like that. Even if the people don't mean those things, yet our hearts will be
moved. Am I right, pastors? Our hearts will move like that. Like I said earlier, no one can claim
ownership to a prophet. God's purposes have to be fulfilled. So when the time came, the place was
shaken. Just like in Acts chapter 8, the disciples were shaken. So the church that was existing in this
building was shaken out.

So last year, sometime in the month of September, Brother Selvakumar and I, we sat down and
we began to seek God. And the Lord showed us that His purposes for this place to be a prophetic
center should now be established. So we began to spend days in fastings and prayings seeking the
mind of God. So then the Lord said, “Tear away the old foundation. Now I will give you My plans. I
will give you My plan for how My sanctuary should be built.”

So we purposed before God and we began to build this upper floor. So the very civil engineer
who helped us to build the first floor was engaged...contracted by us to construct this second floor. So
we told him we don't have much money, so you must not charge us much money, but you must build us
a classy place. So he's also a prayerful man. So he said, “Alright, we'll all pray and we'll all work
together.” So we started the work on this floor sometime in February / March of this year. So from
March up to about July, the skeleton of this building grew. I'm sorry, up to June of this year. We had to
stop the project because we didn't have money anymore. I've always purposed one thing. Brother
Selvakumar and I when we started our ministry, we made a vow before God that we will not take any
loans for the ministry. If we have the money, we will do it. If we don't have the money, we will not do
it. We will not take any loans. This is something...this is one vow that we have kept till today. We
stayed true to that. Every time there is a need we just bow our knees and make known our needs to
God. We don't even make mention of it in our magazine. Very seldom we even make references to it
or raise funds in our TV programs. It's just not in our blood to do all that. But we are very good at one
thing: constant fasting and praying. That is one thing that comes second nature to us. We never
struggle for that. But when we need to raise funds, we struggle. I'm not exaggerating. My very good
friend, Pastor Joe Sweet, is sitting right here. He's come all the way from the US to be part of us. I
have preached in his church many times. Many times he will tell me, “Please talk about Angel TV. We
are going to take up an offering for you today.” I said, “OK, pastor I will talk about Angel TV and all
our needs.” But as soon as I come and stand at the pulpit, I forget all about whatever he tells me and I
will just preach the word of God. Fund raising is not in our blood. So this building was stopped.

So in the month of July, the Lord called both of us to fast for a week. The Lord told us, “You
are going to enter into a new phase of your ministry, into a new dimension. So wait upon Me and I will
show you all My plans.” So we waited on God. During those seven days of fasting and praying, we
were caught up into heaven and there is a council of prophets in heaven. We appeared before the
council, and the council spoke to us saying, “The prophecy of Joel 2:28 and verse 29 are going to be
fulfilled in these days. Both of you are going to be the forerunners to usher in that anointing upon the
world.” And they began to speak the plans concerning that. Not only to bring people into the
experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Many people have wrongly preached that scripture.

If you will turn your Bible now to the book of Joel, chapter 2 verse 28 says correctly like this:
“It shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your
daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And
also upon the servants and upon the handmaidens in those days I will pour out My Spirit.” I would
like you to look at this scripture very carefully again. The first part says: “I will pour out My Spirit
upon all flesh.” The second part does not say: and you shall speak in unknown tongues. It does not
say like that. What does it say? “Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall
dream dreams, your young men and your young women shall see visions. Even the servants and the
handmaidens in your house, they shall prophesy.”

See, it talks about two things: seeing visions and prophesying. This is the last days' Joel's
anointing. Not just simply speaking in unknown tongues, but the opening of your spiritual eyes, the
opening of your spiritual ears, the opening of your spiritual tongue. The last days' generation that will
rise up. Rise up, prophetic generation! Hallelujah! This is what Joel's prophecy says. That's what the
prophetic council told us. Not just praying for people to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. No,
he said you must raise up a new generation. From the old mindset of just Baptism of the Holy Spirit
with evidence of speaking in unknown tongues – from that old mindset to another new mindset that
now when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, your eyes will be opened. You shall see visions. You
will be taken in the Spirit to heaven. You can see the Lord Jesus Christ face to face. You can work
together with the angels of God.

This is the raising up of a prophetic generation. This is the mandate given to us. “To do that
work, you are not going to work alone. We will come and work together with you.” See, the Lord
Jesus said like this. If you remember the prayer of the Lord Jesus, in Matthew chapter 6: “As Your will
is done in heaven, so shall it be on the earth.” Whatever is God's will in heaven, it must also be on the
earth. Now if you read in Matthew chapter 17, and Luke chapter 9, you'll read that when the Lord
Jesus Christ was praying on the Mount of Transfiguration, two Old Testament prophets came
presenting themselves before Him. Luke chapter 9, verses 28 to 30, tells us very accurately that when
the two prophets came, they communed with the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the ministry that He
should do. They were explaining His ministry to Him. They were working together. This is what the
Lord told us. Now heaven will come down in these last days to work together with you all. Hallelujah.
The last days' prophetic generation is not going to work alone. Heaven is going to come and work
together with you.

If you read the Book of Acts, all throughout the early church growth, the apostles always
constantly worked together with angels. Angelic visitations were very second nature to the church in
the apostolic age, but now today in our churches we don't find all that. But in these days, the church is
once more going to work together with the holy angels. Before the coming of the Lord Jesus, when the
prophetic generation rises up, you are going to work together with heaven.

If you look at Matthew chapter 27, from verses 50 to 52, you'll find that when the Lord Jesus
Christ died on the cross, verse 52 tells us the graves were opened. And many bodies of the saints that
slept were raised, and came out of the graves after His resurrection and went into the holy city and
appeared unto many. Now I'm going to show you one proof. Acts chapter 1, verse 3 tells us that after
the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, He was on this earth for 40 days. What did He do during
those 40 days? Acts chapter 1, verse 3 says: “To whom also He showed Himself alive after His passion
by many infallible proofs, being seen by them 40 days and speaking of the things pertaining to the
kingdom of God.” And here in Matthew 27:53 says: “After the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, the
saints that were raised from the grave appeared unto the holy city.” Now you put these two together.
After the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, during the 40 days of His ministry, the saints were working
together with Him. This is what we were told in the prophetic council in heaven. Heaven will come
and join together with God's people for the last days' ministry.

You may remember what the holy scripture says: “Without us the Old Testament saints are not
perfected.” (Hebrews 11:40b) So which means for them to be perfected, they must come and work
together with us. Isn't it? That's what the scripture simply means. Don't listen to all these theologians
who preach things wrongly. For them to be perfected, they need to work together with us for the last
days' ministry. Before the coming of the Lord Jesus, this will take place.

For that, God needs a place. This is one of the many places that God is raising around the
world. There will be seven places in the world that God will raise for that purpose, and this is one of
those places. I say this with all humility, based on what the heavenly council has told us. And then the
prophetic council showed us the blueprint of this place, similar to how the prophet Moses was shown
the tabernacle plan. The color of the paint was shown to us. The color of the tiles was shown to us.
These six pillars that you see here – this was shown to us. How should this building be acoustically
treated. All these boards that you see around this building are special acoustic boards. You will see
two colors there. Those colors were shown in heaven. This is how it should be built.

And the stones that you see on the steps on the stage here. Those stones that are on the side of
those steps, they are found in Jerusalem. They are called Jerusalem stones. And I was shown the stage
should be placed...should be filled with those kind of stones. It was so difficult to get these stones. So
our engineer David was trying so hard to get those stones. He went through hell with us. Afterward, I
will call him to share his testimony. Maybe he will give up building after working with us. He was so
humble, so very patient working with prophets like us. Almost with tears running (from) his eyes, he
told me, “So difficult to get these stone, Ayya.” I told him, “If you don't get me those stones, you will

be answerable to God.” He became very fearful. And then I personally went to the factory. There is a
place called Melur near Madurai. I personally went to that factory. He sent his staff to bring me there.
It was a huge warehouse. So I walked through all the place, looking for the stone that I want. So
finally I found the stones. So I called him and said, “I have found the stone. Now you get the masons
ready to put the stones on the steps.” Just as he thought hallelujah, I gave him another big headache.
While I was sitting there and calculating how much stones we need, a saint from heaven appeared
before me, and he told me, “You must place the stones not only on the steps, but also on the walls
around this building.” So I called him, “Brother, how many square feet is our wall?” This poor man
didn't know what he was getting into. So very (indiscernible) he told me, “It's only 1,400 square feet.”
I said, “Is that all, brother?” He said, “Yeah, that's all.” OK, I cut the phone. So I looked at the
engineer. Now, I'm speaking all this without a single cent in my pocket. So I told them, “I want 1,400
square feet of stone.” And I asked him, “In how many days time can you deliver?” This was in the
last one week of building this hall. So they said, “It will take seven days.” I looked him straight in the
eye and I said, “No, three days.” He looked at me. Without saying any other word, he said, “Alright,
three days.” So I called our brother again. I said, “Brother, can you put all the stones on the wall?”
He said, “Yes.” “How long will it take?” “Ten days.” I said, “No, two days.” He said, “You must be
kidding.” I told him, “Heaven has ordered. We have to do.” You wouldn't believe, in two days he got
the entire wall completed.

My dear brothers and sisters, when the Lord gave us the mandate in July the third week, at that
time this building was just a skeleton. So we called our brother and said, “This is the plan heaven has
given us. Can you make this place?” He is an engineer, a civil engineer with great, many years of
experience. He said, “Not a problem.” I told him, “Here's the catch.” I was speaking to him on the
fourth week of July. But I said, “The building must be completed on Rosh Hashanah day.” That was
September the 28th. “Can you do it?” He stared wide at me. Now I'm going to call him and ask for
his testimony. Shall we put our hands to welcome Pastor David Guneraj.

(Pastor David and others testify of the miraculous events that took place to complete the
building in only 2 months. Pastor David, an engineer with 26 years experience, said to complete such a
building in that amount of time is totally impossible. At one point, Brother Sadhu saw hundreds of
angels come and stand there and they said, “We will work together with the team to put this together in
the short time.” They experienced the continual grace and strength of God to get the job done. Many
worked continuously day and night without sleep for 15 days. Supernatural strength, extraordinary
wisdom, and supernatural help were given to them. Many of the team were non-Christians and worked
with great fear of God. In every part of this building, there is a miraculous testimony.)

So after this conference, I've told them to take pictures of every day's work from the beginning,
and we will make a documentary and will telecast it on Angel TV how the work all begins stage by

We take this time to share all these things to give thanks to God for this amazing, wonderful
miracle. The Lord told us one thing: “Build Me a sanctuary that I may come and abide there.” And by
the amazing grace of God, He enabled us to do this. We have only shared with you one part of the
miracle. If I invite my staff to share his story, he will take you right up to the next year's conference,
speaking every day. So it's a wonderful grace of God.

You know, the world wonders at how the Pyramid of Giza was built. There are so many
speculations how it was built. The most popular speculation is the prophet Enoch built it. I have a dear
friend, a prophet living in Australia. He was shown in a vision how Enoch built the pyramid.
Hundreds of angels gathered and carried all the stones and laid them one on top of another according to
the plan that God gave to Enoch. Likewise in the last 15 days of the accomplishment of this beautiful
place. I come and stand here early in the morning and I stay up to late at night. And then we have an
office across the street, and I used to go there and stand and also look at the progress of the building.
And I used to see hundreds of angels working together with all these wonderful men to get the job
done. Why am I sharing all this with you? This building is a great testimony of how we work together
with the angels for the last days' ministry. Hallelujah. Shall we all stand up to our feet.

Lift up your holy hands and please join with us and just give thanks to God for this wonderful
miraculous feat of constructing this building. Come on, open your mouth and give thanks to God for
these great...you heard wonderful testimonies. Not just wonderful, but miraculous testimonies. Please
give thanks to God with us. Say, “Thank You, Lord Jesus. What You did here is a concrete evidence
that You can also do this in our ministry.” My dear brothers and sisters, your eyes are seeing the
miracle of God. Your eyes are seeing the last days workings of God together with heaven. Come on,
lift up your mouth and give thanks to God. Thank You, wonderful God. O You're a good God. (sings
in the Tamil language) Wonderful thanks to You, Lord. Amen. Please be seated. Now it's my honored
privilege to invite the prophet of God, Vincent Selvakumar, to come and share some words about this
place. Come on, let's give him a good clap.

Brother Vincent Selvakumar:
Amen, hallelujah. I greet every one of you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus. Please be
seated. As soon as it was announced that I'm going to speak for a few words, everyone was shocked.
It's already ten o'clock right now. If this man starts even giving the introduction, it will go on for hours.
How can he speak for five minutes? But definitely, I'm only going to speak for five minutes today. I'm
not going to preach a long message because you see me opening my Bible, but I want to show one
scripture to you: 2 Kings chapter 5, and the verse 26. And this last part of the scripture says: “Is it a
time to receive money, and to receive garments, and oliveyards, and vineyards, and sheep, and oxen,
and menservants, and maidservants?” There may a question arise in many people's hearts. We know
that the time is very short in the last days. Is it necessary for such a grand building in the last days?
We are saying that the Lord is going to come soon. Do we really need such a big place? Even if you
may not ask questions like this, others may ask questions. Or he may also ask what is the necessity for
these two men to build a building like this?

We are the two persons who are preaching very fervently concerning the soon coming of the
Lord Jesus. We not only speak the word but we also confirm it with signs and wonders following. But
not only with signs and wonders, but we also prove it through the revelational knowledge of God.
Therefore we know for absolute sure that these are the last days. I used to say very often in my
messages that if my perception is right, that this generation will be the last generation. Whenever I
used to begin my message, I used to say that time will delay no longer. You know about Sadhu that he
also begins his message like that. So for a person who speaks like that, there cannot be a desire for
them to raise a building like this in the last days. We personally do not desire anything like that.
Because we have been serving the Lord for 30 years. In all these years that we have performed our
ministry, the places that we use for gatherings have been in rented premises. We have never ever
desired or even thought about amassing wealth or gaining property. If possible, one of these days, I'll
invite you to my personal residence. My personal bedroom is ten feet by ten feet. That's the size of my
bedroom. I've been staying in that room for the last 20 years. In all these 20 years, I've never ever
thought that I should extend my room bigger. One of the reasons is because by looking at my size, I
don't need a room bigger than ten feet. For me, a six feet or seven feet square room is enough. And
even you know about our Sadhu. He also lives a very simple life. We have never ever thought of
building a building like this.

If that is the case, what is the purpose of constructing this building? There is only one answer
that I can give you: the Lord asked and we gave it. The Lord said, “I need a place. I'm going to make
My word go forth from this place. My word and My prophetic word will go forth from this place into
all the world,” He said. The Lord is able to perform His word. He's all powerful to fulfill it according
to His perfect time.

We heard many testimonies. They said that we worked very hard. We not only bought one
stone, we specifically told them what kind of stones we needed. If you ask every engineer who worked
on this building...if you ask them to tell very frankly they'll say one thing: they have never experienced
a torture like how they were tortured in working in this building. If we asked them to make a building
in three days that will normally require three months, what will these poor guys do? It is not our
intention to torture them. It is the Lord who mandated and it must be done.
We could not do it according to what we like. If I desired to build a house, I will bring my own
plans and say this is how I like my house to be built. I will call for an engineer, I'll say I will need a
living room like this size, I want the house to have this color, I want where the kitchen to be – because
I'm going to live there and I will tell them what I like and how it should be. This is not a place for the
Lord to come and go; this is a place where God wants to abide. That is why God has revealed His plan
for this building. He said this is how it should be. So we did not do anything to pacify our own likes
or dislikes. We did according to what the Lord wanted. Maybe what may appear grand to us may be
nothing to the Lord. Because our duty is to perform and do what He who wants to abide likes.

God has a very special plan for this building in the last days. God's power is going to go out of
this place into all the world. Not only God's word, but anointed, powerful prophets are going to go out
of this place. Many prophets from all over the world are going to gather here, because God has chosen
this place for that purpose. God's power and His moving is going to go out of this place. God has
chosen this place to nurture, to train, and to tutor many people from this place. This is not a place
where God's presence comes and goes. This is a place where the angels of God will come and abide
permanently. Many Old Testament prophets and New Testament saints are going to come and abide
here. We did not build a church here. We did not build a worship center here. We have built a
dwelling place for God and for the saints in glory to abide. Therefore God's eyes are all upon this
place. Anyone who comes to this place will not return empty-handed. Everyone who comes to this
place will return out as a prophet of God. This is a prophet's place. No one except a prophet called by
God shall enter into this place. Anyone who's not a prophet who comes to this place, when he leaves
this place will become a prophet. Your eyes will see this being taking place, says the Lord. Anyone
can be careless about these humble beginnings. We spoke about many other buildings.
Tomorrow is the day of Metagoshin. God is going to turn over the foundations tomorrow.
Tomorrow is the day that God is going to do new things in your life. This is a day designed by God in
heaven. That is why we were so fervent to get this building ready before that day. God is going to
come down in this place on that day. The God who comes down will abide here and not go up to
heaven. He's going to abide here. Till He comes again, His presence will abide here to prepare the
world for His coming. This is the first place that God has known for Himself before He comes again.
The mighty and awesome things that God is going to do is coming forth next. I can tell for 100% sure
no one is here by accident. You did not come here because you like to come here. Because God
purposed you to come, that's why you're here.

God wants to meet with you here. Tomorrow onwards you're going to see awesome things.
Your eyes are going to be opened. When you leave this conference, you're going to be mighty prophets
when you leave here. You're going to open your mouth for God. You're going to roar for God. You're
going to be traveling in the Spirit. Many of you are going to open your spiritual eyes for God. You are
going to give command to the heavens like Elijah. Like Elijah, you are going to bind the heavens.
Henceforth the world has seen waters coming from heaven, but from now onwards they're going to see
fire come down from heaven. The days of Elijah – they saw fire coming down from heaven. From
now onwards, God is going to honor the words of your mouth. Because from now onwards when you
open your mouth to speak, they will not be your words. The words that will come out of your mouth
will be the words of God Himself. Today God is going to turn your foundation around. But tomorrow
you are going to turn the foundation of the world upside down. God has brought you here for a very
special, holy purpose. Whatever you purpose to do, nothing can be stopped. This is not a Metagoshin
festival, this is the day that you are going to see the great and awesome work of God. We are waiting
for tomorrow which is a very important day. It is also a very important day in heaven. You are all
blessed to have come here. On the fourth day, you yourself will say that you are very blessed. God is
going to do those kind of blessed things. Let us all expect and pray and wait in prayer for that day. We
are going to pray now. We are going to close the meeting now. Be expectant from tomorrow onwards.
Be watchful unto prayer every minute of the day. God can speak to you at every session. Tomorrow's
worship is not going to be an ordinary worship. It will be a prophetic worship. Even the Master of
Ceremonies will be anointed by God to be a prophetic announcer. Even every small move that will
take place here will be a prophetic move. Your eyes are going to see the glory of God. Shall we all
stand up to our feet?

