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Written by Br Vincent Selvakumar   
Sunday, 21 March 2010 12:06
Prophecy for the year 2010:
LORD our God revealed these prophecies about the churches, India, and
other countries of the world through His prophet Bro. Vincent Selvakumaar on
the day of 1, January 2010.
The Lord God is speaking to you.
1. This is a year of turning points. In this year you are going to see many
turning points. This year, turning point incidents are going to happen in My
Holy Church. There will be turning point incidents in the ministries. There
will be turning points in political arena. There will be turning points in the
society. This year will have both good and bad turning points. The LORD
God is asking you to be prepared to meet this year. Be prepared to walk
through these turning points.
2. Now, at first I am going to talk about India. The LORD God says, “My
children listen carefully”. The spirits of division are started descending on
your country. The scream that encourages division will be rising. This
scream will rise from each and every state. This scream is going to rise from
every province. Each race will be divided from other races. The LORD God
says that this division is an act of the evil spirits that climbed up from the
abyss. These sprits desire to cut this country in to pieces. Due to this reason,
you are going to see racial riots. Madness to murder people is going to dance
in this country. In many places, blood is going to flow like a river. Races
will rise against races. Even in people that speak same language, races will
be divided from other races. This division is going to spread like wild fire in
this country. These spirits have sealed the whole Indian sub continent. Voice
of division is going to rise. The act of division will be ruthless that you have
never seen before. Many states in India are going to lose their peace. Many
states are going to lose their sleep. Many politicians will be kidnapped and
some politicians will be murdered. Many terrorist will be unleashed in this
country. For these matters you should pray with tears. Where is the person
that delivers this nation? Where is the person whose cry can fill up the
rivers? Where is the person that shed his tears? The LORD God’s eyes are
searching for you. Arise and wake up the prayer warriors. Lord our God
says this prophecy is your command that He is giving to you. Countless
energy particles of division are starting. They resemble black bats. They are
filling up the sky and encircling. The LORD God says,” Son of man, have
you noticed?” These sprits have sealed you country’s borders. The abyss has
opened. The spirits of division have started out to fill India. Now what are
you seeing asked the LORD God. I opened my mouth and said that I am
seeing those bats are filling the clouds in many places. These spirits of
division is spreading across many nations and in particular they are
spreading in the developing nations. These spirits of division are going to act
on these developing nations and going to hinder the nation’s growth says the
LORD God. Many financial disasters are going to occur says the LORD
God. I desire multitudes to cry, pray, weep, and stand in the gap says the
LORD God. Warn your people. Wake them up to pray. Stand up in the gap
for your country. The LORD God said these things unto you.
3. There is a rogue race. This race always stands against Me. This race has the
spirit of false prophet. It has multitude of people as spoils. Terrorism will be
unleashed in many nations through this race. This race stands against My
people. This race desires to shed multitude of people’s blood. My eyes
despise this rogue race, says the LORD God. This race has spread across
many nations. Many nations belong to this race. This race is trying to unite
all these nations and deciding on doing an action. Just like United Nations
organization, this race is trying to form a new united organization. This race
wants its new organization to be better than the United Nations that exists
today. This is why that race is going to disburse many terrorists to many
nations. Terrorism will be unleashed in United States of America, United
Kingdom, and European nations. Preparations are happening behind the
curtains. Many business buildings will be demolished. Many bank buildings
will be demolished. Many company buildings will be demolished. By
reducing the strength of these nations by these destructions, this race is
planning to increase the strength of their united organization that this race is
going to form. To make this happen soon, this race is planning a
fundamental action plan. The eyes of this race are targeting India. This race
wish to take control of India. This race thinks that India belongs to it. This
race thinks that once India was in my hand and I will possess India again. In
the coming year in our world, terrorism will be unleashed in many places.
Important cities in India are their main targets. This time, the attacks will be
conducted in the ways that we never knew before and attacks will be direful.
Many building will be destroyed. The LORD God says that pray for your
4. The LORD God says that pray for European nations. Just like European
nations are united in the financial matters, the rogue race people are also
desire to unite their race in business and this race is very attentive in this
matter. This is why this race is targeting European nations. I desire that
those who are living in European countries and listening to My words should
commit and pray for this matter. Pray for your borders. Pray so that I can
place my angels in your country. Pray so that wicked person’s legs should
not enter in your country says the God of might army.
