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Monday, 12 January 2015 18:32
Lean On HIM!


As we step into 2015, let us not lean on our own abilities but learn to lean on Him.

On the eve of new year we gathered together to pray and share as to what everyone was feeling that the Lord was saying for 2015.

Several things were shared:

  1. Burdens:

    1. for the church and His bride,

    2. for America,

    3. for the prodigals coming home,

    4. to allow the Lord to bring us closer to Him,

  2. A removal of all things that were in the way of walking in oneness with Him.

Here are few things the Lord was speaking to me about this coming year that I like to share with you all for 2015.

The Lord said 2014 is about to be over, let the past year be a year of reflecting, and learning, from the mistakes we made and moving in to 2015. This coming year the Lord wants you to fly with Him, for He desires to make you fruitful in His Kingdom.

Jeremiah 29:11 was standing out to me, “I know the plans that I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a future and a hope”.

So my recommendation for 2015 is : Spend more time with Him: Pray more, Become the Truth, He wants you to be, as He is the Truth in you.

The Lord asked a question: “Which way have you been looking at?” Remember His word makes unseen things, to be seen. Try to stay away from anything that is negative for you. Anything that discourages you.

Let this year be a year of great Intimacy with the Lord. Intimacy is based on the depth not the width: how deep are you walking in Him?

The Lord said many have been in a season of wilderness, and are discouraged. You are to encourage them that season of wilderness was not a waste because the wilderness seasons produces stronger roots.

Cynthia also was impressed by the Lord to share a few things;

As a church we are desperately in need of correction from the Lord.

When we were in Kansas early December ministering, I saw a clock behind me, it was in the spirit, the clock was so big as it covered the whole back wall, and the Lord started to speak to me that he was going to reverse time as if to hold back time out of His mercy for the body to get caught up and be in the right timing, and step up to where He is. He also spoke about reversing everything that had transpired, through the years, that we were not able to overcome, and every thing that the Canker worm had eaten, so that the Lord can bring increase, and healing to the body.

The Lord was saying that we had lost something in this past precious season and that He was bringing us back because we had lost a generation, and we have lost the conviction of His spirit, lost the heart for the burden for the lost, and our own ability to be convicted by Him. That’s why there has been little change and spiritual growth.

He said the reason we are not feeling the conviction is because, he had pulled Himself back.

As I mentioned earlier when I saw that clock, the Lord instructed me to reach back in the Spirit, and pull it forward, with the body going forward. And as I reached back in time, in the spirit, I felt the church moving forward in this coming season, and great Burden of the Lord fell and we all cried out for repentance and the Lord made another opportunity for us to come to Him.

On 31st of December I heard the Lord say Psalm 37:37

“Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.”

He began to minister to me that we need the marking by Him in order to go into this next season with Him, without this marking by Him, there will be a inability to come out of the things of the natural, fleshly things of the old nature. The strong fleshly holds that have been difficult to come out of and into becoming Christlike to rid the old man, and bring us into a deep place of conviction for the purposes of transfiguration. And a holy fear of Him.

May I share this word that I believe is vital for 2015.

One of the dangers of the Last Days is that we will see many who will throw their weight around, and who seem to have a measure of authority and knowledge that seems to impress the undiscerning. But the true fruit to look for will be in true meekness. Meekness is not something one learns at school, but something attained by men and women under the hand of God, in union with Him, who is meekness. In other words, it can only be given out of a man’s heart based on their in-depth walk with God, who Himself is meek and lowly of heart; there is no other way to obtain it.

We have heard that "Moses was the meekest man on the face of the earth." It sounds like arrogance of spirit, but Moses did not take any acknowledgment for that condition, it was God’s grace that had brought him to that meekness.

Humility is not something that man can work up by himself on the earth, and develop as a character trait. Humility is what God is in Himself, and the only one who will display and exhibit it, is that one who has been consistently in the presence of God’s humility. It is humbling to be there, and that is why Moses could make that statement, not as a credit to himself, but to God, out of whose presence that humility was established.