Let us lift up our eyes and look unto the Lord. Please don't look here and there beside you.
Please lift up your hearts and look towards God. Certainly you can feel the presence of God right now.
The Lord is not somewhere far away. He's right there beside you. He's in your midst. He is hovering,
moving in your midst. Maybe you're watching this live program from your homes. The Lord is even
there. He's standing by your right side. But I can tell you for 100% sure now, the Lord is here right
now. I am seeing that right now. I'm able to see the presence of the Lord. The eyes of the Lord are
like a fire. He's wearing a white robe, and above it there is a red robe. He's huge and taller than us.
His eyes are continuously looking all around us. He says, “I am going to meet My people. I want to
touch My people. I want to show My word and My power in My people. I desire to open the eyes of

My people. I want to give wings to My people. Behold, I am looking at My people and say, 'Rise up
and come. Rise up and come. Rise up and come. Rise up and come and do work for Me.'” The
presence of God is coming upon you like waves. The Lord is preparing you now. The Lord is
preparing your heart now. God is preparing you right now to expect great things from tomorrow.

I see many angels here. I'm not able to count them. They are all over this place. Many of you
are seeing that presence. I see a ladder coming down from heaven. It looks like something that is
made of silver and gold. It is coming down from heaven. “Behold in this place, from this day,” the
Lord says, “You will see angels of God ascending and descending from this day onwards. My power
has begun. I am the Lord. I change not. I am standing right there beside you. You experience Me.
Touch Me. Open your eyes and see.”

I'm able to see a pillar of fire. Fear not. It is the Lord. The Lord has come in our midst. Touch
them, Lord. Let the power come down. Let it fill you. Before they open the eyes of the world, Lord,
open their eyes. Lord, begin it today. The presence of the Lord fill this place. Touch the youth, Lord.
Touch the elderly people. Touch the little children. Touch our pastors. Touch the servants of God.
Touch the handmaidens of God. Lord, these are the people whom You want to meet. Lord, meet them
now. Meet them now. Meet them now.

The presence of the Lord is coming down in our midst. The power of God is coming down
upon you while you're listening to these words. Your eyes are being opened. Receive the power.
Receive the power. Receive the power. If not in this time, when will you receive it? If not today, then
when will you receive it? If not you, then who else will receive it? Rise up, rise up Zion. Put on your
strength. I see your eyes being prepared to see the presence of God. Like yesterday we saw a white
dove, I'm seeing a white dove in our midst right now. It is full of light. Its wings look like light and
made of clouds, and whenever it flaps its wings, light is coming out of its wings. “I will know these
people for Myself. I will send these people for Myself. They will go on My behalf. Behold, there are
so many of My people here. The good things that I have for them is in My hands. I will anoint you
with the heavenly anointing oil. They will do new things for Me. Right now I am meeting them.”

Behold, I see the presence of God coming down like raindrops and blood is also mixed with the
raindrops. They are falling like small hailstones. They are coming down from above. The presence of
God has come down. The power of God has come. The Lord is meeting you now. The Lord is going
to renew many people. The Lord is going to raise up many people anew. God is going to do a new
dimension in your lives. The thing that God purposed to do will not be stopped. I'm hearing a sound
saying, “Your time is coming, your time is coming.” Behold I hear the sound of a trumpet. It sounds a
long blast. I'm able to see seven angels. Every one of them have a long trumpet in their hands. It
looks like (it is) made of silver and gold. They are saying, “Behold, the days have come for the glory
of God to be manifest. Our God is a God of time and seasons. He is a God who changes the times.
Behold the days are coming that God is going to change the times.” They are saying, “O you blessed
people. You are the blessed people that God has chosen to change the times. Open your mouth wide,
God is going to fill it with goodness. God will touch your eyes with His power.” The power has come
down. Receive! Receive the power! You are the man. Tie your girdle. Go forth by tying your girdle.
Do great things for God. Behold the time has come for God to be glorified. Let's everybody clap your
hands and give glory to God. Everybody clap your hands and give thanks to God. Everybody clap
your hands and give thanks to God. I see again the presence of God coming down. You are feeling that
in your bodies. Many of you are able to see that coming upon you. You feel like a warm mist coming
upon you. You feel like water drops coming upon you. The Lord is filling His people. Receive.
Receive. Receive. Receive. The Lord wants to prepare you. Thank You, Lord.

I see four holy ones in our midst. One of them is speaking unto me. He looks (to be) someone
who is quite tall. He has a long mustache and long beard. His hair is short. He has some scrolls in his
hands. He looks (like) someone who is quite aged. He says, “My children, God will meet you in this
place. It's not like you have met Him in the past. You are going to meet Him in a new fashion. You are
going to see new things like you have never experienced before. Therefore you prepare yourselves.
God has redeemed you by His blood. The Lord has covered you with His blood. He has covered you
with the wings. He loves every one of you. If you come to Him, you'll find safety. He who uses these
days are blessed. Behold, we will always abide in this place in your midst and make our words known
to you. We will cover the people with new words and new experiences, because the days have come for
God to be glorified. Therefore my people, you get ready,” they say. Let's all clap our hands and give
thanks to God. Praise, praise, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. (sings in the Tamil

O good and gracious heavenly Father, we give You thanks for all the wonderful works You did
in our midst. We know that whatever You purpose to do, nothing will be stopped. We know that all
Your purposes concerning this place will be fulfilled. We thank You that You were in our midst all this
while. We give You thanks that tomorrow You are going to open the treasures of Your wonders. We
give You thanks that tomorrow onwards, You're going to reveal to us the hidden places...the secret
things of the hidden places. We give You thanks that Your power and glory is going to be manifest.
Touch all our eyes, Lord. Lord, touch all our ears. That You will look at it and say, “A portal!” Let it
be opened! Continually glorify Your name. In Jesus name we pray Father, amen.

Brother Vincent Selvakumar
Session 4 – October 8, 2011
Let's bow our head for a word of prayer now. (the internet broadcast froze here for a
moment) ...to the Lord Jesus Christ right now. The presence of the Lord is all over this place. Every
one of us are experiencing it. The Lord spoke to us last night. He said that nothing that He purposed to
do will be prevented. The third dimension work that God is going to do, not other eyes but your eyes
will see it. Not tomorrow but today your eyes will see it. This is the time that God is going to open
your eyes. This is the time the Holy Spirit is going to talk with you. You are going to meet the Lord in
this place. The Lord wants to meet you in this place. The Lord wants to confirm His covenant with
you. You're not going to see this in a vision but face to face. The hand of the Lord is outstretched
towards you. In a few moments now, you're going to experience the awesome power of the living God.
We are entering into the (indiscernible) of the last days. This is the place that God's (the internet
connection was breaking up and two sentences here are indiscernible) This is the place where the King
of Kings is going to triumph. This is the place where He is going to raise up warriors. Let's be silent
and wait on the Lord now. (A recording of shofars blowing plays.)

O our great and living God, You are the Lord who has authority over (the) heavens and the
earth. We give You thanks that Your fiery eyes are hovering over us. We give You thanks that Your
brass feet are standing in our midst. We give You thanks that You have chosen us to be present for the
trumpets of the last days. We give You thanks that we ourselves are going to be manifest as a trumpet.
You're going to take us in Your hand and blow through it. Your breath is going to go through the
trumpet and come out as a blast. The lion will roar but who will not fear. The Lord has spoken, who
will not but prophesy! Lord, we let loose the prophetic anointing! We let loose the power of the
prophetic anointing in this place. In Jesus name, we open the prophetic eyes in this place. Let the
power of God come down. I give command to those closed doors in Jesus name. I command all those
closed doors in Jesus name. I, the servant of the Lord, give command to the eyes that are used to
seeing the things of the world. In Jesus name, be opened! Right now, let the power come down! The
fire is coming down! Don't control yourself. Receive! Receive! Receive! The Lord is covering you
with His tongue. The nine-fold prophetic anointing is coming upon you. They look like cloven
tongues of fire. It is going to change your tongue as fire. This is the place where the prophetic gifts are
going to give birth to. This is the place where prophets are going to be nurtured. This is the place
where prophets are going to go forth. The Lord is ordering this place. The power is coming down
upon you. Let it pour out, Your fire. Meet Your people, Lord. Lord, make this time sweet for us. We
humble ourselves into Your holy hands. In Jesus name, we pray, heavenly Father, Amen. Please be

This is a very special day. We are enjoying the presence of the Lord in this holy place. The
Lord mandated us to organize a similar conference like this, same date last year. The Lord gave us a
very special command that this day should be set aside for the gathering of His people. Many of you
gathered in this same place last year. On that day as I was waiting upon the Lord in the afternoon, the
Lord spoke to me. He said this is a very important day in heaven. He said this day is called
“Metagoshin.” I told the Lord, “I've never heard this word 'Metagoshin'.” The Lord explained to me
that the word Metagoshin means “a new beginning.” I waited on the Lord further. The Lord explained
to me further that Metagoshin means the destroying of one and the beginning of a new. The Lord said,
“This is a day foreordained in heaven. Therefore, on that very same day, you must all gather before
My presence,” the Lord said. “I'm going to change you from one level to another level on that day.
I'm going to upturn your foundation around and create a new foundation. I'm going to change your
ministry into a new dimension. Not only your ministries, but even the ministries in the rest of the world
will enter into a new dimension. The day Metagoshin is the day that I will change the old and begin

Many of you may remember the glorious thing that happened on this day last year. Many of
you were filled with the power of God. Many of you experienced changes in your ministry. Many of
your spiritual experiences have been taken into a new level. Many of you have begun to see angels and
visions of God. Many of the bounds that were in the mouth of the prophets were unloosed. Many of
them began to flap their wings like eagles and mount up to heaven. Many began to roar like lions and
begin to prophesy for the Lord. The Lord commanded a new change, a turning point all over the world
on that day.

At the end of last year, we went to Jerusalem. There was a concern in my heart. I thought could
the word Metagoshin be a Hebrew word? I desired that we wanted to know the real meaning of the
word Metagoshin from humans. When we arrived in Jerusalem it was nighttime. We were talking with
a tourist guide who was accompanying us from the airport to the hotel. We asked him what the word
Metagoshin meant. He said, “There's no such thing as the word Metagoshin.” But he, after some time,
he said, “Maybe, but there is a word called 'metago'.” So we asked him, “What does 'metago' mean?”
What he answered us really astounded us. It is the upturning of the foundation stone from one level to
the next level. I do not know Hebrew. I did not know that the word “metago” has such a meaning.
Two days later, we were standing in a shop near Mt. Gethsemane, and we visited a souvenir shop and
we saw many small souvenirs in that shop. And my dear sister Amutha went into the shop to buy some
souvenirs, and on a particular souvenir there was one particular word engraved on it. Among the many
things there, there was this particular word. So we asked the shopkeeper what was the meaning of this
word. He does not know English. He called for the manager to come. So we asked him, “What does
this word mean?” He said, “This word means 'shin'.” “So what does shin mean?” He said, “The
word shin means Elohim, the Lord God.” So for just one letter there's such a big meaning. So this
word is placed on the lintels of every doorpost of the house. Now we tried to combine those two
together. Metago means to turn over; shin means the Lord God. So when you add these two words
together, Metagoshin means: it's the Lord God who turns over. This is the same thing that the Lord
spoke to me.

“I am bringing My people from one dimension to another dimension. One dimension has ended
and another dimension has begun. You must get ready for that,” the Lord said. We can see three time
zones in the word. One we can call the dispensation of law. The next is called the dispensation of the
New Testament. Heaven has divided the times into three. One is the dispensation of law. Secondly is
the dispensation of the New Testament. Third is the dispensation of the last days. The Lord brought
His people from the dispensation of law to the dispensation of the New Testament. Now the Lord is
bringing the people from the dispensation of the New Testament to the dispensation of the last days.
We are going to enter into a new dimension of the last days. At every time, new kinds of gifts will
begin to manifest. At every time, different kinds of ministers and ministries are raised up. The
ministers that were raised up during the dispensation of law were different. They were priests, kings,
and prophets, and the area of their ministry was just within the temple. They brought the people into
the temple and they conducted temple services. They taught the people the commandments of God.
They offered sacrifices for their sins. They gave them commandments. This was that area of their
limited ministry. Then the Lord changed the ministry to a different dimension. It was called the New
Testament times. In the New Testament, new ministries / ministers were raised up. God raised up five
fold ministries called the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and the teachers. This five
fold ministry did not exist in the dispensation of law. When these ministries were raised up, God
overturned and changed over the old. What God turned over the people belonging to the Old Testament
times could not accept the change. They looked angrily at the New Testament workers. They accused
them. They crucified them. They accused them of being blasphemers. They chased them away from
their midst, because people cannot accept changes immediately. The New Testament ministers were
blessed by God many-fold for all the problems they faced. God performed mighty signs and wonders
through them so that nobody could withstand them. They brought the people from one dimension to
another dimension with mighty signs and wonders.

God raises up new ministries who will usher people from one dimension to another dimension.
God will anoint the people with a new anointing that will be required for them to enter into the new
16Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
dimension. The people that God will raise up to do the work are the people (to) turn them to a different
direction. Last year the Lord spoke to us about the turning point. This year the Lord is going to talk
about the people who will be time-changers. People are those who will turn people from one
dimension to another dimension. I am not talking about somebody else who will be the timechangers.
I'm talking about you and me. We are the time-changers who are going to change people
from one dimension to another dimension. We are going to bring the people from one dimension to
another dimension. We are bold enough to even lay down our life for the sake of doing the work of
God. Even if need be we shall be crucified, because every time time-changers will have to pay a price
for doing their work.

God raised up a man called Moses who was used by God to change people from one dimension
to another dimension. Moses turned the people from one dimension to another dimension. He brought
the people from the dispensation of conscience to the dispensation of law. They wanted to stone
Moses. They wanted to kill him. They accused him. Whenever God raises up time-changers who will
affect history, they were persecuted. Moses endured all the persecution. He met with those who spoke
against him. He met with them who wanted to stone him. He was patient with those who were
accusing him. There was only one intention in Moses' heart: to change the path of the people from the
ways of the world to the ways of God. He purposed in his heart that my ministry will not end until the
last man is turned to the purposes of God. Even if I were to lay down my life for the price of it, it
doesn't matter, he purposed. Even if I don't receive praise and honor, but I receive a cross, it's OK. His
purpose in his heart (is) that his greatest desire is to do the will of God. All those who opposed him
repented. A huge nation called Israel was turned from one dimension to another dimension. It did not
happen in one day. It did not come about without the laying down of price. It was not something that
was not paid by price by laying down our lives. Moses paid a heavy price for doing the work of God.
He shed his tears at the feet of God. He committed himself to do great things for God. Somehow, all
the people accepted this new change. For almost 1,200 years they walked in the dispensation of law.

Now the Lord wanted to turn them into another dimension. Why must the Lord turn them from
one place to another? The Lord is turning them from one place to another place to another place until
they reach heaven. He does not turn the people immediately from one realm to heaven like a rocket
will go up to the sky. He desires to bring people or lead them from one dimension to another
dimension. He prepared them for the second dimension. To turn the people from one dimension to
another dimension, the Lord needed new workers. They were called by five different kinds of names:
apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. The Lord brought new changes to them. They
were only worshiping the Lord in the temple. The Lord Jesus said, “A time is coming, not only on this
mountain. The time has come that people will worship the Lord all over the world and now the time
has come.” The Lord Himself was a forerunner to turn people from one dimension to another
dimension. He turned the people from the dispensation of law to the dispensation of the New
Testament. All those who were very used to the Old Testament laws could not accept the new changes.
They looked (at) Jesus with suspicion. They looked at the disciples with suspicion. They suspected all
the new ministers that rose up. They began to persecute every one of them. They were accused that
they (were) working against the laws of God. The reason why they crucified the Lord Jesus was
because they thought He was speaking against the laws of God. They accused the Lord Jesus that He
was a blasphemer. They could not accept all the new ministers that He raised up. We've heard the
name of the preachers, we've heard of prophets. We did not hear about apostles. We heard about
Sadducees, but we did not hear about pastors. But He began to raise up these new things and said God
raise up. Reach out and accept them. Trust them, they said. They bounded them, they persecuted
them, and they imprisoned them. The more they persecuted those whom God raised, the more they
grew. The more they persecuted them, they outgrew. The more they were outcast, they began to let
loose and go all over. They began to go all over the world and spread out. The second change came.
People were not ready to accept the change, but they began to turn little by little. The age of the church
came. People began to accept new ministers. They accepted the five-fold ministries. 2,000 years have
passed away. Now God needs a third dimension.

This is the final and the last dispensation. Now God is going to turn people from the second
dispensation to the third dispensation. You must understand something very carefully. Every time new
ministers rise up to turn people from one dimension to another dimension, they will be endued with
supernatural power. They will go forth with such a power that the world has not seen before. I used to
wonder whenever I read the book of Acts of the Apostles. I used to pray, I said, “Lord, why are we not
able to see the miracles like they were performed by the apostles?” We read in the Bible that even
when they walked, their shadows healed the sick. They saw a lame man when they were going into the
temple. They said, “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I (have), I give unto you. In Jesus name,
rise up and walk.” They lifted up his hand. At that very moment, his bones were strengthened and he
leapt, the Bible says. But today we see many ministers in the church, many lame people come to our
churches. They come in as lame and they go out as lame. If a sick person comes to our church, we will
tell them, “You come every week for seven weeks.” Why are we not able to do the same signs and
wonders as the apostles of the old? The Lord Jesus told me, “They were the firstfruit ministers of those
who were the time-changers. Among other people they will be extraordinary.” Among the prophets of
Abraham's time, Moses was the most special. Because he is a time-changer who will turn people from
one dimension to another dimension. The firstfruit ministers who turned people from one dimension to
another dimension were extraordinary people.

