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Written by Lu Luthra   
Thursday, 22 December 2011 17:37

Shalom Pastor Lu

I would like to share with you a short unusual experience that occurred at the end of your Conference (I believe on Thursday). The Israeli sound technician was an Orthodox Jew (He was the one with white shirt and wore a ''yarmulke'' ) approach me and to my surprise told me and I quote ''Yaki, I though that we the orthodox Jews know how to elevate ourselves to higher level of praying and connection with ''ELOHIM'' (our God in Hebrew) but I have to admit , during the afternoon prayer and worship meeting,lead by the blonde lady.(Cynthia Luthra) I believe  that I can learn a lot from them'' Pastor Lu, I was touched and shocked, cause you never hear such a testimony from an orthodox Jew.
Anyway I though you will enjoy this.



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