The call to communion with God is never going to be convenient. There is a dying in order to find one’s way into the place of the secret counsel of God, and one cannot enter it with the spirit of rushing. Rushing is contrary to God’s Spirit and wisdom. God’s call to Moses was to come up unto Him. It was not for any benefit Moses was going to receive—even spiritual benefit, but rather a seeking of God for His own sake.

It’s interesting to see Moses’ reaction as he came down from the Mount with the tablets of the Lord’s commandments. When he saw Israel dancing round the golden calf, he burned with indignation and anger, and threw down the tablets, that were written by the finger of God Himself. He then commanded that the golden calf be destroyed. He spoke with great authority.

There is a conjunction between humility and authority. The first expression of Moses’ humility was an expression of an authority of such a magnitude that no one questioned it. And then he asked who was going to be on the Lord’s side, and the Levites came forward. They were told to put their swords on their side, and go into the camp, slaying all those who had gone whoring after false gods, including friends and relatives. What authority for the man who was the meekest in all the earth! It is only because he was the meekest that that authority was his. He was ‘very God’ in his anger and authority, and his meekness was the statement, because of his union with God, in such a way that God’s very own character was imparted to him.

Paul had a certain way really of revealing more of true fatherhood than we know. He would be unsparing in telling things the way they needed to be spoken. He challenged, rebuked, and pleaded. He did not say that he had apostolic credentials, nor did he employ his authority to persuade. He earnestly asked, "I entreat you as a father ... I beseech you, by the mercies of God, that you present ...." This is a distinctive character of the apostolic mindset and character. It does not employ its authority in any deceptive way.

The use of authority reveals us, and someone has said, "What we do with the weakest and the least is what we are." When people start to oppress and persecute the weak and defenseless, they are revealing their true character. And the same thing is true in the church.

See true humility is obedience to the rightness of His word. Currently we see a lot of  ‘salesman’s humility’. If we are going to be a discerning church, which is to say, an end time church, then the issue of authentic humility needs to come into our consciousness. The quality of true meekness, which Paul had, despite his uncompromising references to himself, seems to be so arrogant, and yet right there is the true meekness.

The Lord Himself was absolute, using language in such a fierce way. He acted in a way that seems to suggest anything but humility. For example, in overthrowing the money changers tables, it would appear that, for that moment at least, He laid aside His meekness, and was acting now in another character. Was He meek even while He was violent and offensive?  When we think of meek, we think of mild, quiet . This was an aggressive and violent act, and yet we are saying that it is meek.

If we see meekness as total obedience to God, It may even make the obedient servant open to reproach for being violent, or being too zealous, or whatever it is.

In other words, Jesus overthrew the moneychangers’ tables as an act of humility, because He submitted to the will of the Father to obey in the moment that it was required, even though it was contrary to His own disposition or personality. He was a meek man, obeying the will of the Father, whose moment of judgment for that Temple had come, and it was performed with a total passion in His jealousy for the glory of God. True humility is reflected in true obedience.

There are instances where God will call us to obediences that seem to contradict meekness, and it would be arrogant not to obey, even by employing the excuse, "It is not my personality. It is not the way that I like to be, because I want the favor and the approval of men to see me as a nice guy, and therefore, I want always to be reasonable, quiet and diplomatic." Yes, you will be applauded for that, but not in heaven. In heaven, it is clear rebellion, because if God wanted you to be ‘violent,’ and you withheld because it contradicts your personality, or anything like that, you are putting something above and before God, namely, your own self-consideration.

A true servant will not relent or refrain; he/she cannot be bought or enticed into being ‘one of them, because  it would be a compromising of what he is in God. Meekness is the characteristic sign of the authentic leader/servant, and also the character of God.

So this is the year where God is calling you to Himself, and asking you to let Him mark you again.

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