You are the time-changers who are going to change people from one dimension to the last days'
dimension. You're going to turn the people to the last third dimension. Therefore the Lord says, “Your
eyes are going to see the great wonders that God will do in the last days.” You will give command to
the clouds. God will give you authority to bind the heavens and to let loose the heavens. The words
that will go out of your mouth will be full of authority. Power will be given to your shadow. Every
word that goes out of your mouth will bind or let loose. As Joshua commanded nature to stand, you
will command nature to stand. You will give command to the waves, roaring waves. You will stand
against tsunamis that will come. You will stand and behold. God will honor your words, because
you're the last days' minister. You are the last days' time-changer. You are the firstfruit minister that
God is going to change people from one dimension to another dimension. The power that God is going
to do through you, people in all the three dimensions have never seen before. You are going to turn
people from one dimension to another dimension. That is why God has brought us to this place.
Because so that we will not (be) people (who) do ministry like in the old. The third dimension will be
the last dimension. Everything is going to come to a completion. This is that time that all the three
dimensions are going to join together. For this purpose, God is going to raise you up.
You must understand one thing. We have been seeing some small group of people. They are
called prophets. There were prophets in the Old Testament days. There were prophets in the New
18Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
Testament age. There will also be prophets in the third dimension. We're not able to see priests today
but in the third dimension you will see prophets everywhere. The calling of the prophet is special and
different. It is something that exists at all times. God needed this prophetic ministry in all three time
zones. Because a prophet is a man who takes the word of God and gives to the people. God needed
prophets at all time dimensions to speak on His behalf. In the last days, their ministry will be in the
preeminence. Only the prophetic ministry will remain and exist in the last days. That's why the Bible
says, “And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and
daughters shall prophesy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams. And in
those days I will pour out My Spirit upon My servants and upon My handmaidens, and they will

In the first century, the people who were called by God gathered in the upper room like this.
The Lord told them to wait at His feet until the day of Pentecost. They did not know why they were
waiting before God. They were singing songs. Maybe they were reading the scriptures. Maybe they
did not know for what purpose they were gathered there. As they were waiting before God, suddenly
the place was shaken. Like never before, the Holy Spirit came upon them like cloven tongues of fire.
And every one of them according to the gift that was given to them began to speak in unknown
tongues, glorifying God. They began to be filled with the Spirit and to bring forth fruit. And the Holy
Spirit came upon them mightily. They did not expect it; they could not understand it. They were
wondering, what is this? Not only those who were watching outside were wondering, but even those
who were participating inside were wondering. “What happened to me?”, they asked. “What am I
speaking, the language that I don't understand. What is the power that is coming upon me?” Peter
stood up to give an answer to their questions. He hastily said something. He said what was spoken by
Joel came to pass in your days before your eyes, he said. But what was prophesied by Joel is not what
the apostles experienced. Because God's word says when the Spirit of the Lord comes upon you, your
children will not speak in tongues but they will prophesy. But on the day of Pentecost, when the Holy
Spirit came, the Bible says they did not all prophesy, but they all spoke in unknown tongues. And they
manifested the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit through the anointing they received. In the first century
anointing that came upon them, there were nine gifts. But the last days' anointing is differently shown
in the Bible. In this anointing there is no other gift shown. Only the prophetic gifts will manifest in
this last days' anointing. It says the sons and daughters will prophesy. The young people will see
visions, it says. It says the old men shall dream dreams. It says the servants and the handmaidens will
prophesy. The nine gifts are not mentioned here. Every aspect that is mentioned in the last days'
anointing is a different aspect of the prophetic gift. You can prophesy, you can see a prophetic vision,
you can see a prophetic vision in a dream. This is the promise given in this scripture. This scripture to
be fulfilled was not in those days. These here are the days.

God will let loose the prophetic gifts on the day that this scripture is fulfilled. God is going to
raise up prophets from all over the world. The ministers that God is going to raise up in the last days
are going to be different. The ministers of the New Testament prepared the people. But the last days'
ministers will prepare the people for the way of the Lord. We have come before God for that particular
day. That day God has placed before our eyes. You must see something different right now. I'm not
saying this is the right thing, but I'm trying to compare it with something else. The first building that
we constructed is on the ground floor. The Lord said, “Raise it up.” And He commanded us to make a
second floor. He said, “Gather them on the day of Metagoshin.” He needed an upper room to pour out
the first anointing. And He needed another upper room to pour out another last days' anointing. That
anointing that came on the first time still exists in Jerusalem. This is the place that your eyes are seeing
where God is going to pour out this last anointing. God does not want His people to be on the ground
floor to receive the anointing but in the upper room to receive the last days' anointing. That is why God
has brought you to this place. You do not know what's happening to you. That day too nobody knew.
Therefore God told them to wait and they were waiting. But what they received, they did not expect –
they were astounded. Just like you are going to be astounded. What you did not expect will come
upon you. It will come because of the Lord God who made the heavens and the earth. God will tear
the heavens from the east to the west. O (indiscernible) you, the prophetic generation, this power will
come upon you. The 120 people who were gathered in the upper room did not know their strength.
They thought they were ordinary people. But the truth was, they were going to be time-changers.
They were called by God to change people from one dimension to another dimension. You do not
know who you are, those of you who are sitting here. You are thinking of this as just an ordinary
meeting. But the Lord of Hosts is telling me to tell you, “You are going to change the time. You are
going to turn people from one dimension to another dimension.” The Lord says that not other people's
eyes, but your very eyes will see the last days' anointing coming upon you. For that purpose God has
brought you here.

I see the power of God hovering in your midst. God has begun to work in your midst. Many of
you are able to perceive the presence of God right now. I see some angels of God moving in our midst.
Volunteers, come on, get ready to look after the people. Even as I'm speaking, many of you are going
to be filled in the Spirit. Maybe some of your eyes will be opened now. Because I see many angels of
God here. Even as I'm speaking I see many of them opening your ears. I see the Holy Spirit like a
dove coming down in our midst.

I see the power of God hovering in your midst. Maybe you may fall down, unable to control the power of
God. Maybe your eyes may be opened to see the Lord. Maybe you'll be filled mightily in the Spirit. Look
after them, volunteers, so that they do not disturb others.

The Lord of hosts says, “I am going to select time-changers who will change the times. Behold,
I am selecting many people for that purpose. Many of your eyes will be opened. They will see Me with
their naked eyes. Many of their ears will be opened.” The Lord of hosts says to me, “The sound of (a)
trumpet that you are hearing far away, likewise they will also hear the sound of the trumpet. My
people, I'm touching you.” The Holy Spirit is hovering in our midst. A new time is coming. A new
entrance is going to open. It is a doorway that is going to connect heaven and earth.

I see the Lord Jesus now. He's standing with His two hands outstretched. A door is opened in
His heart. It is like a big door of a courtyard. The Lord of hosts is saying to me, “I am the door to My
sheep. I am the entrance way to My sheep. Ask them to come into Me. They will see the glory inside
and outside.” Behold I see a red color coming down upon you. The Lord Jesus is making me know,
“This is the sound of the power of My blood.” The power of God's hand is going to touch them. Not
your ankle level, not your knee level, but the power is going to come upon you until you're submerged.
I see a cross stretched out above us. I see a voice behind the cross. “O Zion, rise up and come. O
Zion, rise up and come. Be strengthened. It is I the Lord who call you by name. It is I who call you by
name.” I see fire drops coming down from heaven. The power of God is hovering in our midst. The
Lord is saying, “A new change is coming. For that purpose, I have selected My people. What your
eyes are seeing today, the Old Testament saints and New Testament saints were anxious to see. I have
kept (indiscernible) the new wine that no one has received before.” The Lord says, “See, the new wine
that I have in My hands.” As I lift up my eyes to see, I see a huge Lord Jesus in our midst. There is a
golden vase in His hand. “It is filled with My wine. I will throw away the old wine. I will fill it with
the new wine. Let your heart be opened.” The power of God is coming. Receive!

The Metagoshin that God is going to do has come. The power of God is coming down strongly.
It is coming upon the servants and the handmaidens. The anointing oil is coming. The anointing
power is coming upon you. The Lord is selecting you. O young men, you are the one. You may think
that you are from a small village. I do not know how to read and write. I'm an ordinary person. The
Lord says to you, “I'm calling you. You are that man. You are that woman. I am the Spirit that will
change you into extraordinary. Man is still sand. Every person who has breath in his mouth is made
of dust. It is My Spirit that will turn that dust into extraordinary.” Behold the hand of the Spirit is
stretched out towards you. I see angels with wings coming down. They are hovering all over this
place. The power of God is like light all over this place.

All the ministers who are sitting in the front, please stand up. You turn around and face the
crowd. Lift up your eyes and see. You will be able to see the awesome power of God. You are going
to see what God is going to do here. Your eyes are going to see angels of God calling them. All you,
my precious ministers who are co-workers with me. All those of you who are called by God. All those
who have been persecuted, your eyes will see this glorious thing. You must see the fruit of your labors.
Let your eyes see angels of God ascending and descending. See the holy oil that has been poured upon
them. It is coming down. The power of God is coming. Receive. Receive.

Just like what we saw yesterday, a big ladder. It is coming down from heaven. I'm not able to
see the roof. I see an open heavens before me. From there, the ladder is coming down from heaven. It
is made of silver and gold. It is huge so that it can connect heaven and earth. The Lord Jesus says,
“This is not the ladder that angels of God ascend and descend. But this is also the ladder where My
people will use it to go up to heaven. I will give command to their spirits. I will say, 'Come up!' and
like Ezekiel, they will be taken up to the heavens.” The power has come down. Don't control yourself.
The Lord is using you. The power of God is coming upon you. The power of God is falling on you.
God is doing a new thing here. Receive. All those of you who are watching this program: wherever
you are standing, God is anointing you. God is going to select you for the new dimension. You will
hear the word of God in your ears. God is going to call you for the new dimension ministry. “I will
make you rise up the ladder. I will open your eyes. You will go forth as a prophetess for Me.” You
will look at some people and say, “You must die as a martyr for Me.” He looks at some and says, “You
must be kings and priests for Me.” He looks at some other people and says, “You must shake the
foundations of the earth.” He looks at some and says, “You must bind the evil one.” He looks at
somebody else and says, “You must be a mighty warrior to rise up on the day of the battle of
Armageddon. You must turn your sword for Me.”

“I am the Lord in your midst. I am hovering in your midst. I am the Lord. I change not. I am
the Lord. I change not.” The power is coming. Wherever you are, in whichever nation you are
watching this program, from wherever you are watching this. Do not see it as an ordinary TV program.
If you are watching with the fear of God, on this Metagoshin day, God will bring you into a new time.
God will make you as a time-changer. God will raise you as a time-changer. Go with your strength.
21Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
“It is I who will send you.” Don't control. Don't control yourself. You can stand up and pray. You can
even kneel down and pray. The power of God is coming upon you as rain. “This is the place I have
chosen. This is the date that I have chosen. This is the day My power is being manifest. This is the
day I'm going to put a seal on My people's foreheads. This is the day I'm going to put a seal of the Day
of the Lord's holiness.”

Let the power come down. Let the power come down. Let it come down upon the youth. Let it
come upon the children. Let it come upon the elders. Let it come upon all the ministers. Let it come
upon all the nations. Who can withstand the awesome God; God will do. Come on, speak in unknown
tongues right now. You can praise the Lord. Many of your eyes are being opened now. Many of your
ears are being opened.

Some of you are seeing a big light. Many of you see a big light like a sun shining upon your
face. Many of you are feeling a new sense coming near you. Some of you are hearing the sounds of
thunder. There is a sister here hearing the sound of a lion roaring. Many of you are also hearing the
roar of a lion in your heart. You hear the sound of a lion roaring. The Lord is going to speak inside
you. The Lord God is going to speak within you. The sounds of thunder are going to come out of your
mouth. God is opening the eyes of a family who is watching this program far away. Six people are
watching this program. Behold, the power of God is coming upon the family like fire. They are falling
all over in their house. Their words are coming like fire out of their mouth. Their ears are hearing the
roaring of a lion. Behold, I hear the sound of thunder. I see lightning coming down. The time has
come for God to meet His people. You are not a person (indiscernible). You are the person who
changes people. You're going to change the...turn the people. You're going to turn the churches. “I'm
going to use them to turn.” You're going to turn the laws. You are the person God (has) chosen. You
are the prophets who are going to turn the people. Many of you are like that. God is going to select
many of you like that.

Many of you are hearing swords crashing one against another. Many of you are hearing the
swords clashing one against another. Many of you are hearing the sounds of a trumpet. Many of you
are hearing the sound of hoof beats of horses. You are hearing the sound of horses running. Some of
you are hearing the sound of a waterfall. Many of you are hearing the sound of a rushing, mighty wind.
The Lord Jesus is giving special experiences to (indiscernible). The power is coming. The power is
coming. The power is coming. The power is coming. The eyes of the Lord are upon you. From Him
the fiery eyes are coming out. He's touching many of your hearts. Receive the power! I have come to
pour out fire! I desire to burn right now! Power, power. Let it come down right now. (speaks in

I see huge angels standing in our midst. Among them is another angel who is mightier and
taller. There is a scroll in his hand. He's opening the scroll. He's reading it. (pauses, then speaks in
tongues) “Be strong and be bold. God has selected you from the dust of the earth. He's a God who
will raise up the underprivileged people above. God's rain will come down upon you like rain and
wash you. It will transform you into a new shape. You're going to do new things for God.” Wait now.
Just a little longer. You are going to see the power of God covering you. (speaks in tongues, then
waits) Everyone who's thirsty, the living water is going to pour out. (waits) Few drops are coming
down right now. This is not the end. A big flood is going to come. Get ready. Get ready. Your eyes
are going to see right now. Every volunteer, be careful. People's hearts are being opened little by little.
God's power is going to fill you. This is not the anointing that you have received before. We are not
waiting here to receive an ordinary anointing. This is not an ordinary water drop. What God is going
to pour out is a flood. I hear the rushing sound. It is going to touch you. (speaks in tongues) More,
more, more. More is coming. Little by little, you must now be filled. The power of God must come
upon you completely. Today, God wants to prepare you. (sings in tongues) Don't look here and there.
Don't look at anybody. Don't worry whether I'm speaking or not speaking. Do not think whatever is
finished. Lift up your eyes and look to God. The power has come down. The power has come down.
Let the power come. Everyone. Everyone. A new fire like you have never seen before. (alternates
between singing and speaking in tongues, then waits)

I see a water tank that is kept right above our heads. It is like a canopy above our head from
your end towards my end. It is like a water canopy. This angel now looks at me and says, “God has
purposed to fill them and fill them abundantly with this. Not everybody. Whoever is ready to receive.
Whoever has made himself worthy for the last day ministry. His hand will touch that canopy of water,
and it will come upon his head like an anointing oil. Whoever is ready. Whoever is zealous for Me.
Everyone who is going to go on My behalf. Whoever commits himself to do great things for me.
Whoever is holy. Whoever is zealous for Me.” The Lord says He will touch the water canopy. God
has fulfilled His part. Now the rest is in your hands. You can receive it. You can receive it. This water
canopy will be turned over to you. You must be filled from the crown of your head to the soles of your
feet. The power is touching you. Many of you are experiencing it. Many of you are tasting it. Many
of you are tasting it. Don't let it go. If not today, then when? Today is the day of salvation. Today is
the day of salvation. God's power is touching you again. It has come. (alternates between speaking
and singing in tongues)

I see some eagles flying in circles in the heavens. “Many of you who are here are going to fly
like eagles in the heavens. Wings like compared to eagle's wings will be given to you. You will be
given feet like the leopard. The power of My name will be given to you. I am the Lord. I am working
in your midst.” (speaks in tongues, waits, then speaks in tongues) (a shofar sounds)

The power of the Lord will be manifest. Your eyes will see it. God will use you to open other
people's eyes. The day of God's great harvest has come near. Behold, God is preparing you. From this
place, many will go forth. Many will rise up. God has touched many people's eyes. God has touched
many people's ears. God has filled many of your hearts. Many of you felt two wings put on your
shoulders. Many of you saw light before your eyes. Some of you saw the vision of a cross. The Lord
has met you and glorified His name. Let us sit down. Please don't touch anyone who may be fallen or
slain in the Spirit. Let them walk with the Lord. Let them speak to the Lord.

I saw a glorious vision this afternoon, but I don't have time to explain it in detail. If God wills, I
will explain (it) to you tomorrow. Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, God will ordain a new
day for us. God will ordain you with a new anointing tomorrow, especially those who have missed /
who have not received today. All those who God will ordain, I do not know how God will lead us but
whether tomorrow or the day after, we are going to set them apart and ordain them. God's ministers
and I are going to use oil and anoint you. At that time, a new power is going to manifest. Today almost
for about four and a half hours, I was caught up in a vision. During that vision, the Lord spoke to me
about this day. If God wills, I will explain about this to you tomorrow afternoon. After that, in the
evening, we are going to pray for new things. You are not going to leave this place as how you came
here. You're going to leave this place as a last days' prophet. God has begun to turn you around. You
are going to turn the world. God has begun it in you. You are going to do it in the world. God has
ignited you. You are going to set the world aflame. This is the troop that is raised up to do something
great for God. This will not be spare or be discouraged. No one has been given authority to bind you.
No one can bind your mouth. But you will bind the mouth of the world. You will bind the mouth of
the lions. You will bind the roaring lions. You will command the heavens to be bound. The Lord said
this is a new generation that will come out of this breed. The Lord says this will be a new generation
that will come out of this breed. The nations will see in your generation what they have not seen in the
past. These are the days that all the prophecies mentioned in the word will be fulfilled. Therefore,
wherever you are staying during these days, do not talk frivolously. Wait in prayer. It does not mean
that God will only speak during the meeting. Wherever you are, God can meet you. Even while you
are sleeping tonight, God can meet with you. Even while you are eating, God can meet with you. Even
as you are going, God can meet with you. God can speak to you at anytime and any place. You must
be very careful during these three days. Don't speak unnecessarily and frivolously. We have come to
meet with God. God has come to meet with you. This is the place that man and God are meeting. This
is the day that man and God are meeting. This is the day that Old Testament and New Testament are
meeting together. This is the day that God is separating the New Testament from the last days. God is
going to do great things in your life. Be prepared.

Today we saw glorious things. Tomorrow we are going to see greater things. God is going to
move you into the depths. You are deep people. You are called to reign. The Lord's mouth has spoken
it. The Lord's hand will do it. Let us bow our head for a word of prayer. O God who is rich in His
mercies, we give You thanks that You spoke through us. Lord, we thank You for hovering in our midst.
Thank You for opening our eyes. Thank You for pouring the anointing oil upon us. We thank You that
You're going to talk to us today, tomorrow, and (the) day after. You have brought about a new change
in us. We are going to bring about a great change. We are experiencing it right now. We may look like
ordinary people to the outside. We look like a small group to the outside. But in the New Testament
days it was also a small group. But they changed the times. They changed history. They changed the
dimension. We may also look like ordinary people, but the Lord who changes us into extraordinary
people is with us. We are going to change the times. For that purpose, You have called us. We are not
a people who sit down and hear the word. We are going to be turned to people who speak for You.
Continue to speak to Your people. Lord, don't let anybody sleep tonight. Let Your Spirit speak
continuously towards them instead. Let the ladder that came down in this place also come down into
them. Lord, look at them and as you spoke to Ezekiel, say to them, “Come up.” Like You spoke to
John, look at them and say, “Come up.” Let Your people see wondrous and majestic things. Fill them
with Your glorious power. Don't give sleep to their eyes. Let Your words ring in their ears. Today, let
a glorious thing be manifest to them. When we leave this place, let us leave as a changed people. Your
people must be turned as a time / world-changer. Bless them, Lord. In Jesus name we pray, amen.
(The people then gave testimonies of what they experienced.)

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
 Session 7 – October 9, 2011
It's a great joy to be in the presence of the Lord and in the house of the Lord today. During the
worship, a word of the Lord came unto me. The Lord told me to share that with you and then continue.
But before I share that, I would like to testify about the many testimonies we have received from
around the world concerning last night's meeting. So far, testimonies from about five nations have
come. From India, the Philippines, Holland, USA, and Denmark. Now all those people who wrote
testimonies, they were watching this program live from the TV and through internet. If you may
remember one of the words that the prophet Vincent Selvakumar gave, he revealed about a family of
six members who were watching the program, and God was touching them. Do you remember that? A
testimony has come from Holland that there was a family of six members who were watching the
program, and they were the one that God's servant pointed out. He very accurately said a family from a
far distant land. Holland is very far from India. And as the word came, that the anointing of God was
coming upon them, and as he saw in the vision that the family were thrown apart when the anointing
came, the head of the family wrote to me that that was exactly what happened in their house. Shall we
all lift up our hands and give thanks to God? Amen. So, if you have more testimonies, all those of you
who are watching this program from around the world, you can email to us at the address that you see
on your screen right now.

