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Monday, 27 April 2015 14:24

I recently had a dream that has deeply touched
my heart that I would like to share with you so that
you can pray with me.


In my dream I was watching these two young boys (brothers)
that were about 4 years apart in age, 6 to 10.


As I watching them gather their fishing poles and water skies to
enjoy the day, all of a sudden the whole atmosphere changed.

The sky's turned dark and I could feel terror all around me.

As  I looked up in the sky. I  saw Air Force One, and I knew
in my spirit, that it was fleeing, as in a state of emergency.

The size of the Air Force One was so huge as it was stretched
in the sky,( I believe the size of the hugeness, meant what was
happening was very massive).

I knew Russia was involved in what had just transpired, I also
new it was September 24th. ( I don't know the year).

As I continued to look up in the sky, to the right of the sky, I saw
an alien craft just as massive in size,as
Air Force One, it looked
like the same craft that was in the movie Independence Day.

Everything  was in turmoil, and I realized we were under an attack,
And every one began to run for their lives.

As I was running, I  passed a group of Jewish people who were not
aware of what was happening. I began to tell them to flee that the
nation was in turmoil and under attack.


At that moment I realized they did not speak any English so I began
to search in my mind what one word could I speak that they would
understand. I screamed out 9/11, but they didn't understand.

I kept searching as to what to say, so I said a Bomb, and they finally
understood and began to run too, realizing what was happening.

I woke up in shock from the experience.     

Since the dream, I have been praying and asking the Lord for the

So far the Lord said, the young boys outing represented a normal
everyday life in our country. All that changed in a moment's time.
Suddenly the life we were use to was gone.

The alien craft from the movie Independence day, means our freedom
was lost and so was our of our independence.

My heart has been affected by this dream, with an impediment.

Please share this so many can be praying. “The Lord is able to do
abundantly more than we can even ask.”--

Please keep us in your prayers.

We love you

Much Blessings

Lu & Cynthia


Ps Lu Luthra

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