5. Now listen to the words on My churches. Now the LORD God says that
from north and form the west harmful false preaching will come. This false
preaching will bring delusion. The person that listens the preaching will be
deceived and he will not know what he is doing. That preaching will spread
quickly. They will reject Bible verses and will preach whatever comes to
their mind. They were doing preparations for the last nine years. This year
they are going to come out. They are going to pass through each and every
nation. That detrimental preaching is going to come. That preaching will be
done to separate My children from Me. Whoever listens to that preaching
will become delusional. False unity will be emphasized using that
preaching. They will try to buy many churches using their money. They are
going to rob many poor pastors. They will use these pastors for their own
deeds. Cry for the churches. Church elders, remember you duties. Churches
strengthen your borders. Strengthen your foundations. Otherwise you will
lose everything. Nothing will stay in your hand, says the LORD God. They
will come in multitude. Their hands hold Bible, but their mouths utter lies.
Their hearts are cruel and unjust. They are not sent by Me. They are formed
by devil the father of desires. I am seeing that they are coming in multitudes.
They are coming from the north. They are coming from the west. They are
going to fill the nations. Be careful says the Lord. Beware says the LORD
God. Be alert says the LORD God.
6. Even in the midst of these things, now, to open the eyes of My people, to
understand the false preaching, to be filled with the spirit of blessings, I will
pour My power on My churches. The Lord God says.” My power will
radiate in a way that you have never seen before”. Prophets will arise from
the churches. Soldiers of awakening will arise from the churches. Before the
wicked person’s legs enter, pray, so that I can fulfill My promises says the
LORD God. I will raise many servants. They will go for Me. They will
open their mouths for 0e. They will be very simple. They will not be
attracted by huge matters. They will stay away from luxury. I am going to
raise them says the LORD God. You support them. You open your doors for
them. Like what happened in the days of apostles, same things will happen
in the last days. Miracles will happen in such a way no one can deny them.
Dead will rise. Those who are in the shadow of valley of death will be
called. People those who you never know before, will praise My Name.
Many politicians will be saved. Many terrorist leaders will be saved. Many
terrorist will work for Me. Like I converted Saul to Paul, a multitude of
people will be converted by you. Last days are days of miracles. They will
do more miracles than Me. They are rising. Very soon they will be rising.
Satan is preparing his people to cease this instigation. When I was preparing
Moses in the country of Medean, devil was preparing magicians in Egypt.
Like I made the staff in Moses hand to serpent, the magicians were trained
by Satan to do the same. Now, I am preparing My people. To make My
servants miracles insignificant, Satan is also preparing his servants.
Churches, pray for this matter says the LORD God.
7. Pray for the activities of nature says the LORD God. Pray for your nature’s
activities says the LORD God. Oceans will boil again. Now, I am seeing a
huge ocean says Bro. Vincent Selva Kumar. Thirteen angels of God are
standing there. They are standing in the depth of the ocean. The water
comes up to their knees. They are looking up to the sky and I am asking
them that what they are doing. The main angel standing in the middle replies
to me, “we are waiting for the movement of the LORD God. As soon as His
finger moves, We will be stirring the ocean. The calamity that rises will be
colossal. Whatever you have seen during the past tsunami was small when
compared with the coming calamity. This calamity will spread in many
nations at the same time. You are thinking that will this happen in this year?
I didn’t say a particular period. It could happen next month. It could happen
next year. Times are in God’s hand. But it will happen soon. Preparations
are in on its way. The speed of the waves will be huge. Many islands will
disappear. Many villages and cities will be immersed under water. The
LORD God will relinquish them. Now, before these horrors take place,
repent says the LORD God. The LORD God says,” Pray so that those days
will be reduced in numbers for the sake of MY chosen ones”.
8. New epidemics are going to start. Seven types of fevers will start in this
year. These types of fevers will start from the country like China. One fever
will start from Africa. Many will die by these fevers. Many will die like
spoils. Protect your people. This time these are coming to your nation rather
quickly. That fever is going to start from China. Bind it at it’s source and
pray for it says the LORD God.