Now I'd like to share with you the word that the Lord gave me, to share with you before we
proceed any further. He said, “Tell them this. All those who are gathered here are very, very blessed.”
Does it mean that those people who are watching this program from the TV are not blessed? They are
also blessed. But you are very specially blessed. Why? The reason is because your feet is standing in
a place designed and chosen by God. That is why He told me to tell you that. This building and the
plan and every feature here were not designed by the imagination of man. The tabernacle of Moses
was designed by God. The temple built by Solomon was designed by God. And our dearly beloved
pastor, Reverend Dr. Rajan John, very nicely put it correctly: among the whole wide world, the Lord
Jesus chose to be born in a small village called Bethlehem. Among the whole big nation of India, God
chose a small place inside Ramanathapuram. He chose this small plot of land for Himself. This plot of
land and this building doesn't belong to prophet Selvakumar. It doesn't belong to me. Every sand in
this land and every stone in this building is 100% owned by God Himself.

This morning as we were having our cup of tea, we were standing at the doorway, and there
were two grukas who were standing outside his house. So as we were sipping tea and looking at the
grukas, we said to ourselves, just like the gruka is guarding the house...exactly 2 grukas were standing
at that time. So we said, we are the two grukas guarding this place. Amen. We are just grukas.
Custodian of God's place.

Turn your Bibles with me to Exodus chapter 25 and verse 8. And God commanded Moses like
this: “Let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” And now look at verse 22.
“And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from
between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony.” Two purposes for building the
tabernacle: God wants to dwell in a place, come to abide for good. And then He will speak. So this is
the place where God has chosen to dwell. That is why the Lord told me to tell you that you are so
blessed to stand in the place where God is dwelling. So, my dear brother Vincent Selvakumar and I
feel very honored and at the same time, very unworthy that God will call us to do such a great and
special work. The world may give us glowing accolades and tributes, when they look at the prophetic
gifts and the power being manifested, they may lift us so high up. But we know one thing for sure very
well, that we are unprofitable servants who have simply done what God has called us to do. So I stand
before you with (a) grateful heart for the privilege that God has given to us. Shall we all stand up to
our feet?

Let us lift up our eyes and look to the Lord Jesus right now. My heart is overwhelmed with His
goodness. As I stand here before the presence of the living God, and my mind goes back two months
ago how this work all started, we didn't have the money to complete the building, but the Lord sent us
money every day from miraculous sources. And He sent His holy angels to work together with mere
man to finish this building in a record time. So I lift up my head (and look) backwards to see all that
one by one. And I humble myself and bow my heart before the Almighty God to give thanks. Will you
also lift up your hearts to give thanks together with me? (sings in the Tamil language) Yes, Lord. We
count all Your blessings one by one. I thank You holy Father, for bringing us through the day of Yom
Kippur into a new beginning. We lift up our holy hands before You, and we stand before You with our
hearts naked. Let the eyes of Your fire look deep into our hearts. And let the fires from Your eyes
engrave Your purposes and Your will in our hearts for this coming new year. Thank You for pouring
out Your mighty glory last night. We come and stand before You with humble hearts. Teach us Your
ways. Make Your ways known to us. Your word tells us, he that hath ears to hear what the Spirit of the
Lord is speaking, let him hear. Now give us listening ears. Give us an understanding heart. Hide us
under the shadow of the Almighty. Make Your roar known today. Because Your word says, the Lord
will roar from Mt. Zion. Mt. Zion is Your chosen place. This is Your chosen place. So let Your roar go
forth into all the uttermost part of the world from this place, and also in the vast expanse of the
heavens. Let all created beings hear the beginning of the new era that You have commanded. In Jesus
name, we pray, amen. Please be seated.

You have been hearing continuously in this conference about the theme: the new era. And
yesterday you heard a very wonderful, powerful message how God is going to raise up a select group
of people who will be time-changers. The entire body of Christ and the world and even the beings in
heaven are waiting for such a time. The history of the world is going to change. The history of
Christianity is going to change. It is going to experience a turning point. This was first prophesied two
years ago by our dear prophet Vincent Selvakumar. Two years ago when we were conducting a new
years service, the Lord spoke to him through this word. He said, “This is the turning point year.” But
that was sown as a seed. But now the time has come for the turning point year time to manifest. And
yesterday you heard him explain quite clearly how God will raise up a company of prophetic people
whom God will use to turn the entire world towards the new phase / new dimension that God has

When the Lord Jesus started His ministry, He selected 12 apostles / disciples to be together with
Him. Then the circle of 12 grew to 500, and this company was following the Lord Jesus regularly.
And then when His messages began to get a little hard, the numbers all dropped. From 500 regular
disciples who followed Him day and night, it dropped to 70. And the Lord anointed the 70 and sent
them out two by two. They did the work zealously. Signs and wonders were done by them. But when
they came with great testimony to tell the Lord, He shut their mouths and told them, “Don't boast
about all these works that you have done. Rejoice that your name is written in heaven.” Probably they
all were offended. They were expecting a pat on their back. So that 70 dropped to 12. So they all
disappeared. They were expecting praises and appreciations. Even today, that attitude continues. Then
there were 12 disciples. And they always said, “Lord, wherever You go, we'll come with You. We will
even go to the prison with You.” But among the 12, it appears that three were very close to Him.
During important moments, the Lord will take the three aside. And in the Mt. of Transfiguration, you'll
find the three persons; at the Garden of Gethsemane, you'll find the three persons. But when the battle
got very fierce, when the heat of persecution became so strong, and when the test became so severe, out
of the three, two escaped. Only one single man remained till the end, that the Lord Jesus Christ died on
the cross. Now look at the numbers. From 500 it dropped to 70. From 70 to 12. 12 to three. Three to

That's why the Bible says, many are called, but few are chosen. You know why the few are
chosen? It is the few who are willing to pay the price. The large number of people, they are just
gathering because they are getting some kind of benefits. But it is a very few who are willing to pay
the price. It is the few who pay the price who will see the greatest glory. Likewise, there are at least
about 1,000 people sitting here, and many millions watching this program all over the world. To which
of the two groups do you belong? The called group, or the chosen group? You can say whatever you
want to say, but the real test comes when you go through the fire. When you walk through the fire,
then the fire of God will test and see whether you are the called one or the chosen one. My dearly
beloved brothers and sisters, yesterday you heard a very clear message that among the many who are
here, God will select some people who will be like the forerunners who will be time-changers. So who
are the few? Only God knows. My eyes see your face, but the eyes of the Lord see your heart. He
knows whether you are called or chosen.

All throughout Bible history, from the time of the book of Genesis right up to the book of
Revelation, we can see many dispensations. And theologians have very nicely divided that, based on
how they study from the word of God the dealings that God has with His people. The first dispensation
is called the dispensation of conscience. This is from the time of Adam all the way up to the time
before Moses. Why is it called the dispensation of conscience? They had no laws. So how did God
judge them? By the inner witness of their spirit with the Spirit of God. See during those days there
was no law, but if you read Genesis chapter 6, verses 8 and 9, it tells us that Noah was an upright man.
How was he upright? He was upright and righteous. And the Bible tells us in Genesis chapter 4, the
last verse, that Seth called upon the true name of the true, living God. During the generation of Seth, to
them was entrusted with the blessed name of the holy God. So they lived according to their conscience
being made right before God.

Then came the prophet Moses. He became the man who turned the dispensation from
conscience to law. God raised him up to introduce laws and commandments for living. How should
people live? The people that God had originally intended this is how they should live. Those
commandments and laws were given to Moses. So that is called the dispensation of law. It began from
the prophet Moses and stretched all the way up to the prophet John the Baptist. In fact, it even
stretched out all the way up to the Lord Jesus. Because of the Lord Jesus it is written in the word, He
said, “I came not to destroy the law but to fulfill the law.” So He is the last marker in the history of the
dispensation of law.

And our dear brother, prophet Selvakumar explained very clearly that after the death of the Lord
Jesus Christ, when the apostles started their ministry, the dispensation of grace began. The Lord Jesus
Christ fulfilled all the law. He came to close the dispensation of law and begin a new dispensation. He
sent out 12 men. Before He sent them out...now if you will look at your Bible in John chapter 20,
please turn and see something there. The Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ came to them, in John
chapter 20 and verse 22: “And when He had said this He breathed on them and said unto them,
'Receive ye the Holy Spirit.'” And verse 23 says: “Whose soever sins you remit, they are remitted unto
them; and whose soever sins you retain, they are retained.” This breathing upon them is different from
the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that they received. This breathing upon is an unction to carry out a

Some things in the scripture we will never be able to understand until we experience them. Just
merely reading that Jesus breathed will not enable us to understand how awesome was the power of His
breath. Because there is life and Spirit in the breath of the Lord Jesus, and when the breath comes upon
you, that breath becomes one with your breath, and the life and Spirit in the breath of the Lord Jesus
becomes life and Spirit with your breath. It merges with your spiritual DNA. When it merges and
becomes one, and when you live a life walking in the Spirit, and when you live a life walking by the
law of the Spirit, every word that will come out of your mouth...you know, it is the air and the breath
that comes out of our mouth when we speak. But when the breath of the Lord Jesus becomes one with
your breath, and when you speak, the breath and the air that comes out of your mouth will be the very
same air and breath that came out of the mouth of the Lord Jesus. And it will perform the same work
for which it came out of your mouth. When you command, “Let it be!” It will be.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, God is calling you into such a walk with Him. It is not
impossible. The next prophetic generation that God is going to raise up, He will blow this same breath
upon them, and when that breath comes, it will become one with you. It will not change you, but it will
become one with you. When it becomes one with you, you will attain that same experience when the
Lord Jesus said, “I and My Father are one.” This is the secret of the Lord's prayer found in John
chapter 17. He said like this, “That as You and Me are one, that I may be one in them, that they may be
one in Me, and We in them.” This is that mystery. When the breath of the Lord Jesus Christ comes
inside you, it makes you one with Him.

When the Lord Jesus walked on this earth, what He spoke came to pass. A centurion came to
him asking for a blessing. His servant is sick at home, very near to death. The Lord Jesus said,
“Alright, I will come.” Immediately he knelt done. He said, “Sir, You need not come. I am a
centurion. I have 100 soldiers under me. If I command one person to come, he comes. If I point my
finger and say 'Sit', he sits.” He said, “Sir, I know that You are the Lord of this entire universe.”
Before the Lord Jesus could say, in Matthew 28:18 that all authority and power is given unto Me, this
centurion recognized that authority in the Lord Jesus. He said, “Speak the word, Lord. That's
enough.” And the Lord marveled, and He spoke the word, and the airwaves carried that word. See
how miraculous it is. The airwaves carried that word. In one split second, from where the Lord Jesus
was standing, when He spoke those words, in one split second, the airwaves carried His words and
healed that centurion's servant. The Lord Jesus did not pray. He just gave a command. My dear
brothers and sisters, the same authority will rest in you. It will rest in you. When the Lord Jesus Christ
breathes in you.

This is the new generation that God is raising for the fourth dispensation. Another dispensation
has come to an end, and we're going to enter into another dispensation. Now look at the ministry of the
Lord Jesus. If you read Matthew chapter 4, verse 12 and 17, it tells us like this: “Now when Jesus had
heard that John was cast into prison, he departed unto Galilee. From that time Jesus began to preach
and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” I would like to bring your attention to that
word there which says: “from that time.” Please note that. From that time. From which time? From
the very moment the ministry of John the Baptist came to an end. Till that moment, the Lord Jesus
Christ did not do any public ministry. As soon as John the Baptist was arrested. Because when he went
into the prison, he did not get any bail to come out. He went inside and then he died there. So when he
entered into prison, that was the cut-off time. His time finished. That's what this scripture says: from
that time. And you can read of this also in Mark chapter 1, verses 14 and 15. The ministry of John the
Baptist signified an end of one time. And when the Lord Jesus also cried on the cross, “It is finished!”
Why must he say that word? Why not just simply drop His head and die. You will never find anybody
before that (who) said, “It is finished” and drop dead. People will be struggling to die, or either they
will smile and sing (a) song and they'll die. But no one will ever say it is finished. Why did the Lord
Jesus say it is finished? He is declaring that the dispensation of law is now finished. When His blood
was spilled, when His blood fell on the ark of the covenant buried below the Mount of Calvary.

A Christian archeologist has discovered the ark of the covenant exactly below the cross under
the Mount of Calvary. In a dream the Lord showed him where exactly the ark of covenant is hidden,
and he went to Mt. Golgotha. Just like how God showed him in the dream. And when he entered in a
small cave, it was filled with glory light. The entrance was big enough for one person to crawl in. And
when he entered in with just his half body in, he could see four angels standing at the four corners of
the ark of the covenant, guarding it. The chief among them looked at him and said, “Come. You have
been permitted by God to come. So you will not die.” And he came and he saw the ark of the covenant
with his own eyes. He was permitted to take pictures of the box. They matched the exact dimension
like how it is written in the book of Exodus. And he found some dried blood stains on the mercy seat.
He marked the position where the ark was rested, and later on when he came out he went up on top of
Mt. Golgotha, and he found the spot where the cross was. When he matched the two points, he was so
surprised – it was directly under the cross. When the blood of Jesus flowed down His body...let me
reveal another mystery to you. The Bible says there was an earthquake. Why was there an earthquake?
The mountain was cracked so that the blood can drop on the ark of the covenant. Hallelujah! And
that's how the blood dropped on the ark of the covenant. Jesus Christ as the spotless Lamb of God
fulfilled all the law of God. That is why He says, “It is finished!” The law, the dispensation of law is
now finished and a new dispensation has begun.

Now look at a parable that the Lord Jesus Christ shared. This will give us a little idea about the
dispensation. In Matthew chapter 13, verses 36 – 50, the Lord Jesus talks about the parable of the
wheat and the tares. I'm sure you know this very well, but I'd like to show one particular word to you –
how it has been misinterpreted in our Bibles. In verse 38, you will find the word “world” mentioned
there. Now the word “world” in Greek is called “cosmos”, and the word “cosmos” means “world”.
But in verse 39, again you'll find the word “world” mentioned. But this time, the Greek word is not
“cosmos” but “eon”. And “eon” means a period of time, or a period of age. And the Lord Jesus Christ
said in His parable there, at the end of the age He will send forth His angels to gather in the harvest. So
what does that actually mean – the end of the age means, the consummation of one age that is followed
immediately by another age. That's what it really means when the Lord Jesus said at the end of the age.

Now look at the ministry of John the Baptist. In Matthew chapter 3, verse 2 says he preached
that the kingdom of heaven is at hand. He did not say it has come. He said it is at hand. Everybody
repent. And he himself has admitted that he is not the Messiah, but he is a voice crying in the
wilderness. There is a forerunner preparing the way for the Messiah to come. So he was a forerunner
who came to prepare the way for the Lord to come.

Now look at how the Lord Jesus started His ministry. When He started His ministry, He began
by reading a passage of scripture. The Bible tells us in Luke chapter 4, in verses 16 – 21, as is His
custom, He went to the synagogue on a sabbath day, and was quietly sitting in one corner. When the
time came to read the scriptures, you see how God orchestrates all the events. The Rabbi was looking
around whom he should call to preach, and his eyes fell on the Lord Jesus. He said, “Please come and
read.” There were many scrolls kept in the library. The Lord Jesus could have taken any scroll, but He
took out the scroll of Isaiah. He could have turned to any passage of scripture to read, but He unfurled
the scroll and read from Isaiah chapter 61, and He read verses one and two. He furled the scroll,
looked at everyone and He said, “This scripture is fulfilled today.” The acceptable year of the Lord has
come. The acceptable year of God's grace has come. But if you really compare the scripture of Isaiah
61, verse 1 and 2, you will notice one thing. The Lord Jesus Christ did not completely finish reading
the scripture. He stopped short of the last phrase. Why? Because that last phrase belongs to another
dispensation. That could not be said, “Today it is fulfilled.” So He stopped reading that scripture.
Now I ask you to turn to Isaiah 61, and let us see where did the Lord Jesus stop. Let's read from verse
1: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me; because the Lord hath anointed Me to preach good tidings
unto the meek; he has sent Me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the
opening of the prison to those who are bound. To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.” This is
where the Lord Jesus stopped, but the scripture does not end there. It continues to say: “And the day of
vengeance of our God.” Why didn't He complete that scripture? Because He came to bring
forgiveness to the world, not to bring judgment. The day of the vengeance of the Lord is also called the
day of the Lord.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, I ask you now to turn with me to Malachi chapter 4.
And we are going to read a very important passage of scripture there. Malachi chapter 4, verses 1 – 5:

“For, behold, the day comes, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do
wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that comes shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it
shall leave them neither root nor branch.
But unto you that fear My name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings;
and you shall go forth, and grow up like calves of the stall.
And you shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the
day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.
Remember the law of Moses My servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel,
with the statutes and ordinances.
Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the
30Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era

My dear brothers and sisters, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears. The day of the Lord
has come! This is the day of the Lord has come! This is the new era – the era of the last days. The era
of the end times. The day of the Lord has come! The day of the Lord has come! The day of the Lord,
the last days, has come! And your ears are hearing these words being fulfilled this day! From this day
onwards, till the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the dispensation of the last days, the end times will
begin and end. The day of the Lord. The last days. This is that dispensation that God kept hidden all
this while, and He chose this day of the Metagoshin to make this announcement. That is why He
commanded us to have this Metagoshin conference. To proclaim and to announce to the whole world,
every living creature, to every being on every created planet in the universe. Let all breath...living
creatures that has breath, let them all hear. The day of the Lord has come! The day of the Lord has
come! The last days has come! The end times are here! The dispensation has begun this day!

From this day onwards, three things will simultaneously take place based on the scripture in
Malachi that we read. All over the world these three things will take place at the same time. Firstly,
that day will burn like an oven. The judgments of God will manifest all over the world. Every nation
will be accounted before the living God. Every man will be accountable before the living God. Every
church, every minister will be accountable before the living God. You will come and stand before your
maker. Even though you may not realize it, during the time of your prayer, during the time of your
sleep, your soul will be taken up to stand before your maker, and God will reckon you to give an
account. And that oven will burn! Every man-made building will burn! Every man-made plan that
suppresses the plan of God will burn! The day of the Lord is like a fire, like an oven that burns. It will
judge the nations. This is the first thing that will take place.

