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Written by Cynthia   
Saturday, 12 May 2012 11:32

I would like to share with you a great encounter I had in October of 2011, while I was in Ramand, India. I feel the Lord wants me to share this encounter with many to encourage you, because it has to do with His end time bride.

My husband and I, along with some other ministers, and the staff of AngelTV were gathered a few days before the opening of the Prophetic training centre. We were fasting and praying for dayss seeking the Lord. We would have worship and prayer every morning. On the last day of our gathering that morning, during worship, as we were all participating, and as I was worshipping along, I suddenly heard music from heaven. It kept repeating, and it went deep into my heart and covered me with His presence. So much so that I felt like I was going to explode with the passion of the Lord.

I kept hearing the Lord say "take the microphone, and bring forth this voice that you are hearing", I hesitated and said "Lord but the worship is being lead by someone else , how can I take the microphone", I kept resisting and my heart was so consumed by the tune of heaven and full of God.

I kept resisting to take the microphone away from the worship person, but I knew the time was running out and if I did not take it would disappoint the Lord. It had to do with expanding the Kingdom of God.

As this was happening another Minister, who was with us, came over and said you are to take the microphone, there are Angels all over this place. My husband was also seeing all the angels in the room, all standing and waiting to see what I would do.

I could not resist the beaconing of the Lord and I reached over and took the microphone from this young man, and I began to release the sound of the Lord. Suddenly the Lord started to orchestrate all that followed my obedience.

Little did I know that one of the angels took over the young man that was playing the keyboard and we were in this spiritual unison, along with the drummer, who said later that he saw an angel of fire come with a sword and stood right by him. I was under such urgency that I was moving with incredible urgency. I was also moving in such a great passion that I was overwhelmed with a strength that I have never felt before.

The Authority of the Lord was taking me further and further, into the plan of God for that morning.

My husband and the other minister said that as soon as I took the microphone and let out a sound, the warring angels who were in the room, put their face guards down and it sounded like iron doors being closed. It was so loud that one of the minister had to close his ears. The angels took off in the room at a speed forming a ring of fire over us in that room.

This tune, that I was hearing from heaven and I kept repeating, went on for an hour and the angels were up above as in a ring of fire.

At that point I knew something very powerful was happening in the heavens over that place in establishing His Kingdom and authority over the prophetic center that day.

All that were there that day followed and entered the battle to victory. Even though I was in a room, I knew I was in a total different realm with the host of heavens. What a powerful morning it was for all of us.

As we shared about all that the Lord did we were all amazed at what prophetic mandate the Lord brought that day. We had a small break in between the prayer time, and we knew that, being the last day of our prayer and the next day opening of the Prophetic center, that evening Br. Vincent and Br. Sadhuji were going to come and bring us a word. They both brought forth a wonderful word and they shared about the kingdom of God.

Br. Vincent began to say that there were angels in the room and they were wearing a brown red color garment. And I was pondering as I had never heard of this color garment before.

Suddenly I was taken into an experience where I was dressed all in white and I had a Golden sword in my hand. I was in heaven near the throne, spinning before the Throne so caught up in a passion of worship and submitted adoration for the Lord. I kept twirling the sword the more I spun the more the sword and I became  a blaze of fire. The next thing I knew I was back in my chair, just in awe as to what had just happened and I then realize it was a continuation of the Morning service.

As I was thinking about all that, I started to feel my head leaning back against the wall. I was under such a weightiness of the Lord I just kept yielding to the Lord. As I sat there with my head leaned back under the awesome presences of the Lord, I saw that the two angels who were dressed in Brown and Red garments  standing beside me.

One on each side of my chair, I felt almost paralyzed under the presence of the Lord. I started to open my mouth with this great passion as if to drink in all of this experience and all of a sudden I saw that same sword that I was holding in my hand while I was before the Throne. It was in their hands and they were putting it down my throat. I could not believe what was happening in the spirit. I could feel it in the natural, I could feel the sword being pushed down my throat, lower and lower it began to go in. I could feel the intense pressure of the force in which they were directing the sword in my throat. As this process was half way done I noticed that these angels had now changed and now there was Moses and Elijah. One minute they were angels and next they were the saints of the old.

I was shocked as they begin to continue to push the sword further in to my throat, and down and down it went and the whole time this was happening I could feel the pressure in my throat. The sword was almost to the end and I could feel my throat and my mouth expanding to accommodate the large end of the sword. I looked again and now the two prophets, turned into Br. Vincent and Br. Sadhuji, holding on to the sword they were now pushing the this remainder of the sword, the wide part, into my throat with all their strength. I can still feel that experience as I am sharing this with you now. I can feel the handle of that sword in my chest even now. I was in so much of a pain Physically from what had happened, for the next days I felt the tip of the of the sword to the bottom of my stomach and the handle of the sword in my chest.

I carried that pain in my chest for days after having that experience.

I can say that I feel this sword in my gut, it is inside of me. When I think or express about this, and all that took place, I have an impendent sensation and awareness of the sword within me.

God is calling forth a warrior Bride, full of His authority, God wants to
exercise His Kingly office with in us.

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