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Written by Cynthia Luthra   
Friday, 06 August 2010 16:48

                           To the keeper’s of My House.


Today  as I was praying and spending time with the Lord, He started speaking to me, and started to share His heart with me as to how His heart is broken over the church and His Bride, and I share with you what He said, praying that you will hear the cry of His heart, and repent.

We have come so far in our own wisdom and our own ways, but we have not walked with God.  neither have you  Known  the fear of the Lord.

This is what the Lord said” If you assume that you have no need to repent, you will never enter into the fear of the Lord for I am unapproachable, there is a great fall to those who refuse to bow  to their knees by My grace. Pride must be removed and dispersed. It is an offence to Me. You must confess your need for  Me (The Laodicean Church had need of nothing, and the Lord   spewed  them  out of His mouth). You are ever hearing but never learning, you have put up great walls of deception  to guard the palaces of your heart, great deception and accolades of men have propped  you up high upon your throne, you have become untouchable, un teachable, unlearned of Me, (ignorant) with no need to Prostrate before Me. The strength you posses to stand, is not form  ME, only the way of decrees will lead you into increase, but My increase is different than yours, it doesn’t build one up, it puts one down, if you will not choose My ways you will not know Me, who are you that I may share My secrets and My kingdom truths, you will only heap it upon your selves, striving for more anointing and continue to compete with one another, and worse of all compete with Me and My throne.

I have created you to be lower than I, not higher than I, for there is no position that exist above Me, I am Lord and Lord of all, you must subject yourselves to Me, or you will one day stand before Me and I will say depart from Me I don’t know you. Your love for yourself ,has taken the place of love for Me,  you only have eyes for you, you have taught My Bride to look at you, and not at  Me, nor for  My coming. You have lulled and forced her to sleep, and she does not know the time or the hour in which she is in, her eyes are on you not on Me, you have taught her to prosper and have no need of Me, and you have stolen her  heart from Me, I AM COMING, And I am declaring and demanding her release, she does not belong to you any longer but to Me, even right now , right under your nose and right before your eyes she is departing from your kingdom to Mine, I am calling her forth and wowing  her , to Myself. Her eyes are opening and she is beginning to see her way. The burning has begun and the flame will not be, put out, any longer. I am drawing  her  with  deep passions  of My heart, and she will no longer be persuaded  to turn from Me, for she is recognizing  the loss  which was  to Great, she is regaining her search for Me. I am declaring a little day light so she may see her way to Me. This short season will be a quick one and a quick work will I do for her sake. This day light is My season for her to make herself ready and I will change her name as she shall no longer be called wounded and outcast ., but one who seeks My face.

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