The second thing: the sun of righteousness will arise with healings on His wings. A new day
will dawn on all believers, ministers, and true churches. God will pour out His miraculous power on
you like never before. The world has never seen such a power yet. You will move in a miraculous
power like in the strength of a warrior. The disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ went out as disciples of
the Jesus Christ, but when you are endued with this prophetic unction, you will go out like a warrior.
Amen! You will be a warrior! Because your king is coming like a warrior! He's not coming like a
baby in Bethlehem. Read Revelation chapter 19, verse 11. He comes on a white horse as a warrior
king. Not as Messiah king. A warrior king. The Bible says the armies in heaven are following behind
Him. It does not say the saints in heaven. It says the army in heaven. The army is an army of
warriors. You will be a warrior! Amen! Amen! Amen! You will not sit down and accept defeat any
more. You will tread down upon serpents. You will put down the head of satan. God will give you a
boldness that you will not take a no for an answer. No bullet can strike you. No sword can pierce you.
Come on, warrior of Christ! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The power of God that is going to be manifest in the world not even the angels in heaven have
seen yet. Two years ago, I was preaching at a conference in the US. Four angels visited me, and they
gave me a message that I should preach during the conference. They explained to me concerning the
powers of the age to come. The amount of the extraordinary power that God is going to pour out upon
the believers in the churches in the last days. Not just the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, but the
sevenfold anointings of the seven Spirits of the living God. If you read in the holy scriptures, it speaks
of three sevens. The seven Spirits of the Lord, the seven horns of the Lord, and the seven eyes of the
Lord. All the sevenfold power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out upon the whole world for the last
days' battle. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! No one can stand before you.

About a year ago I had a vision in one night. I found myself in an English castle, and some
young warriors were following me. It seems like I was leading this team of army to wage a war. If you
have seen pictures of English castles you can imagine in your mind how it will look like. So we were
crossing from one wall going to another wall on a bridge. When I looked at my army, they were all
youths, but they were not wearing any protective gear. They all had swords in their hands. When we
reached the end of the bridge, the enemy forces came, and they outnumbered my small army. And they
all were wearing armored, protective gear, and they all had machine guns in their hands. We only had
swords. You know very well the bullet can run faster than a sword. So that army stood there. We
stood on this side. And they looked very fiercely at me, and I turned and looked back. My army were
all looking at me, (to see) what I will do. At that moment I realized one thing: they were looking to me
as a role model to get an answer. So I looked at this army; I thought if that comes, let it come. So I
took a step forward and hundreds of bullets were rained on me. They all pierced my body. Blood
gushed everywhere, and I fell on the ground. When I did that...not totally falling on the ground, just
dropped on my knees and I turned back to see. All the army were looking very helpless. Our leader is
down. If this enemy can shoot our leader with bullets, what about us? As I fell down, I was bowing
my head for a moment. I could feel the blood. Then suddenly something strange happened, like a new
anointing came inside. I stood up. Looked at the army. Took out the bullets one by one. Threw them
all down. And when the young youths saw that, they all became bold like a lion. I told them, “No
bullet can harm us. Not a single bullet can touch you. Come, let's go now!” And we went, charging
the army. This is what God will do for you! Amen! You will be a warrior! O you last day prophets of
God! No one can harm you until the will of God is done. No one can touch even your shadow.

But God also needs martyrs, but these martyrs of the last day are (a) different kind of martyrs.
I'm sure you may have heard of suicide bombers. All the young youths in the Middle East are willing
to die for a god they don't know. I have a wonderful friend in Australia called Neville Johnson, a
precious prophet of God. He once saw a vision. In the vision, God showed him how the last day army
will look like. Most of them all were young people standing in a field. And the Lord Jesus came
before them like a king, and the Lord looked at them and said, “I need some martyrs who will go on
My behalf.” Many people put up their hands, and the eyes of the Lord looked at everybody. And His
eyes fell on one particular 17 year old young girl. The Lord said, “Daughter, you come. OK, I want
you to go.” And this girl bowed down to worship the King and she said, “Yes, Lord, I will go.” And
she walked into enemy territory, and there were many military tanks all standing by one by one. This
girl had nothing, not even bombs around her. She only had one thing: the name of the Lord of hosts!
Hallelujah! That's what David told Goliath. “I've come before you in the name of the Lord of hosts!”
This (indiscernible). They warned her not to come. They warned her three times. She went forward,
and they fired the bullet. And the bullet went (with) speeding light. When it came near her body, the
Lord made the bullet go in slow motion so that the prophet can see clearly what is happening. It went
very slowly, and the girl was standing boldly, light shining on her face, and the name of the Lord of
hosts engraved on her forehead. And she was singing a song, honoring and worshiping the Lord of
hosts. And the bullet came. As it came to touch the outer part of her skin, her spirit came out of her
body, and when the bullet hit her body, a light came out of her, inside her. Like a nuclear bomb
exploding within her, the light of the Lord of hosts came out from her. The light hit the tanks and all
the ten tanks were destroyed by the light of the Lord of hosts. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

O you mighty, prophetic warriors! This is the power God is going to give you. If you are going
to be the chosen one, such a miraculous power the church and the believers and the ministries will
move, in this new dispensation. The amount of power that will be displayed, no words can describe.
You cannot look for any example in the Bible in the past where such a power of God was manifest.

And the third thing that God will do: (in) verse 4 and verse 5, you will read of two men's
names. It says remember Moses, and it also says I will send Elijah. The names of Moses and Elijah
are mentioned there. Amazingly, if you read Revelation chapter 11, verses 10 – 14: the two witnesses
that will come in these days, not in the future. These days. Why? Because the dispensation of the last
days has begun today. Your eyes will see those two witnesses. If you read the scripture it says that the
ministries of the two witnesses will be very similar to the ministry of Moses and Elijah. And
amazingly, the last book of Malachi also mentions these two names.

Now why is Moses mentioned? It is for the restoration of all the prophetic councils of God in
these last days. From the day of Adam till the last days, all the prophetic words ever spoken will all be
regathered. There are many, many prophets who appeared – who spoke – of whose books we do not
have in the Bible. But many of those scrolls are still hidden in the world. Those scrolls will be
recovered. It must be recovered, and in these last days it will all be recovered. In 1948 when Israel
was born, now please listen carefully, on that year when Israel was born, that time also unveiled some
of the hidden scrolls in Israel. What is today called the Dead Sea Scrolls were recovered around that
time. So in these last days, many other hidden scrolls will all be recovered. The whole council of God
will be restored for the teaching of His people. The pure temple worship that Seth began will be
restored back in these days. The Hebrew that is spoken in Israel today is not the original Hebrew that
was spoken during the days of Seth. That is the language that is spoken in heaven, and that language
for temple worship and the worship of the living God will be restored back in these days. And all the
councils of God that pertains to kingdom living in the millennium and in heaven are also contained in
the many scrolls. All of them will be recovered.

Now why is Elijah mentioned there? He represents the restoration of the power of God to the
church. I will send Elijah. Who is Elijah? A prophet of fire and power. Mighty signs and wonders
prophet. He bound the heavens, he loosed the heavens; he called down fire to come. That same power
will be restored. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The day of the Lord has come! It is now here. Joel chapter 1,verse 15 says that the day of the
Lord has come. What is that day? It is a period of time when God will openly intervene in the affairs
of men. In all this while, God is here, hiding and working behind. You don't see angels openly. You
don't see the saints of glory openly. Now the day of the Lord has come. He will intervene, and the
angels of God will work together with you. O you army of God, you will work with the heavenly
army. O you ministers of God, you will work together with the saints of glory. They will come to
work together with you. Remember the scripture: the Old Testament saints are not complete without
you. So when you and them work together, the chain is completed, hallelujah. It is completed. This is
the last day army that will walk on the face of this earth. The world has never seen this army yet.
These are all the glorious things that will take place.

But not all things will be glorious. At the same time, terrible things will take place on this earth.
I want you to turn your Bible to the book of Joel. We're going to read from chapter 2, and verses 1 to
11. If you read the entire 11 verses, it talks about many, many terrible things that will take place on this
earth. Verse 1 says: “Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain: let all the
inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord has come, for it is near here.” And if you
continue reading, you'll find terrible things taking place on the earth. Look at verse 10 and 11: “The
earth shall quake before them; the heavens shall tremble: the sun and the moon shall be dark, and the
stars shall withdraw their shining: And the Lord shall utter His voice before His army: for His camp is
very great: for He is strong who executes His word: for the day of the Lord is great and very terrible;
who can abide that day?” How terrible will that day be? Please see this video clip right now. (A
video clip showing events of the wrath of God on the earth is shown.)

What you have just seen is a sample of what is going to come. When you were all watching this
clip, I was observing your faces. Many of you were so scared that you even closed your eyes, but these
are going to take place in this day onwards. On one side, the glorious things of God will take place.
On another side will be the judgments of God. These two things will take place at the same time. This
is the day of the Lord. Who can abide in that day? That is why the prophet asked that question. Who
can abide on that day? A great, mighty revival will sweep the whole world. A great company of
prophetic warriors will go all everywhere with the spirit of Elijah. And during this same time, all the
Jews will be regathered back in the land of Israel. Joel 3:1 tells us like that. And she will face
tremendous persecution like never before in their history. The holocaust of Hitler will look like child's
play. But in the midst of that, God promises. In Joel 3:16 and 17: He will be in the midst of her to
protect her.

My dear brothers and sisters, towards the end of the ministry of the Lord Jesus, He began to
preach more about the judgments and end times. If you read Matthew chapter 24, Mark chapter 13,
and Luke chapter 21, all these three scriptures / chapters tell us about the messages that the Lord
preached about the end times. But He also said before the end comes, this gospel of the kingdom shall
be preached in all the world. But this has not been done yet. You may be shocked at this statement.
You say what do you mean, the gospel is not preached? So many evangelists are going all over the
world; they're preaching the gospel. I'd like to show you two differences. The gospel of Jesus Christ is
different from the gospel of the kingdom. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the message of salvation, but
the gospel of the kingdom is the preaching that Jesus Christ is coming again. The message that Jesus is
coming soon is the gospel of the kingdom. The Lord Jesus said the day when a company of people rise
up to go all over the world to preach that Jesus is coming is the last sign that He is coming. And you
will see that at the end of Jesus' ministry, He always also talked about judgments. And Malachi chapter
3, verse 2 to 3 also tells us about terrible things that will take place on this earth when the day of the
Lord comes.

My dear brothers and sisters, my brother prophet Selvakumar and I, we had a turning point in
our lives in the year 2006. Till we started our ministry in the late seventies till then, we were preaching
gospel messages everywhere. Brother Selvakumar is an excellent teacher. I'm just a simple evangelist.
So we preached in conventions and campaigns the gospel of salvation. But in the year 2006, in the
month of June, the Lord told us – we were in two different places – we were going to meet together in
one village called Nazareth in South India; before we came there, the Lord spoke to us differently.
“Now the time has come. Stop talking about and preaching ordinary messages. I have other
preachers to do that. From now onwards, you only preach about the second coming. Preach only the
gospel of the kingdom of God.” So that was a turning point in our lives and ministry. From then
onwards till now, every message that we preach are always on the second coming of the Lord Jesus
Christ. And in the last five years, that preaching of the gospel of the kingdom, that fire began to spread
to many ministers, and many ministers began to rise up also to preach about the coming of the Lord
Jesus Christ. But the Lord Jesus prophesied, not just a small group of people to preach about His
coming, but every believer must rise up and preach the gospel of the kingdom of God. That will be the
last sign before Jesus Christ comes. When all the believers, all the churches all over the world begin to
preach this gospel. That is the sign. Final sign: that now the world is ready for the coming of the Lord.

My dear brothers and sisters, the word of the Lord came unto me as I was waiting on Him this
afternoon. That the day of the Lord will also come near to all nations. The prophecy in Obadiah verse
15 will now be fulfilled. (“For the day of the LORD is near upon all the heathen: as thou hast done, it
shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head.” Obadiah 15 KJV) God will
judge many prideful nations in the West. According to Obadiah verse 3 and verse 4, God will pull
down their pride to the ground. The pride of their economy will tremble. And the nations in the East
will face great calamities. Very specifically I was told the destruction faced by Japan is not over yet.
More great calamities are going to come upon there. Flood is a symbol of cleansing. It's going to
come upon many Eastern nations. Many nations in the Far East are going to experience great flooding.
These calamities will bring them down to their knees to look up to the true, living God. In the day of
the Lord, two kinds of idols will crumble. For the East, idols of false religions, false gods, will fall
down. For the West, idols of pride and false security will fall down. All nations will be gathered in the
land of Megiddo for the final battle of Armageddon. Joel chapter 3 verse 2 tells us like that.
Revelation 16:16, and 19 verses 17 to 20. God will judge all nations in the valley of Jehoshaphat.

Finally, where are we now standing in the timetable of God? If you read Leviticus chapter 23,
God gave the beautiful plan of the seven feasts of the Lord. Four feasts have been fulfilled naturally
and prophetically. The fifth feast says like this: in Leviticus 23, verse 24, it's called the Feast of the
Trumpets. This is that time. The Feast of the Trumpets, the day of the Lord, the blowing of the
trumpet. If you all remember very well, when I came here this morning to open the meeting in prayer,
as I closed my eyes, I saw a gigantic trumpet from the beginning of this light to the end of the building.
It was a golden trumpet, long trumpet. And that was a sign to me that today was the day that the day of
the Lord begins. And during the worship as we were standing there, usually I will get into the spirit of
worship, but today somehow I felt that I should quiet myself before the Lord. When I became quiet,
my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw many trumpets placed in this wall, and many angels standing
around this side, even standing on the compound wall outside. If you notice on the compound wall
outside, there are pillars, and an angel with a trumpet was standing on every pillar. The Feast of the
Trumpets. We are now in that time.

My dearly beloved brothers and sisters, the day of the Lord. The new era has begun. Today is
that day. Today all will see the coming of the Lord Jesus. The last days, the end times, has officially
begun. Prepare yourselves. No more living a life like an ordinary Christian. Throw away that life. If
you don't throw away that life, then you will not come under the rain of the last days' prophetic
anointing. The last days' prophetic company must be a warrior, not a weak person. A warrior! So if
you're not a warrior, then you'll just be an ordinary believer. You must not love your life until death.
You must be willing to lay down your life for the Lord Jesus. Money will not matter to you. Fame will
not matter to you. Glory will not matter to you. All the things of the world will be dust. Do you have
that heart? Search your heart. That anointing that we are preaching in this conference will come upon
you if you have that heart. I'm going to close this meeting right now like this, but I'm going to tell you
one thing that is going to happen tomorrow. God has given to His prophet Selvakumar a plan, so we
are going to anoint all of you tomorrow. We will personally lay our hands and anoint you all with oil.
And after that we are going to wait on God for a mighty outpouring of His glory. So we are going to
fast tomorrow. Is it OK everybody? Amen? So, since tomorrow is going to be a very, very awesome
day, I don't want to give you more details about all that, because tomorrow it will be preached to you
and explained very clearly and deeply. But one thing I'll tell you: prepare your hearts tonight.
Tomorrow is a day that will not come again in your life. You all are gathered here for a holy purpose. I
personally invited all my foreign associates to come for this very important gathering. And you must
prepare your heart to meet the Lord your God. Don't waste tonight. After your meal, go back straight
to your homes. Please don't spend time talking with one another. If possible, spend the night in prayer
talking with God. One thing you must do: tear your heart and see what are the idols that are still in
your heart. Be honest with God. Don't give excuses for your weaknesses and for your sins. Tear your
heart! That's what the Bible says. Tear your heart! Fall on your face before God, and you tell God one
thing: “Lord, if you don't touch me tomorrow, I am not going to leave Ramanathapuram. Let them
bury my dead body here.” Amen! Do you have that boldness to say like that? Really? Really?
Really? All those who really say that now stand up. If you're not really, sit down. It's OK. See one
boy is sitting down.

Tomorrow is going to be a day that heaven has ordained. It's going to be a great moment of
your life. All your life you have been waiting for such a time like this. All those of you who have been
sincerely hungry for God, I can tell you for absolute sure, this is the day that you have been waiting for
all your life. That day is tomorrow. Amen. So don't miss it for anything else. Amen! Don't give sleep
to your eyes, don't give food to your bodies. Just let one word keep on coming out from you: “Lord, if
you don't give me this anointing, let me die!” Are you ready to make that covenant? Are you ready?
Then let's all kneel down.

Holy Father, I have declared to Your children all the words You put in my mouth to declare unto
them. Now I ask You to look at every one of them. You told your prophet that tomorrow You're going
to rain Your anointing upon them. Look at all the knees that are bowed before Your presence. Every
one wants that, Lord. (weeping) None of them will leave this place without that, Lord. And I pray that
Your Spirit of grace will prepare them to receive that. O Spirit of grace, come upon them. (weeping)
Spirit of intercession, come upon them. Move them. Give them no rest. Give them no sleep, until they
take hold of the living God. That they may see Your glory, Your glory that will shine forth from Mt.
Zion. I know You will certainly do that, Lord. Because You have already made Your will known to us.
(sings in the Tamil language) Surrender! Surrender! I give myself into Your hands, O Lord my God.
Lead me by Your perfect will. I am the clay, You are the potter. Mold me. Fashion me after Your
perfect will.

Holy Father, You heard the heartbeat of Your children. Now I pray Lord, Your presence will go
with them as they will proceed to go back to their homes. Prepare them O Lord our God, to meet with
You tomorrow. Lord, they have been waiting at Your feet for the last three days. And I pray that You
will come and meet with them tomorrow, Lord. Give them that holy anointing so that they will be
forerunners to be time-changers. (speaking to the people) Put away all falsehood from the midst of
you. Tonight as you wait before the Lord, search your heart. Put away all falsehood out of you. Make
your heart naked before the living God. Thank You, Father. Now I pray, send them with Your holy
peace, Lord. In Jesus name we pray, amen. The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face
shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lord make His face go before you and give you peace.
(singing) Amen. Amen. Amen.

Brothers Vincent Selvakumar and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj
Session 8 - October 10, 2011

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
Please turn your Bibles with me to the book of Exodus, chapter 19. Something wonderful and
glorious we read here. In Exodus chapter 19, and look at verse 9: “And the Lord said unto Moses, Lo,
I come unto thee in a thick cloud, that the people may hear when I speak with thee, and believe thee
forever. And Moses told the people the words of the Lord. And the Lord said unto Moses, Go unto the
people, and sanctify them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their clothes. And be ready on the
third day, for on the third day the Lord will come down in the sight of all the people upon Mt. Sinai.”
Something very interesting in the next scripture. I didn't realize this scripture – how real it is fulfilled
here – until I came up here to the stage. “And thou shall set bounds around the people all about.” See
there are now bounds here. This was all not done preplanned. And in verse 14 it tells us that Moses
went and told the people all the words of the Lord. Now look at verse 16: “And it came to pass on the
third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount,
and the voice of the trumpet exceedingly loud; so that all the people that were in the mount trembled.
And Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to meet with God; and they stood at the lower part
of the mount.” Now please observe this scripture. Moses brought forth the people out of the camp to
meet with God. So when the people were brought before God, verses 18 and 19 tells us that Moses did
not speak to the people. God Himself spoke to the people. But because it was so awesome, the people
could not receive it. Then they pushed Moses forward, but before they pushed Moses forward...now
look at verse 18: “And Mount Sinai was altogether in a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in
fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.
And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and became louder and louder, Moses spoke, and
God answered him by a voice.”

