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Written by Lu   
Friday, 26 April 2013 12:01

I woke up this morning, and want to share a dream, that I had last night.

I saw a big ground that was like where people would have fairs, and I saw that there were many groups of people gathered, which look like church meetings, each group had a Pastor on the pulpit speaking, and there must have been at least 30 of these groups.

So I said to myself let me get closer and see what they are talking about. As I got closer I heard, and to my surprise I was hearing 5 to 7 pastors at a time, as I looked in their direction I could hear what they were saying, and to my greatest disappointment I heard all of them scolding their congregations, that they had been praying and fasting and that revival was not coming to their churches, and they were saying we are doing our part, but you are not doing your, you are not carrying the burden. And it was echoing in the grounds. I felt like little children who were being scolded, for something they had not done. I heard one pastor saying, that we are not having revival, because you all are not fasting or praying enough, another pastor saying you are not paying the price. One pastor was mentioning names of well know teachers and prophets that had come through their church and given them words, and because of the people, God’s word was not being fulfilled. And there were other things being said, I could not hear it anymore and I fell to my knees and started to pray and speak to God. I said Lord these pastors want something so bad, which will make them look good, I did not hear even one pastor say let’s all repent to find out where we have missed His plan for our church. Not one was praying Lord break us.

I cried out and said Lord your Pastors are in delusion, they believe a lie. Where are those that would love you, where are those who are the lovers of truth, there are some teaching on love, but they cannot even love others? And I woke up from my dream and my eyes were wet.

My dear friends, I want to share my heart with you, it’s not important who has been to your church, I ask you has God been to your church, is He there every time that you gather to worship or teach. He should be the focus of you getting together so that each one can encounter Him, not us a Pastor; He is the King of His sheep, not ours.

Many today are running after Titles; let me ask you what happened to what the Apostle Paul said that before he was an Apostle, he was a BOND SERVANT. So where are the lovers of Truth (2thes:10)

When we read about past revivals, and the great moves of God, we see most of the people who were involved with revivals lived very close to God and Knew Him intimately. They knew His holiness, they knew his Glory and they knew His Love.

True revival is not a discovery of some new truth, but it is a rediscovery of the grand old truth of God’s power in and through the cross. My friends we need to fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Remember something God uses broken things, it takes a broken soil to produce a crop, broken clouds to give rain, broken grain to make bread, it was the broken alabaster box that brought forth the perfume. Let’s not just run after revivals, let’s run after Him, and when He truly comes than revival will also come.

My dear friends do not compromise the message of the cross, for the sake of results.

 The world is waiting to see whether professed Christians are serious about their relationship to the living God. So let us live for the Glory of God, whether others do it or not. I am going to.

Hope this will cause you to pray for the church.

Love & Blessings


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