9. War clouds are surrounding your nation. Due to two reasons there is a
possibility of war. There will be attack from outside and there will be attack
from inside. The nations that desire to fight against your nations are doing
tricks. They have implanted many of their people in your nation and
converting your people in to their supporters. When the enemy starts
attacking from outside, their supports will start attacking your nation from
inside. Your nation is going to wobble says the LORD God. For this cry and
pray. Cry and pray says the LORD God.
10. There is going to be a struggle or problem through drinking water. It is going
to appear in many nations. It is going to be originated from a state in
America. Many people will die of this new disease. New types of fever will
be starting. Many people’s blood will be spoiled. Human’s heart will be
exhausted by seeing these horrors. Out of seven types of fevers, three types
are centered on small children. These fevers will spread quickly in many
countries in the world, except the cold countries. Many children will become
offering for these fevers. You thought swine flu was a huge epidemic. You
will tell that when compared with these fevers swine flu is nothing. Prepare
your people says the LORD God. Children are going to face this struggles
and problems. Children will be dying in bunches. Some die in accidents.
Some will be murdered. Some will die by epidemics. Reason for this is, in
the last days I am going to use children. I AM going to strengthen children’s
mouths to suppress enemies and condemners. Soon I am going to use the
children. That’s why Satan is spreading his net now. I will protect the
children says the LORD God. Cry and pray for your children says the LORD
God. When Moses was born in this world, Satan knew that I am going to use
him; Satan brought a law that murdered all the children that of Moses’s age.
Now I am going to use many children like Moses. I am going to strengthen
children’s mouths to suppress the slayers and condemners. This time is so
near. That’s why Satan is spreading his net for children. This is going to
happen in this year. This is going to happen more in the saved families. It is
going to come in churches. Bring up your children to fear the LORD God.
Bring them under the shadow of My wings. Then they will evade satan;s
attack says the LORD God.
11. The rogue race is planning to cripple your nation’s economy. They are
planning to do it in many countries. They are going to distribute illegal
currencies in the nations. They want to ravage nation’s economies.
Reprimand and pray about this rogue race says the LORD God. The LORD
God says,” pray for the failure of their attempts”. The smell of fire and the
smell of sulfur will come from many cities. Cry and pray for the failure of
their plans says the LORD God. You are going to see the evil spirits
problems in a large amount. Human sacrifice will be in practice in India and
many other countries. Many wizards will rise. Devil seeking people’s
attention will turn towards Satan. Satan’s people are going to invade nations.
Awake. Be prepared. Be prepared. Horrors are going to happen say the
12. Blessed are the people waiting for My power. Blessed are the people
covered with My power. Blessed are the people hiding in the shadow of My
hand. Blessed are the people who have foundation in Me. I love My people.
I am the refuge and strength for My people. I am going to do new things
using them. I will do new things in them. That is filled abundantly in My
mind. It is going to appear in them now. Their fingers will become My
fingers. Their tongue will become My tongue. I am going to place My voice
in their throats. My people will rise like eagles. Now I like to touch them
with My power. I like to cover them in My presence. I like to cover
everyone that listen My words now. Tell them to ask Me. I am in the midst
of You. I am in the midst of you. I am holding your hands. I am covering
you with My wings. Be filled with mercy. Be filled with fire. This is the
time that I have created. I have selected this time to meet up with yoau. This
is the time I have selected to do new things in you.
Bro. Vincent  Selva kumaar was praying for the people for a
I will be with you all the days till the end of this world says the LORD
God. I desire to use you with My strong hand. I want to fill you up. I am
meeting you. Fear not. Look at Me that called upon you. Nations may cry.
Terrors may happen in the nations. Epidemics may start in the nations. But I
will protect My people under the shadow of My wings. Your hair on your
head will not fall down. Evil will not touch you. I am protecting My people.
I am the LORD God. I am the same. I am the LORD God. I am the same.
You are going to see a new transformation. This year I am going to make
that happen. You are going to see a new transformation in your prayers. You
are going to see a transformation in your gifts of faith. This is going to start
from this month. Wait for me. Wait for me. You are going to spread your
wings with new strength. You are going to soar like an eagle. Start. Fill the
nations says the LORD God. Go. Go with your strength. I am the one
sending you. I am the one sending you. I am the one sending you. Receive
that power.
End of prophecy.
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