Now this is what is going to happen today. We are going to bring you before God, and God is
going to speak to you directly. This is a very holy day. For that now we need to prepare. We need to
prepare our hearts. Like I told you last night, this is the day you have been waiting for all your life.
You will never get another experience like this in your life again. You cannot miss this for anything in
this world. Which other people on the face of the earth has a privilege like this as you all. The Lord
very specifically told us, “Prepare the people for Me to speak to them today.” We are not going to talk.
37Voice of Trumpet Prophetic Conference – A New Era
God Himself is going to talk to you directly. What a great privilege. Amen. A great honor and great

And the Lord also commanded us to close the meeting with the Lord's supper. Please turn your
Bibles with me to 1 Corinthians chapter 11. A familiar scripture that is always read in every church
before the Lord's supper is served. Although it is read very often, sometimes important details are
missed. It says in verse 28: “Let a man examine himself and so let him eat of the bread and drink of
the cup.” Why must he examine himself? Because verse 29 tells us: “If you eat and drink unworthily,
you are bringing judgment upon your own head. Because of this reason, many believers are sick, and
many die prematurely.” This is happening in the church, but if you eat and drink worthily, then the
reverse is true. There are no feeble or sick among you, and you will not die prematurely, but you will
live the fullness that God has ordained for you. There is a mystery in the body and the blood of Jesus.
It's not just bread and wine. The Lord said it is My body. It is My blood. When you believe that with
all your heart, to your tongue it will taste like bread, but when it enters into you, your spirit will receive
it as the very flesh of the Lord Jesus. When you drink the wine, your tongue will taste it as grape juice,
but your spirit will receive it as the very blood of the Lord Jesus. That is why this is a very holy
ceremony that should be carefully and worthily conducted in churches. You should not do it as a
tradition. Are you ready to participate in the Lord's supper?

Let us all kneel down right now. You look into your heart right now. You have been waiting
before the Lord's presence for three days. Call to remembrance for a moment now all the words that
you heard during this conference. The first day, the second day, and the third day. What all glory that
you saw in your midst during this conference. Ponder in your heart for a moment now. Now we are
going to enter into a covenant relationship with the Lord. He's going to seal all the blessings that you
received in this conference through this covenant. Those of you who are watching from your homes, as
I've told you on the first day, you can also join with us during the communion service now. You can
have your bread and wine beside you right now. (waits) Ponder. If there is still anything that you have
not resolved yet, please resolve them right now. Any unforgiveness still unresolved in your heart, any
little anger still in your heart, any misunderstanding still that you have in your heart, any little
upsetness you have against anybody, please get rid of that right now. You cannot come before Mt.
Sinai or Zion with all this in your heart. The Lord is standing before Mt. Zion with open arms to
receive you. Although our pastors are going to serve you the communion, but I tell you one truth
today: the Lord Jesus Himself will stand before us and His hand will stretch out to give you the bread
and the wine. So prepare your heart now. Thank You, wonderful Jesus. I'm going to invite prophet
Vincent Selvakumar to come and bless the bread and the wine, and I ask all the pastors who are
appointed to please come up. After the prophet of God blesses the bread and the wine, please stand in
the front here first. One row, in the front. We will serve you the bread and the wine, and then you will
take it to the people.

Brother Vincent Selvakumar:
Let us give thanks to God and pray unto God for this great privilege that He has given to
mankind. The Lord has made this sacrament so that we can be transformed to become the flesh of His
flesh, and the bone of His bones. Behold, I now bless this sacrament, the bread and the wine as the
very body and the blood of the Lord Jesus. Please stretch out your right hand towards this sacrament
and ask the Lord to bless this for you. O great God who made the heavens and the earth, Lord we give
You thanks for making a covenant with us, You who abides in the heavenlies and You made a covenant
with us on the earth. Not with paper and ink but You made this covenant with us through Your blood.
We are now going to participate in this sacrament because You told us, as often as we gather, we should
remember Your death. Lord, whatever works we are going to do right now, we pray that You will bless
this in heaven. Lord, I pray that You will put Your seal upon this. In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit, I command the wine to become Your blood and the bread to become Your flesh.
As we now receive it, I pray that it will become Your flesh and Your blood into our spirits and will
infuse us. Lord, as we now partake this we pray that You will be planted within us. We've prepared
this in the name of the Lord. We bless this in the name of the Lord. Lord, we believe with all our
hearts that You have sanctioned this. In Jesus name we pray, amen. (communion is served)

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
Let's get ready now to meet with God. We have come to a very important moment right now.
Try not to be so cramped. First row please come one step forward. What we are going to do now is a
pattern given to us by the Almighty God. Raju, remove the chairs. God's prophet Vincent Selvakumar
is going to lead us in this session now. From this moment onwards, I ask every one of you to be still in
your heart. Please open your heart and listen carefully (to) the counsel of the Lord, so that you can
receive everything that God wants you to receive. Cameramen should never move out of your position
– just stay put where I told you to stand. Let's put our hands together to welcome Brother Vincent

Brother Vincent Selvakumar:
Hallelujah. We've come to a very important session in the day that God has given unto us. We
are going to enter from one era into another era. God is going to speak to you directly. He's going to
point out to you who you are in this new era. You are not going to hear this from the mouth of a
prophet or from another man of God. You are going to hear directly from the voice of the living God.
God is going to reveal to you who you are. God is going to explain to you the work that you should do.
God has promised us like that, that He will perform it today. So right now I'm going to take some little
time to give you a short counsel. How are we to conduct ourselves? How are we to pray? How can
we hear what God wants to speak to us? How can we store it in our hearts? What is our part in the
new anointing that God is going to give to us? To understand all this, I'm going to give you an outline
for a short time. This is a very important, unforgettable day in our lives.
Last year when we were gathered together in this place, God spoke to us of one thing. God said
that people and the world are going to be changed from one era to another era. But this year God has
revealed to us something more, that God is going to raise up time-changers who will change people
from one dispensation to another dispensation. It is a difficult thing to change people and society from
one dispensation to another dispensation, and those who are called by God to do the work of changing
these things needs a special anointing. They need a very special call. They need special gifts. They
cannot be like the gifts of the old. This will not be like the gifts of the old dispensation. These gifts
that will be manifest for the new dimension have never been revealed before. God is going to raise up
people from this place who will do the work of leading people to the new dispensation. The Lord told
us this last dispensation will be a prophetic dispensation. It is this dispensation of the prophetic
generation...a prophetic generation should rise up.

These prophets will be different. The Old Testament prophets taught the commandments of
God to the people of God. They revealed the laws of God and tried to change people towards that. We
also see some prophets in the New Testament. One of the five-fold ministries is the ministry of the
prophet. They prophesy to strengthen and to edify the church. We are going to see another big
company of prophets in the third dispensation. This group will prepare the way of the Lord. Before
the Lord comes to the whole world, they will prepare the way of the Lord for Him. Because there are
some rules and laws in the kingdom of God; God desires that all should follow that. Once the Lord
Jesus came by the Jordan river. At that time John was baptizing other people there. The Lord came to
John and asked him to baptize Him. As soon as John saw the Lord Jesus, he began to tremble. He said,
“Lord, it is necessary for me to be baptized by You, how can You come to me?” And the Lord Jesus
looked at him and said one word, “Now you permit this thing to take place. It is necessary for us to do
this now, because it fulfills a righteousness of God.” Even the Lord God Himself abides to His own
righteousness. The Lord Jesus Christ is our High Priest. In Hebrews we can read about the high
priestly ministry. There is a spiritual law in heaven. If a person needs to be ordained as a priest, he
must be anointed by a prophet. Before the Lord Jesus Christ can stand in the ministry of the high
priest, He needs to be anointed by a prophet. That is what the Lord Jesus told John the Baptist: this is a
righteousness that we must fulfill. That is the difference between the other people that John baptized
and the baptism that that he gave to Jesus. The common people received baptism unto repentance, but
the Lord Jesus Christ received the baptism according to the commandments of God to be anointed by a
prophet to stand in the office of the priest.

Like this, there are so many laws in heaven. There are many traditions in heaven. One of them
says like this: before the Lord Jesus Christ comes to this world, a prophet must go before Him and
prepare the way. They asked John, “Who are you?” They asked him, “Are you the one who is going
to come, the Messiah?” He said, “No, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness to prepare the
way for the Lord.” God sent a prophet before the Lord comes to prepare the way for Him to come.
When the Lord God first came to this world, He came to a small nation. He performed His ministry in
a small area. Only a small group of people knew Him as Messiah. It was necessary for one prophet to
go before to prepare the way of the Lord. That is why God sent John the Baptist as a forerunner
prophet to prepare the way of the Lord. This same Jesus is going to come back again to the world.
Now this time He's not coming to a small place, He's not coming to just one small people group; His
coming is going to be seen by the whole world. His coming will be seen by people even in the dark
continents. His coming is going to be seen even in small nations that you have never heard before.
Every people group are going to see the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says everybody on the face of the
earth will see Him. Jesus Christ is going to come down for all the world to see Him. His coming will
be a manifestation to all the world. Every language group people are going to see His coming. Before
His coming, according to the heavenly tradition, prophets must rise up. Therefore God is going to
come for all people groups. Therefore from every people group prophets must rise up. He's going to
come to all nations. Therefore prophets must rise up from all nations.

In the coming days, everyone must rise up as a prophet because Jesus Christ is going to come
and you must prepare the way of the Lord. And the prophet who is going to (be) raised up in the third
dimension is going to be different. They will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord Jesus.
They will prepare the way of the Lord. In every people group, in every nation, in every age group, in
every group of people, in every church, it is the purpose of God in these last days that prophets must
rise up from all these places. This is the mighty, awesome plan that God in heaven has given.

Therefore, everyone who will rise up to do ministry must be a prophetic person. That's why the Bible
says the last days' anointing will anoint people to be a prophetic person.
There is no difference in age bar in the last days' anointing. In the last days' anointing for
people to prepare the way of the Lord, God even needs little children. God needs youths to be prophets
in the last days. In the last days' anointing, God needs the elderly people.

God desires that all ministers must be prophetic ministers in the last days' anointing. If there be
an evangelist in the last days' dimension, there will be an evangelist, but he will be a prophetic
evangelist. If there is a church pastor, he will be a prophetic pastor. No matter what kind of ministry
you will do, you will be a prophetic minister. That is what God's word very clearly tells us. “In those
days, I will pour out My Spirit upon My servants and upon the handmaidens.” It talks about another
special anointing above the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that a servant of God is going to receive.
Because we call someone a minister of God, he who is already baptized by the Spirit. But the Bible
tells us that even a minister of God who is filled with the Holy Spirit needs another kind of anointing.
This is something that is going to happen in this prophetic era. You may have received a baptism for
salvation. You may have received a baptism to do ministry according to the New Testament age. You
may be called as a minister of God. But the Lord is saying unto you, “O ministers of God, O
handmaidens of God, I have another anointing for you. In those days, I will pour out My Spirit upon
the servants and upon the handmaidens.” Then, you may ask, what happened to the other anointing
that I've received before? That anointing you received to do the ministry, but this next anointing is for
you to be a prophet. So every minister of God is going to be filled with this prophetic anointing. And
that new era is going to begin today. From this moment onwards. God needs all kinds of prophets.

Let's look at how many kinds of prophetic ministries are there. “I will pour out My Spirit upon
your sons and your daughters, then they shall prophesy.” It is spoken (as a) kind of a prophetic gift. It
is an anointing that will reveal the words of God through inspiration. “I will pour out My Spirit upon
the young people, then they will see visions.” Now they will see some things in a vision that God has a
message. You will see and then you will speak. “I will pour out My Spirit upon your old men, and
they will dream dreams.” All these are different dimensions of the prophetic anointing. God...it is
revealed the will of God to the people. It can be in a spoken manner, it may be in a visual manner, or it
can manifest in a dream. Or you can have the experience like the prophet Ezekiel where you will be
taken up in the Spirit to heaven, you hear things in heaven, and then come to earth and proclaim it.

The people who will rise up in this prophetic anointing: you must do one thing. You must read
thoroughly the lives of the prophets of God mentioned in the Bible. You must study very carefully the
prophetic experiences of the prophets in the Bible.

Some scoffers are rising up to say we don't need such things. These scoffers will scoff that all
spiritual experiences are not real, to be taken in the Spirit, seeing visions, they all are not real. And
they say all these are not necessary, they say. You must understand one thing. God does not do
anything unnecessarily. There is a purpose for all things that God does. God is not (a) mere man like
us to do something unnecessarily. Maybe you will not be able to understand the works of God. What
you may not understand today, you may understand tomorrow. Just because you don't understand
something does not mean you should say it does not exist. Look at the many varied experiences that
God has given to prophets. In the New Testament, He took John the divine to heaven. He said, “Come
up.” And he went into heaven and he saw many places in heaven. He spoke with the holy saints in
heaven. He spoke with many angels.

Some scoffers scoff like this, saying, “Why are you giving importance to angels?” The last
days are the days when the angels of God are going to openly work with men. It is the kingdom of
heaven and the church on earth – (they) will join forces together and work together. That is why the
Lord Jesus has given us a promise in these days. From henceforth the heavens shall be open to you.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, that you will henceforth see angels ascending and descending. So it is a
very common thing for angels to come down and go and for us to interact with them and fellowship
with them. It is not something that you can doubt about it or deny it. The Bible tells us that in every
time, people have seen angels. They have spoken with them. They have seen them often. And in the
days to come, this will increase more and more. This will become a common thing in everybody's life.
Every minister of God from henceforth are going to see angels of God and the saints of God. This is
not some special experience given to some special groups. It is not some experience given to some
people who are raised here and there by God. This is a new experience that God is going to give to all
His children in the last days.

O you last days generation, God has given me a word to tell you. I'm now hearing this word
like a voice in my ears. “The last days' generation, heaven will not be closed to you. It will always be
opened to you. The doors will always be opened to you. There will be no prevention for you to go in
and come out. I have prepared the doors in heaven and opened them for you.” I see the Lord Jesus
Christ with two outstretched hands. A few days ago, I saw this same vision. He's standing in the midst
of this hall. He's stretching out His hands. I see a door being opened in His heart, and I hear a voice
behind it. “I am the door to the Spirit. I am the door. I am the way. Everyone who will walk through
the way will understand the things of My kingdom. He will find pasture in and out. This door will be
open always for you. These are the last days. My heavenly doors will never be closed. O you last
days' generation, this belongs to you. Behold, heaven and earth are going to be joined together to
perform My will. Such a generation I'm going to raise from this place.” Therefore the Lord desires
that we should prepare ourselves for it.

So what is going to happen today? God is going to do a new thing. A few days ago, I saw a
huge vision. I was praying in my room; I was praying for this day. The Lord has been speaking to us a
few months ago...He has been speaking to us a few days ago concerning this very important day –
Metagoshin – that it will not be ordinary. Whenever I used to meet my brother, I used to say, “I do not
understand it completely, but something special is going to take place.” A new page is going to be
opened in the annals of heaven. This Metagoshin day is going to be a very special day. God is going to
do something great. So therefore he gave an invitation to all our minister friends to come to this
meeting, and also all of our Indian brothers and sisters are gathered in this place. Perhaps you may
think that you planned to come to this meeting. You may think that you have prepared so much to
come for this meeting. But I want to tell you one thing very clearly: you did not plan to come here. It
is the Lord who drew you here. The Lord has brought you here. Even if you thought that you don't
want to come, unknowingly you will be brought here and you're seated here. Many of you thought like
that. I don't know how I came here because it was not possible for me to come here. The Spirit of the
Lord is saying, “It is not your doing, but My doing. It is I who called you by name.”

I was waiting on the Lord what He wants to do today. It was about 11 o'clock in the morning.
As I was waiting on God, something strange took place in my room. A small light. You may have seen
the light beam from a laser pointed here and there – it appeared like that. And the small, red dot began
to dart here and there in my room. I opened my eyes and I looked. I could see it with my open eyes. I
can see it on the walls, it comes before me, and then it goes there. I thought in my heart, this looks like
something from a scene from the Hollywood movies. It looks like someone is aiming a gun and
pointing at me. You must understand one thing: I did not close my eyes and pray. With my full senses,
I'm opening my eyes and seeing this thing. No one from outside can point a laser beam inside my
room. Even air cannot enter into my room. Even sunlight cannot come into my room. I'm living in a
very small room. I was very surprised to see that small, red dot. And slowly it came towards me. I
could feel it shining on my forehead. I thought like this, humorously, “Somebody has marked me.” I
did not know that I was truly marked. And as I was looking, that red dot came and fell on my eyes. As
soon as this red dot came and touched my eyes, I felt light bursting all within me and then I dropped
down to the floor.

When I opened my eyes, I found myself standing in a different place. I saw a small hill before
me. It was built...composed of white stones. There were many rocks and stones on it, but there was
not any grass or trees. The rocks looked different. I've never seen such rocks on this earth before. It
looked marble white. From within that white rock, light came out that was protruding in seven color
rays, and they were all shining here and there. As I looked at the mountain, a thought came into my
heart. I have come to this place quite often. This is Mt. Zion. I beheld it. That entire place looked
very familiar to me as if I had come here very often and I knew the place very well. There is a small
path to go up the mountain. There was a fort around the top of the mountain. I could see a lot of
people standing around the fort, and I purposed in my heart to go up there. As soon as I thought, the
next moment I was standing there. Millions of people dressed in white garments standing there. You
must understand...know one thing about heavenly clothes. We say it is white. In the Bible also it says
like that. That's how we can explain in earthly terms. But it is not really white like we understand in
earthly terms. It is a light that appears like white. A light comes out of it. If you look at all the clothes
that you are wearing, it is reflecting the light that is coming from outside shining upon you. But (in)
the clothes that the people in heaven wear, light comes out of the clothes. And the whole place was
covered with light. Every one of them when they wore those clothes it looked like shining like
lightning. I went and stood in their midst.

I stood in the midst of the crowd, and when I stood there I saw a huge scene before my eyes. It
looked like a stage being built for an altar. It was designed and covered with many, many gold and
precious stones. There's no roof above, and there was a throne kept there. Someone so glorious that no
one can see is seated on the throne. When I saw that my eyes began to hurt. I tried to close my eyes to
prevent myself from getting hurt. Even if I close my eyes with my hand, I could not prevent the glory
from my eyes. Even if I close my eyes, I can see the glory; even if I open my eyes, I can see the glory.
I began to adjust myself to that place and the glory. As I looked closely at the glory...as I looked
closely, I saw someone full of light sitting there. He was wearing a crown like a king, and there were
many precious stones embedded on the crown. There all the people were worshiping the Lord.
Millions of people. Only then I was told that this is the heavenly Mt. Zion. I turned to the person that
was talking to me and I said, “Yes, Sir, I know this place.”

Now I could hear the voice of the person sitting on the throne and He said, “Let My servant
come forward.” I turned around to see who the Lord was talking to. The person who was standing
beside me said, “The Lord is calling you, please go forward.” I was very shy to go up. Maybe you
will think, oh, we are so accustomed to standing on the stage to preach. Only we know the amount of
butterflies that goes in our stomach before we come up to the stage. We'll be so scared as if like going
to sit for an examination. To hide our fear and make ourselves look bold, that's why we sing a song
before we preach. (Brother Sadhu, who is translating for Brother Vincent from Tamil to English,
laughs.) We tell the people, everybody close your eyes, so that nobody will see us fearing and
trembling and we will ask the people to open their eyes after we have relaxed and calmed down. Such
a timid person like me, they said, they called forward. I was so scared, I began to hide behind the
crowd, and someone pushed me forward. I went forward and without realizing, I knelt before the Lord.

And the One who's gloriously white looked at me and said, “Wash him with this anointing oil.
Anoint him with this anointing oil.” As soon as those words were spoken, I saw someone standing on
my right and on my left, and there was a golden vessel in their hands. There was a special oil in that
vessel. If I were to describe that oil, it looked golden. When I use the word oil, I'm saying it to make a
description to you, but it is not oil. It looks (like a) liquid form like mercury. So you try to imagine in
your mind, just like mercury is silvery, this is gold. I am there standing on my knees, the one on my
right came near me. He took the liquid from the vessel and just splashed on my face. My entire face
was covered with a golden oil. The person on my left came forward, and he looked at me with a vessel
in his hand and he said, “Now, drink this.” I did not know how to drink this, and they made the vessel
put near to my lips and made me drink it. And after that they lifted up the vessel and poured that oil on
my head.

Now I saw the Lord Jesus standing right before me. Now I see Him as the Lord Jesus. In the
beginning, I saw Him as a being of light sitting on the throne, but now I see Him as the Lord Jesus, a
man before me. I was very surprised when I saw Him standing before me. He took His left hand and
He placed it on my head, and He drew my face close to His face. Very close to His face. And as I was
looking at the Lord, He opened His mouth and breathed His breath into me. I have seen millions of
visions, I have experienced thousands of spiritual experiences, but I have never experienced anything
like this before. Just like a force of wind that travels 1,000 kilometers per hour, I felt when the breath
came out of the Lord, it hit me with that force. I could not describe it. I felt my head being split apart
into millions of pieces. To explain it in simple terms, I felt like if you say, take a bomb and put (it)
inside your head and then ignite it. I flew out of the hand of the Lord Jesus and fell down. Even in the
vision I was unconscious. I did not know what happened.

After a little while, my eyelids opened, and when I opened my eyes I saw four angels flying
above me. They were using their wings and just flapping over me. And there I saw two very glorious
looking angels standing before me. They came and sat beside me. And they just embraced me close to
their bosom and they began to comfort me and they said, “Come on, stand up.” Only then I realized
something: that all my arms and legs are out of joint. My legs could turn around in all directions. You
can bend your legs forward and backwards. You cannot bend your leg this way. You can bend your
arm like this, but you cannot bend your arm backwards. But at that moment, I could bend my arms and
my legs in all directions. It could turn around in all directions. Therefore, I could not stand up
properly. I was hobbling. Again, the angels tried to lift me up, and they were holding me and just
helping me to walk.

And as I was walking forward, I saw two heavenly saints. They unfurled a scroll and asked me
to read it. When I looked at the scroll, it was written in a different language. I looked at them and said,
“I do not know how to read this language.” And they said, “Now focus on it and look again.” And
when I turned and looked at the scriptures again, when the light from my eyes fell on those letters, the
letters came out from the book and it pronounced itself. The letters itself opened its mouth and spoke.
I cannot explain this any further. I do not know how you are going to understand all this. Those letters
will come up, pronounce itself, and then go back into the scroll. I could understand the language they
were speaking. I understood the many secrets that were spoken. And then they helped me and brought
me to another place.

There were many bamboos planted there. There were 24 bamboos. (Brother Vincent clarifies
to Brother Sadhu, who is translating for him) Oh, it is like huge pillars that were constructed and kept
there. It is like pillars that are raised, wooden pillars raised to hoist a flag. When we came and stood in
that place we saw hundreds and thousands of saints. At that time, I heard a voice saying, “Raise, hoist
up the victory flag for the Lord Jesus.” And a beautiful flag was raised up on those poles, and there
were new scriptures written on those flags. And whenever the flag was moving in the winds, it will
speak those words.

Then I heard a long blast of a trumpet, and the clouds began to gather and they were voicing
thunderously. The sound of the trumpet was different. We tried to blow the trumpet like the sound of a
trumpet, but the real trumpet sound that you hear in heaven is totally different from what you hear on
the earth. It sounds differently. Words come out of the sound. They are words of praising God. And a
huge company of angels stood up to praise the Lord, and everybody began to praise and worship God.
Now I saw the throne of God in the heavens, and everybody prostrated themselves before the throne of

You must not get upset if I tell you one thing. If you truly learn to worship God correctly, the
throne of God will be right before you. I have been privileged to go into the many places where they
worship God. I have some experience of participating in worship conducted in heaven. A few months
ago, I received a wonderful book in my hand. It was written by my dear brother Robert Misst. He has
seen a vision of how a worship session is taking place in heaven, and he wrote a book about it
(Worship, Warfare, & Intercession). And the many things that he has written in it, I was surprised by
reading it, because I have also seen and experienced those things. The art of worship in heaven is
different. But on the earth it is also different. Let me tell you one thing; keep it in your heart. To
praise God is to glorify God. It is most important for you to use words that will magnify and glorify
God. There are different kinds of songs in our song books. Some songs just edify and comfort us,
some songs are very evangelistic in purpose, and some songs are like a prayer that goes out of our heart
to God. But in our common Sunday services, we sing all these kind of songs. We are thinking it's OK
to just simply sing it. Some of the songs that we sing are like giving advice to people. You should not
use it to worship God. There is one song that I've written. It says, “Isn't this a time to weep and isn't
this a time to work?” So it finishes like this saying, “Therefore we should not sleep, but run here and
there to do the work of God.” We cannot use this song to worship God. This is a song that I can sing
to one another, or it is a song to edify a church. Some songs are to comfort the people. Like “Don't
Weep, Don't Sorrow”, another song I wrote. You cannot use this song and tell God, God don't weep,
don't sorrow. If you sing like this before God, God will be asking you, “Who are you asking not to
weep, not to comfort?” To praise God means: is to glorify and magnify God. When we praise God
there is a bowl of incense and praise kept there. Only the right amount of praise incense are collected
in that bowl. Others all just fall away. If you sincerely desire to praise well, if you desire to praise well
in a meeting, you must sing with all your heart. To sing other songs, use it for other occasions. Or you
can even have some, like, edifying sessions. And during those moments, you can edify one another,
you can shake hands with one another, you can look at one another and sing the songs.

Let's imagine now you're standing before the throne of God. We have come to worship Him,
and if you look at each other and are talking among yourselves, how will it look like? Tell me, how
will it look like? “Don't be afraid. Have you eaten? Have you slept?” Not this. All this is necessary,
but these are not appropriate during the time of worship. You can have a time for edification, and you
can sing songs to just edify yourself. Some are songs that are spoken about you. “I am God's child,
there should be no fear.” We should not stand before the throne of God, looking at the Lord, saying, “I
am God's child, I should not fear.” This is a song just to encourage ourselves. These are songs to edify
one another. When we are singing like this before God, only the songs of praises that really magnify
God will become like incense and fall into the bowl. Others will all be filtered and fall away. They
will not enter into the bowl. There will be some people who are very mindful, they will watch things
very mindfully, grammatically. Because little children will not sing grammatically, but we can enjoy
their singing. It will be OK for a child age, but when you are grown, you must put away those childish
things. But singing these kind of songs is not wrong, but there is a correct way of doing things. They
praise God with a long trumpet. Their hearts were filled with the Lord. They behold the Lord,
understood His majesty and began to worship Him. When they say, “O Thou who dwells in light,”
they saw Him dwelling in light. When they sing, “O He's so glorious,” why (do) they sing like that?
It's because they are beholding Him who is so glorious.

At that moment, the praises were rising up like a cloud. It was so glorious that I could not
explain it. At that time, I saw the throne of God being enlarged. Later on, I was taken to another place.
Even then I could not walk properly; I was being helped. Even after attending a praise session, I could
not come to myself. They helped me by my hands and brought me to another place.

There were two streams in that place. When I looked at the place, it looked very familiar to me.
One stream was called napas: n-a-p-a-s. Another is called dabar: d-a-b-a-r. When I saw these two
streams, those who brought me there looked at me and said, “Do you know what are these?” And I
said, “Yes, Sir, I know, this is called napas and this is called dabar”. So they said, “Now you go there,
refresh yourself, bathe yourself in it, and then come.” The napas is a water that will strengthen and
revitalize a person. The dabar stream has the ability to make a person to speak the oracles of God. I
saw two living creatures that were guarding those places. They looked at me and they opened their
mouth and they spoke, “Behold, you must be strengthened to do the new things that God wants to do.
Therefore, drink...fill yourself with this water to speak the words of God that God will give you. Today
you have received permission.” I went into the stream. I bathed myself completely in it. When I came
out of the napas stream, I felt so refreshed. I felt so vitalized. And when I entered into the waters of
dabar, I felt a new strength upon me. I received power and strength to speak forth the words of God.
Now I did not look for someone to help me to walk. I came out of the water and I began to walk

I met three saints whom I have already met before. They were quite tall. They had some scrolls
in their hands. They were wearing a robe that was brick red in color. They had long beards. Two of
them were lean. The other person looked like normal weight. I came and stood before them. I asked
them, “What should we do?” Then they unfurled their scroll. We sat down on the ground. He pointed
his finger at all the things that need to be done, “Behold the new things that God is going to do for the
new era are coming. God is going to raise up time-changers for the new era.” Not all who have come
to this meeting, but there are many who are being chosen by God. Some of you (who) have come to
this meeting have different motives in your heart. Some have come here to get physical healings.
Some of you did not really understand all things that were spoken here. You have come with a thought
of just attending a meeting. There are at least 70 % of people here who truly have prepared themselves
to meet with God. And God has prepared you all in different ways. Their hearts are waiting in
preparedness. They have been prepared by the Lord for the last two, three years. These are the people
who have understood about this last age, and it was told to me that those people will be officially
appointed today. For that purpose I have brought them to this place.

When this moment takes place of anointing, their names will be written in the books of heaven.
If your spiritual eyes are opened right now, you can see something right now. Many angels and saints
are standing here with books in their hands. They are going to register the names of the first fruits of
this blessing. Your names are going to be written in that register. That is why God has brought you to
this day. He has been preparing you little by little towards these last days and the end times. Your
heart has begun to prepare itself for it. You have come with great expectation that you want to be part
of these last days, and God has given you many spiritual experiences here and there for you to
understand the last days. Some of you have quite often heard the voice of God. Some of you have
seen sometimes in visions the Lord Jesus. Some of you have been taken up in the Spirit. But all these
have taken place sporadically in your life. All these little experiences were given to you for God to
confirm to you that these are real.

But only from now onwards, you are going to be appointed for that work. In the coming days,
this will become a constant experience in your life. Your eyes will be constantly open. From the
moment I was anointed by the Holy Spirit, that night my spiritual eyes were opened. 30 years ago
when I was anointed by the Lord, my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw the Lord. Till today it is a
constant experience in my life. Many times I've seen heaven, but most part of my life I've never
opened my mouth and shared it publicly. Only we used to talk amongst ourselves. We have never
shared them publicly, but in the last five years, I've begun to experience new experiences. I'm not able
to differentiate things that take place in the natural and things that take place in the Spirit. Both of
them seem to be merged together in one. Sometimes I used to struggle to differentiate the two.

A few months ago I met a man. I met him in the street. When I looked at him, I asked him...I
met him a few years ago, when I looked at him I asked him, “When did you come from (the) hospital?
When I last met you, you were very sick with a heart problem and you were in the hospital. How are
you now?”, I asked him. And he looked at me and asked, “When did you meet me?” He took a deep
breath and said, “Look, my heart is good.” I said, “No, I saw you in the hospital. You were lying on
the hospital bed. All these things were by your bed.” Even this particular hospital, you were there on
this particular date. “I came and told you, this is not a sickness unto death. You'll be alright and you'll
be discharged.” And that man said, “Brother, don't you know I will know if I was unwell?” Only
suddenly I realized this is something else, not real. And then wisely I excused myself, apologizing to
him, saying, “I'm sorry, it's not you. I got you mistaken with somebody else.” Exactly two weeks later,
one day his wife called me. “The brother, my husband, was sitting on the bed and reading a book.
Suddenly he fell down from the chair. He suffered a minor heart attack and he's been admitted into the
hospital.” And I went to the hospital. I went to meet him. It was the same hospital that I saw. It was
the same room that I saw. It was the same oranges that were by the bed. All the bottles of glucose.
And when I looked at him, he said, “Brother, please pray for me.” I thought in my heart, “Isn't this
what I told you two weeks ago?” I didn't say all that but I just thought in my heart. I prayed for him
and I left. This are the many such experiences I've experienced and I find it so difficult to separate the
two worlds. Again I used to ponder so long to separate the two worlds separately. Only then I
understood one thing. The spiritual world and the natural are getting nearer, close to one another. This
is what (you're) also going to experience in your own lives. Sometimes some people who see visions
come and tell us, “Brother, I saw a vision. Something that looks like a road, and there appeared like
trees on both sides. Something looks like a mountain.” I asked them, “Is it (a) mountain, or it looks
like a mountain? Is it really a road, or looks like a road?” They all say, “It looks like a road.” Now
from now onwards, you're not going to have any doubts concerning what you see. A vision will be a
vision. When you see a vision, you will have no doubts. Just as you see me as I am, you will see a
vision as it is. God is going to open your spiritual eyes. For that purpose, God has chosen this new

I asked him, “What should I do?” “God has filled your mouth with this breath. The words that
come out of your mouth will revitalize them. You call the people to yourselves. Make them wait on the
third day. Anoint them with oil and prepare them for this ministry. And while you are anointing them
with oil, they can be filled in the Spirit and they may fall down.” But after every single person has been
anointed with oil, we're going to silently wait before the Lord. At that time, God told me, you must
open your mouth and command. At that moment, the gift of prophecy will be let loose. It will be an
anointing for the new generation. It will turn their lives upside down. They will be filled with the
power until they are not able to contain it. In the times past, the visions that they could not see clearly
– from now onwards, they will see very clearly. The last generation anointing for this new era will be
let loose in this place. It will come like a mighty rain upon them. The Lord says, “And your eyes will
see that today.” That is why for that ministry, God today is going to officially appoint us.

I'm going to tell you now what you are going to experience when you are waiting before God in
the Spirit. The Lord Himself will speak to you directly. He will speak to you directly either through an
audible voice or through a vision the work that you are supposed to do for this new era. When I came
out of the vision, it was four o'clock in the afternoon. For about four and a half hours, I was caught up
in this vision. Maybe you too may be taken in the Spirit like that for a long time. Maybe God may
take you up in the Spirit and talk to you. That was the experience of Ezekiel. He was taken by the lock
of his hair to a different place. If you look at John, He said, “Come up”, and he was taken to heaven.
Heaven is not far away; it is our own country. We are the citizens of heaven. We really have our
citizenship in heaven. This world is not our world. This is not our world. Our house is in heaven. No
one can stop you from going to heaven. You can now go forth and come back. Only to do ministry
will be on this earth. But other times will be in your house. We go to different nations to do ministry.
We go to many cities. After doing the ministry we come back home. After doing ministry, we don't
stay in those countries. Maybe some people may stay, but we, as soon as we have finished our ministry
we return home. You're also going to experience likewise like that. You will be in this world only to
do ministry. After that you'll be in your house. You'll be filled with heavenly vision. You'll be talking
with the angels of God. This is not something that is going to happen in your life once in awhile. Now
this will become a constant experience in your life. That is why God has brought you here. We are
going to enter into a new era. A new thing is going to happen from now onwards. A new anointing is
going to come upon you. God has promised that. Therefore in what manner you have been given
instructions right now, you just follow them.

Now just because you are anointed by oil does not mean you have been appointed and called for
that work. The Lord will confirm that with you. He will fill you with an awesome power. It will be an
anointing that you have never received before in your life. At that moment, God Himself will speak to
you. It is those people that God has chosen for this new era work. There are many people seated here
who are called for that work. The Holy Spirit is telling me, “I'm going to even select the children.”
Please bring all the children who are in the children's ministry to this hall right now. They should not
be downstairs. God can select anybody for His work. God's anointing will be let loose in this place.
They are now getting ready for that. They are waiting for you to get ready.

My message is already finished. But why am I just simply repeating again and again? Because
there are some spiritual preparations taking place here. I am seeing them. That is why I am just
prolonging my time. They also expect you to prepare yourselves. We are going to give you a short
time. Please put away all your books and your personal belongings in one corner. Be careful when you
are praying. If you are wearing spectacles, please remove your spectacles and put in your bag. Maybe
when the power of God comes upon you strongly, you may fall to the ground. Be very careful. A big
preparation is taking place for you. The anointing oil and the anointing horn is going to come down.
God is going to select His people. You are the new generation time-changers. You are going to change
the people. You must prepare yourselves now. From now onwards, your ministry will change. You
may be a pastor leading a church, but you are going to show yourself as an authority prophetic pastor.
You may be a worship leader, but from now onwards, you're going to be a prophetic worship leader.
Even while you are praising, your spiritual eyes will be opened, no matter how small or big ministry
that you will do. You may be someone who is not doing ministry before. Today God is going to anoint
you with a new anointing. This is a new prophetic anointing for the new era. That is why God has
called you for that. Have you brought all the children here? (Brother Sadhu gives instructions in the
Tamil language for where to place the children.)

I'd like to tell you one thing. During the time that we begin this session, no one should go out.
If you go out, you must not come back in. No one should be disturbed, because this is not something
that we ourselves are doing. The angels of God are working together with us. The heavenly saints are
involved in this. They all are standing here right now. So we ourselves are trembling with fear. So
whatever you are instructed, do it likewise. All the ministers of God, please close your eyes and wait
before God.

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
You heard the prophet of God explaining very clearly what this special anointing is. This is an
anointing that the world has never seen before or experienced before. You are going to receive this,
that will totally catapult you into the new era to do a great and awesome work for God. Truly it will be
in the power and in the fire of the prophet Elijah.

Brother Vincent Selvakumar:
This is the time of a turning point in our lives. Our life is going to be turned towards a new era.
You will turn around and then you will turn others. A new turning will take place in your ministry.
This is not something that we purposed in our heart. This is something that God revealed. The Lord
tells me, “Time will delay no longer.” Only a little time is allowed. You will do the ministry of God in
seven times seventy-fold strength. Therefore, I am going to foreordain you as a firstfruit of this
anointing. Behold, the eyes are blessed that see this anointing. But the Lord says, “Even those who
receive this are more blessed.” Your names are going to be written in the Book of Remembrance.

Behold, I hear a long blast trumpet sound. I hear the words of angels lifting up their voice to
praise God. It looks like a mighty, rushing wind. The time has come for God to be glorified. The time
has come for God's feet to meet the earth. Before He meets the earth, the time has come for God to
raise the people to prepare Him. The people standing here are not ordinary people. They are not
ordinary servants of God. They are called by God. They are going to change the time for the new era.
This anointing is going to come upon you right now. All those who are standing in the back, get ready.
I see the presence of the Lord. I see seven times more angels in this place. There are many all over this
place. The anointing oil is coming down. The Lord is going to call you. The glory of God is going to
be manifest. God's glory is going to manifest. The new thing that God is going to do has come. God is
going to anoint His servants first – those who have been doing ministry for God. God is going to set
you apart for this new era ministry. God is going to officially write your names in His book. So all
those who are standing in the back, please lift up your voice and worship the Lord right now. Because
one group of angels are worshiping the Lord right now. I hear a new sound of instruments. Some of
the angels are opening their mouth and praising God. Their new language. It is like a loud sound.

God has specialized this day. God is going to do great things. Even the angels were anxiously
waiting to see this day. Your eyes are beholding this great change. This is something ordained by the
Lord of hosts. This thing is done with the authority of the Holy Spirit so that no man can take credit for
it. I see the Holy Spirit coming down like a ball of fire. It looks like a bright, burning fiery star coming
down. As it is coming down to earth it is being separated into seven pieces. They say, “The promise of
God of the sevenfold Spirit of God is now been given to the world.” They say, “It is being fulfilled
right now.” Everybody standing in the back, lift up your voice and sing. Those who cannot sing:
praise the Lord. We are going to come down now. We are going to set apart God's servants for it. For
that purpose God has brought you here. I see two angels standing here, and four saints who are
standing here. They look like Old Testament prophets. There are two horns on their hips. It is said to
me, one is a horn to blow a shofar; the other horn is for having anointing oil. They lift up the horn of
anointing oil and (are) showing it to me. Behold, the time has come. Let the sound of praises rise up.
Let the sound of praises rise up. Keep on praising God. O God be glorified. (Brothers Vincent and
Sadhu anoint all the people)

We are now entering into a very important moment. According to the covenant of the Lord, we
have anointed you with oil. Now the Lord is going to lay His covenant promise upon you, and bless
you with the prophetic anointing for the new era. He's going to open many of our eyes. He's going to
open many of our ears. He's going to open up many of our hearts. You're going to experience some
new experiences in your spirit. Let us now prepare ourselves for that. Let's sit orderly in your places.
God has ordained this day for us. In this new day, a new beginning has begun. The coming
days are going to be glorious days. The Lord will ordain us with new gifts. It will be the gifts for the
new age. God will open our eyes. The last days' gifts are related to prophetic gifts. God is going to let
loose His prophetic power upon us. A new beginning is going to begin from today. The new anointing
that God has given us has separated us with the forehead mark. Let us all be in an attitude of prayer.
Let us all kneel down. If you're not able to kneel down, you can stand up according to your comfort.
Those who are already fallen down, just leave them alone; whenever they like, they can stand up.
Don't be crowded when you are standing; be free and loose. The Holy Spirit is going to work in our
midst. Please, those who have fallen down – carry them to one corner. Volunteers, quickly, carry them.
We are waiting to meet with God.

I see God's presence all over this place. As soon as we begun the anointing session, the
presence of God is hovering all over this place. We are going to enter into a new era. You saw God
anointing many young people. I saw God's power coming upon many people. This place is filled with
many saints. Among them, three appear very special. I see their robes as blood red. Among the many
there are three very special in our midst. They are witnesses to what is happening today. Besides that,
there are many other saints standing here and there all over this place. I see many angels all over this
place. I see many baby angels flying here and there. They have small horns in their hands. They are
made of silver. The great thing that God is going to do is going to begin shortly. The power is going to
come down upon you that you will not be able to contain in your body. God is going to officially
appoint you for His ministry. You're going to change the times. You're going to bring the people into a
new time. You're not an ordinary person. You're not only a small child. You're not a weak person.
You're not an old person. I'm going to send you forth with My power. Behold, God is going to do
glorious things. Behold, I'm hearing them blowing the trumpet. Many baby angels. They're taking the
horns and blowing it. This is a glorious day. This is a glorious thing to see. His glory is going to come
upon us. God's power is going to be let loose. God says He will perform it. The power is coming
down. Let it overflow. Whoever God chooses. Whoever's special. He's covering them with His
power. The power is coming down. In the name of Jesus, we the servants of God, we open the door
and let it come down. We are gathering in people for a new season. As the Lord said, as the word goes
out of our mouth, the doors in heaven are open. God's power is coming down like rain. Whoever You
have ordained, He has called them. Whoever He calls. He has glorified them. O glory to the high
God. Glory to the high God. Glory to the high God.

I hear the sound. I see the mountains quaking. I see the rocks cracking. I see the waves rolling.
I see the sound of lion's roar. God is thinking about His people. The power is coming. Many of you
are seeing visions. Many of you are seeing visions. Many of you have wings. Many of you are taken
into the secret place. Power is coming. Power is coming. The presence of God is coming.
I see many horses. They are coming down on white horses. Only the lower part of their legs
are red. They seem like dipped in blood. The eyes of the horse are red. Their bridles are golden. And
their glorious men are sitting on the horse. O the power of God is coming swiftly. God is giving (a)
new sword to you. God is giving (a) sword to your mouth. He's giving strength to your tongue. I see
tongues of fire coming down. God has come down.

I see the sound of horses. The sound of horses coming down. Receive. There's no control.
Nobody can control you. Receive it today. If not today, then when? If not us, then who? I commit
you into the power of God. I give command to the sky. I give command to the doors in the sky. Let
the doors be opened. Let the doors be opened. Let the power of God come down. Let there be no fear.
Upon everyone. Upon everyone. The power of God is coming down.

Many of you are taken in the Spirit. Your eyes are being opened. You're seeing some volcanoes
bursting. Some of you see earthquakes. Some of you are hearing new sounds. Behold, the sounds of
heaven are being heard. I hear the sound of angels singing. Some of you are seeing fires burning.
Some of you see fire burning in your hands. Some of you see fire in your fingers. I see some of you
see wings given to your feet. They look like small wings. They have been given to your feet. The
power of God is coming down. This is a new dimension. This is a new beginning. This is a new
power. The Holy Spirit wants to talk to you. He wants to speak to you. He wants to speak to you
individually. Wait upon the Lord. Don't look at anything. Don't look at anyone beside you. Don't hear
our sound. God wants to speak to you. You are going to talk with God.

I see many scrolls coming down from heaven. When I see them I ask the Lord, “Lord, what are
the scrolls that I am seeing?” Then the Lord is answering me from heaven, “Many hidden secrets are
coming down. I'm going to raise up many prophets who have the prophetic vision to reveal these
secrets. They will bring to light the hidden secrets. They will be responsible for these scrolls. They
will receive the scrolls. I will give them to eat. When they eat it, it will be sweet in their mouth. I will
put My scroll in many of their hearts. I will put My word in their blood cells. My power is filling My
people. My grace is coming upon them. Behold, I am doing new things.”

I see a long fort. I hear the sound, “Open the door, open the door.” They are seven times taller
than the height of a man. They are very heavy doors. Two angels are standing there to guard the doors.
I see clouds of glory coming down upon the walls of the fort, and also thunders and lightnings appear.
A sound is coming in heaven. The sound is telling them, “Don't close the door to anyone. The
people's inheritance has come. Open the doors to them. Let no thing be hidden. The generation to
receive the hidden things has come. Open the doors for them.” I see huge angels right now. There are
six on the left, and six on the right. Twelve of them are standing. They are as tall as the doors. They
are standing on two sides of the doors. Then I see a very huge angel in the center. He has a huge key
in his hand. He puts the key in the keyhole and the chains are being removed from the doors. Now I'm
able to hear the sound of the trumpet. I see many angels on the top of the fort. God is opening the
doors hidden to man before. God is opening them for man. That which man has never received before,
for him to receive them. They are singing that God has thought upon man. A mighty angel is coming
down upon them. He comes and stands on the highest part of the court. He has a trumpet in his hand
that is silver and gold. When he takes the trumpet and he blows, the Lord has commanded – He has
given order to man to bring forth the hidden things, from today. From today. From today.

O doors, keep yourselves open. These are not the doors hidden to the new generation. This is
not the fort closed to them. Even the angels are now opening the doors, and fire and sulfur are coming
out of the doors. The sound of thunder and lightning are coming. I'm hearing the sound of a thunder.
O you the generation that are blessed by Me. Rise up. Rise up. Redeem your inheritance. Redeem
your inheritance. Come inside. Many of you are seeing the glorious vision. You are able to smell the
fire and sulfur. Some of you smell fire. This door is for you. This was closed from the beginning of
time. This was guarded till the last generation rose up. I have now risen up My last generation. I open
and close doors. The people who are called by My name will inherit these borders. Those who are
specially chosen by Me will enter into it. Those who did not value their lives will now inherit these
things. Those who guarded their lives with holiness will put their feet inside it. They will bring to light
all the hidden and secret things. They will be more glorious and more powerful than the old glory of
before. Who can stand before the strength of it. They will bind the wind and the strength. They will
bind the thunder and the lightning.

O you new generation that has risen up. O you last days' generation. The Lord says, “Inherit
them.” Thank You, Lord. Come on, lift up your eyes and look at the Lord. Inherit them. Inherit them.
Inherit them. Receive the power. You are that man. God is talking about you. You are the generation.
God is talking about you. You are the generation. God is talking about you, not somebody else. You
are the firstfruit. I am the firstfruit. God will use us to change and touch others.

Behold, I see another place. It looks like a beach site. It looks like huge ocean. The water
looks like blue and green mixed together. The sand along the side of the beach looks very fine. I am
now standing there. Just above that, I see three circles of angels. They all have trumpets in their mouth
and they are blowing. And above them, I see a mighty angel coming towards them. And he claps his
hands mightily and with a huge raised voice he's saying, “All you waves of the deep, from now onwards
you should not hide the glory of God. The time has come for them to be opened.” God is giving
command to the angels in the waters: “As you parted the waters for Moses, you must now part the
waters for the new generation. Let them see the hidden secrets in the depths of the sea. Let this be the
path for them to walk. O the new generation has risen up. The people who are going to do glorious
things have come up. O you ocean who have hidden the secret things, let them be revealed now.” His
sound is like the roar of a lion.

O I see the sound of a mighty bull. When he's speaking, thunders and lightnings are appearing.
Up to their knees there is fire. Again, he's beating his hands. I see seven angels rising up from the
waters. They have wonderful swords in their hands. They're standing above the waters, and they're
standing in one straight line. And they're using a scepter in their hand and beating on the waters. And
the chief among the seven looks at me and says, “From now onwards, the doors of the seas will be
open to the new generation. The doors that were open to Moses were closed after some time. But the
doors that will be open for this generation will be kept permanently open. The secrets of the deep will
be revealed. The mysteries of the deep will be revealed.” They say, “Write that the secrets of the deep
are great.” I see myself standing by the sea. I see a book in my hand. I see a glorious pen in my hand.
“What you see and what you hear, do not hide them. These are not the time to seal. These are the
times for the seals to be broken. O this generation will likewise break the seals. They will open their
mouth for Me. Their legs will be placed on the hidden places.” They who protected their life they
entered into the waters. But they will enter into the waters to save other lives. Are the generation today
different from the generation of the past? O they're lifting up their hands heavenwards. “Glory to the
most high God. God has thought about man. God has glorified man.” They are saying this glory is
not given to the angels. They are lifting up their scepters high in their hands, and they're beating upon
the sea. I see the waves departing. “O you new generation, come inside. They will no more be closed
to you. Inherit them. Inherit them. Inherit them,” they say. The Lord has told about us. The Lord has
told about us. The Lord loves us. The Lord will not hide anything for us.

I now see a place filled with hills and mountains. It is not a place where man is dwelling.
There are many hills. This looks like a place that we saw in Egypt. Many mountains. Men do not
inhabit those places. Behold in that place, just right directly above the sky, I see many angels come
down. They look like warriors prepared for war. They are standing around in a circle. I see their
swords raised up in their hands. They look fiery. Behold I see an angel coming down from heaven.
He says, “O mountains, do not hide your eagles. Let the eagle eggs in you be now hatched. It will
grow in one day. It's wings will be grown in one moment and let them fly.” When I lift up my eyes to
see, I see a strong wind coming upon the place. I see sand and dirt mixed together and blowing upon
the place. The scene looks very terrible. As it's blowing, I see many openings in the mountains. Small
eaglets are flying out of those hidden places. They come and stand above the mountain. They are
stretching out their wings. In one moment, their wings grow and it reaches its full growth. And they're
stretching out their legs strongly on the floor. And they're opening wide their beak and shrieking at the
sky. And the eagles with their strong voice are saying, “Glory to the most high God. We have been
waiting for this day. We've hidden ourselves in dirt and in sand. In one day, we came out. In one
moment, we matured. We grew. We lifted our wings.” They are saying, “For the glory of God, we will
fly.” They are standing (on) their legs. I see them flapping their wings and leaping up. I could hear
the flapping of their wings. At that time, I see many fires shooting out. This scene is very terrible to
behold. I'm trying to cover my eyes. I'm trying to hide myself. With a loud voice from my heart, I'm
crying out to God. “Lord, who are these eagles that I'm seeing?” “These are my prophets who have
been sleeping in the hidden places. The time has come for them to go forth. In one day they will come
out. In one moment, they will mature, they will grow. They have strengthened and have begun to go
forth with their wings. They will now mingle with the new generation prophets that have risen up.”
(the internet connection froze here for a moment and some words may be missing) “...will select their
people.” They say, “Look at the wings that are stretched out that will lift up these people.” I even
hear the sound of the footsteps of warriors. I hear the sound of chariots and horses. A strong sound is
coming from heaven. “The King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords, the Lord God. Very soon, He will
place His feet on the earth. No one can prevent Him. He is the God who triumphs,” I hear them say.

You will experience many of your eyes being opened now. You will see visions being shown to
you. Maybe you (will) hear God's voice speaking to you. Some will experience the power of God
coming upon you one more time. We are not going to conduct this moment now. God is going to lead
you and conduct you. Be prepared and wait. If you're not able to control it, don't try to control it.
(They spend some time waiting on the Lord, followed by worship)

Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj:
You have received a glorious supernatural blessing from the Almighty God. I do not know how
many of you clearly heard every word of prophecy that was given. But in order for you to continue in
the blessings that you have received today, I want to share with you, or remind you of the one aspect of
that important prophecy. Prophet Selvakumar saw in a vision that he was standing in a wilderness
place that looked like Egypt. Then after some time, the voice of an angel commanded. There were
some eagle eggs hidden in the mountain. The mountain opened, and the eggs began to hatch. And the
small eaglets began to grow into a full maturity in one day. And in one moment it stretched out its
wings to full maturity. And a command was given to them to go forth and help this new generation.

And who are the eagles? They are many of the Old Testament prophets. As we were all waiting
on the Lord, two saints stood beside me and they gave me some counsel, and they told me to explain
this a little bit to you, so that you will understand this and learn how to cooperate with them. If you
have your Bibles with you, you can look at Revelation chapter 1. There you will read that an angel was
commanded by the Lord Jesus to explain some things to John. The scripture very clearly says there, it
is an angel. But if you look at chapter 22, verse 8 and 9, John was about to fall down to worship the
angel, and the angel then told him, “Don't do this.” In Revelation 22 verse 9 says: “I am your fellow
servant, and of your brother the prophets.” No angel will ever say I am your brother the prophet. And
if you look at Revelation 19:10, the same thing is repeated there. Again he says, “I am your fellow
servant and of your brothers who have received the spirit of prophecy.” So according to this scripture,
we can be very clear that the angel in Revelation chapter 1 is an Old Testament prophet who was a
guide to John. He was sent as a guide to help John to understand many things in heaven. We have
been saying for the last three days, the Old Testament saints are not completed without us. And they
will come and work together with us for these last days. Now the eagles, the Old Testament prophets,
have come out of their hiding place.

A few months ago, we conducted a meeting in Madurai. It is our constant experience many
times to see the saints of God standing by our side when we are ministering, but we never tell to the
public what we are seeing – the saints standing beside us. On the third day of the meeting, one
evangelist was asked to come and pray for the offering – the respected brother Elisha Umbru. So he
came to pray a prayer for the offering. He said, “Can I say something before I pray the offering
prayer?” And he shared a wonderful testimony. He said on the second day during the preaching
(which) was going on...and before he said that he also said, “I don't usually believe in angels or in
visions. I don't believe all these these things.” But as he was seated on the floor and watching the
preaching, his eyes suddenly opened and he saw an Old Testament prophet standing beside the
preacher. He was so shocked and he totally repented and confessed that now he believed that such
things are real and possible.

So what is the counsel of the Lord for you today? What should you do from now onwards?
You have received a great and precious blessing. Your counsel is found in Zechariah chapter 3 and
verse 7. So if you don't have your notebook beside you, remember this scripture in your heart.
Zechariah chapter 3 verse 7: “Thus saith the LORD of hosts; If thou will walk in My ways, if thou will
keep My charge.” Two things you must do, from today onwards. Walk in the ways of God, and keep
the charge of God. If you do these two, then the blessings that you have received today will increase
day by day. Amen? Amen?

One thing that when the prophet of God was praying, he saw in a vision which was repeated
continuously: the angels in heaven were greatly rejoicing to see what was happening here today. From
the fall of satan till now, they have been waiting to see this generation. So they were so rejoiceful. See
what a blessed people you all are. Amen, come on, give a good clap to God. Now we're going to hear
some testimonies from you. I'm going to open the floor now to hear some testimonies of visions that
you saw, or you heard God speaking to you. (the people share testimonies)

God has done wonderful things during this conference. Amen? Come on, lift up your hands
and give glory to God. (they sing thanks to the Lord in Tamil)

Brother Vincent Selvakumar:
Let us bow our head and lift up our eyes to the Lord Jesus. God remembered us and brought us
from different places. God foreordained this day, He blessed us, and He opened our eyes. O good and
gracious heavenly Father, we give You thanks from the bottom of our heart for all the good things You
have done. Lord, we give You thanks for great and awesome things You have done from this desert
place. Lord, we give You thanks for sowing Your miraculous seed in the heart of everyone who
participated in this meeting. We thank You that this is not going to be a one time event, but going to be
a lifelong event all our life. We thank You for changing us to be the new generation people. We thank
You for appointing us in this new age. We thank You for revealing many new things to us. We thank
You for giving us new experiences. Now Your people are going to go forth to their various homes.
Lord, use every one of them mightily in their hometown. Not only there, but all over the world, use
them mightily. Lord, let them go forth everywhere and turn upside down the foundations. Let them
trample down upon mountains and hills. Let them lift up the lower lying places. Likewise, let them
prepare the way of the Lord. Lord, continuously hide them under the shadow of Your wings. Whatever
we have shared with them is little, but what You are going to teach them is many more. Whenever they
are waiting upon You, open their eyes. Whenever they close their eyes in prayer, let the heavens be
opened to them. Bless their children's families. Bless their ministries. Let none of their family
members be left out, but let every one of them be used by Your ministry. Lord, give them a good
journey to go back home. Help them to fulfill Your will. Lord, bless each and every one of them who
worked with us for this meeting. Bless every one of our co-workers. Let the grace of God rest upon
everyone. We pray that the Holy Spirit will be glorified who helped us to do this meeting successfully.
Lord, continuously bless us and glorify Your name in us. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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